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New ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2′ Stills in People

Check out the new stills and a beautiful photo of Mackenzie Foy in People magazine Breaking Dawn Part 2 Collector’s Special Edition!

Look at Mama Bear! I love the picture of Bella getting ready to take down Jacob after she finds out about the imprinting. LOL!

See all the scans at Team Twilight and RPLife!

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  • Mary Masen

    The one with Bella is just epic! And I love how all the other Cullens are relaxed and look like they enjoy it! And in the other picture that Edward is smirking and finds Jacob’s reaction so amusing! <3
    And Mackenzie has grown so much! She's very pretty!

  • wooo

    The picture of Bella and Edward with Bella in the green jacket…I’m speechless. They are both stunning. Rob makes me swoon in that picture…he totally looks like my version of edward

  • Mousie

    These are really cool!! Can’t wait

  • mirandathevampgirl

    She really looks like a mini kristen

  • mirandathevampgirl

    Mama bear is just the perfect way to describe bella in the photo where she is about to attack. But I also think that a mighty lioness is more fitting bc she’s so graceful and agile like a lion and they r the ones who r really more attentive and protective for their babies

  • mirandathevampgirl

    Ok I’m gonna sound like such a twilight geek when I say this but right now I’m listening to the sound of debussy and everytime I hear it the first thing that I think about is edward cullen. Does that make me sound nuts?

  • yanacullen101

    To the haters…this is why robert pattinson is the sexiest man alive for 2 yrs in a row!! See his crooked smile…..

  • TeamFire&Ice

    Love that her dress has a tear in it!! Such a small detail they could’ve passed over but didn’t!
    Love everyone’s wardrobe! And styling!
    Can’t wait!!!

  • LupieLaurel

    Need. Movie. Now.





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