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New ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2′ Stills in ‘The Twilight Saga The Complete Film Archive’

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There are new Breaking Dawn Part 2 stills in the new Twilight Saga The Complete Film Archive! Bella and Edward! Renesmee, Charlie and Sue! Peter and Charlotte!

You can pre-order The Twilight Saga The Complete Film Archive at Amazon! Official release date is October 16th, 2012!

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  • MrsVampire

    we want more ! and now..only one word: wonderful ;)

  • Mousie

    It’s cool to see Edward smile!!

  • Mary Masen

    OMG the 3rd picture has a page of the SCRIPT!! It seems that there are a few changes, Eleazar doesn’t realize Bella’s a shield right away. And Kate’s such a badass!
    Renesmee with Charlie and Sue… <3
    And of course, no one can overlook the fact that Bella is wearing dresses! Alice would be proud! ;)
    I can't believe it's only 35 days left!

  • Lill

    Oh my God have you guys seen the other stills ??
    Esme dies

  • Lux

    Thank you for sharing the stills! They do a tour for all the movies, I find every time more difficult to contain all the emotion!

    Now than I seeing a small part of the script, I just hope that Melissa Rosenberg do a better job this time. I don’t know if you agree with me, but the BD1 script was very bad, I mean, there was a good base material to develop a richer one. But anyway, now there is much more material to work with so I really hope a better script in BD2.

  • Lux

    Yes, it is very good to see him smiling and so relaxed too!

  • Mirandatehvampgirl

    it is in the vision of the fight that alice has

  • Marisa Erick

    I was going to say what’s up with two pics with skirts LoL, Other than the prom in Twilight, (green?) birthday dress in New Moon and the wedding/honeymoon dress in Breaking Dawn 1, Bella has been very skirt/dress free, not complaining, liking the new looks

  • G.

    what other stills?

  • Bella Cullen

    Pre-ordered. *yay*

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