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New ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2′ Posters!



Check out these new Breaking Dawn Part 2 posters with Edward, Bella, Jacob, Renesmee and the Cullens!

You can purchase these posters HERE!

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  • hailey

    they couldn’t get it right in the final installment either… shame

  • mirandathevampgirl

    These seem like the promotional ones in the calender

  • Mary Masen

    The snow is sticking to the ground!
    Loving these<3

  • Kim

    I loved how Edward looked in twilight, wild long stuck up hair, black skinnys, black nikes, v neck shirts and button ups that were untucked. He actually looked like a teenager. He looked like it a few times in eclipse and that’s when I think he looks really smoking hot. So for how Edward looked for me, twilight and eclipse were the best, he looked amazing. With what he wore in new moon and breaking dawn part 1 he looks older than 17. Wish he wore skinnys again. Anybody else agree?

  • Jay-Peeta-Pat

    They EBJ one is a full length poster. The group one is new with Renesmee.

  • Lux

    I agree that in Twilight and Eclipse, Edward looked more like a 17 year old boy than the others. And that in Twilight is when he looks better. Although, we have in BD2 a more mature Edward, I’m still unsure about the look. Anyway, he’s very sexy.

    Regarding the posters, although I’m glad to see all the Cullens, I find an assemblage of images that we have already seen. I don’t know yet what’s the final poster to use for BD2, which I hope included Renesmee.

    I don’t know, perhaps I’m so excited and impatient and want to see all as sooner as possible. It’s just than they don’t have surprised me… Maybe it’s just me.

    I only want to see more effort in the promotions this time, It’s the last one.

  • Mary Pat

    I think I have finally figured out why so many of us are so sad and yet so angry over the events of the past few weeks. I didn’t get it before and now I think that I can explain it = at least to myself. The fact that Rob and Kristen were together only made this beloved story more real. It was an incredible burden to place on these two people. I was at a point where I pondered if I would be able to partake in all of the exciting pre-release events surrounding BD2. I even worried that I would be crying throughout the film each time I saw them gaze into each others eyes. Now I understand that Bella and Edward will be together always. rob and Kristen will go on to live their lives but they are not Bella and Edward. They helped make it all more real that they were together. God bless them for being Bella and Edward so well that we became confused.

  • Den U.

    meh why do they have to be tagged ? The second one with the Twi-Trinity looks actually really cool. So different yet familiar. Love it.

  • Silence’s Voice

    I do agree. In twilight he looks younger, still outstanding from the rest, but young, as he was described by Bella in the books – he looked older than the rest but could pass as a 17-year-old. However, in New Moon… I saw it yesterday and I was like… isn’t he a bit too old for her? ;P I tend to be a bit exaggerated, I must admit, but it shocked me. He looked so old!!
    Moreover, I must say this: I really don’t like the “golden” (yellow) lenses the Cullens are wearing since New Moon. It just looks weird. I don’t think they would be able to walk among the humans without being noticed!! In Twilight they didn’t look so obvious (I actually don’t know if they were wearing any at all and they simply added colour using CGI or whatever), and I liked them better. They lookd more natural and were able to express feelings better, as Ashley Greene herself said once ;D Does anyone out there agree? ^^

  • TwiKat

    Omg!! I’ve always said that! It’s upsetting that they kept screwing with their hair! Twilight was the best for Edward, Carlisle, Esme, Jasper and especially Alice! Even emmett! The mire he grew outvhis hair the worst! And Stephanie always said that CH git Alice’s hair on the money. I understand rob doesn’t like growing out his hair but come on? Ur letting paid for it and u did it for Bell Ami! NM was such a departure for esme looking like a teenager. She lost that 1920′s movie star look Stephanie described that she did have right in twilight. I know it was a lot for Nikki to dye her hair but it looked natural in twilight, her second best was eclipse. It was very sad to see them stray so far…esp Edward! Isn’t it that Stephanie’s vampires can’t regrow their hair?!?!?

  • Mary Pat

    Edward Jacob Edward Jacob Edward Jacob…..How’s a girl to choose?

  • K2☼_Cosmo♥BD2♀TR♣QotD♦MB♂

    Ahhhhhh! LOL, good one! ♥

  • K2☼_Cosmo♥BD2♀TR♣QotD♦MB♂

    Hey! There’s Renesmee!! ☺
    This crew is ready! [and so am I] Bring on the Volturi!!!! Grrrr…

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    I think in NM when he’s in the suit, it made him look more mature. But when walking up to Bella in the school parking lot, in his skinny jeans and t-shirt, he pulled off 17 to me. He looked hot. The wardrode dept, should have kept him in more of a teenage style.

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever


  • Andrea

    Whyyyy can’t they let Carlise have his original blonde hair back? The lighting in Twilight was so perfect for him and Rosalie. Still awesome new poster’s. Kristen does look gorgeous!!

  • Kim

    Exactly! Hair wise they looked the best in twilight. Alice looked amazing and don’t even get me started on Carlisle. Rob should have grown it, I mean it doesn’t take much to grow it. They should have kept the hair and the same styled wardrobe

  • TATIANA_OME – Rob has a face?
  • Mary Pat

    Thank you

  • Silence’s Voice

    THANKYOU!! “Keep the same styled wardrobe”!!!! I just couldn’t stand watching Edward going around in suit all the time in New Moon(even after he’s back with Bella and she’s just wearing a T-shirt, he’s still walking around in suit!!). He’s said to be well dressed, because Alice has a great sense of style, but, come on, they must know what to wear depending on the occasion, shouldn’t they? lol I agree that they were their best in Twilight.
    And Alice’s hair… Really, I was a bit depressed with her look in Breaking Dawn, it was as flat as it could be (it had been getting flatter with each movie) and so short!! I loved how she was described by Stephenie by having pointy hair, which made her look lively, happy, and, at the same time, elegant, full of grace. ;P I love Alice. I love all the characters in the saga. Absolutely all. But, what can we do? I believe it’s always better to read a book than to see it in movie. I even try not to see movie adaptations of the books I read because I know that, in some way or another, I will be disappointed but, of course, temptation and curiosity are always too powerful!!! ;D (And, everything said, it is often worth the try ;)
    – Please don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy the movies, and I actually got to read the books after watching the first two films. But, after reading them, I was like “Wow, there IS a big difference here!!” =3

  • TATIANA_OME – Rob has a face?

    np :)

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