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New Breaking Dawn Part 2 Clip!

Here’s another clip from MSN Movies!

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  • mirandathevampgirl

    Nice to see the other vmpires here but I will wait un til nov 16

  • yanacullen101

    We’ll fight too!!

  • Cullengal09

    The different vamps look fantastic! I am so excited….just over a week to go! :)

  • GinaTraf

    I like this, I can’t wait, but I wish Edward could look a little bit more tough, I just wasn’t getting that. Love the new vamps though.

  • BornInKiev

    Jake was right Dracula 1 and Dracula 2 really are creeptacular!

  • twilghtforever

    I love Edward, #Daddyward

  • Cherry

    Carlisle’s hair.. Damn.

  • ★FreezeBurn♥RobMyCooter★BTB®

    I got goosebumps then butterflies in my tummy then my heart shot out my butt. This movie is going to have me sobbing like a baby!

    That’s someone’s cue to come over and cuddle me…NOW!

  • -TeAm SeXy SmIrK-

    Daamn, im at work so no sound, but looks good I love how all the new vamps look pretty close to how i pictured them while reading the book

  • K2☼_BD2♀TR♣QotD♦MB♂HO2M

    Lol, Vladimir: “That didn’t take much…” 2 weeks!!!

  • Mary Masen

    This amazing!! All the new vamps look great!! Even Lee Pace in that ridiculous wig! Vladimir is the scene stealer though. :) He and Stefan are so badass. I hope the Dracula #1&2 reference is in the movie.

  • PurpleHippo

    That wasn’t as impressive as I was hoping. I thought they might make it a bigger deal that everyone was going to join them, but I didn’t get that feel. It’s a big deal that they’re all willing to risk their lives. Maybe it’s because it’s out of context?

  • TATIANA_OME – Rob has a face?

    I’m waiting for someone to mesh all of these clips together…I want my cut up mini movie darn it !!!! :)

  • EleazarTheVampire

    omg i love the Romainain and the irish coven accent!

  • yanacullen101

    We got to wait 22nov!! 20 days more. Those who is earlier than that, i don’t mind spoilers :)

  • Addie

    I’ve always wondered about Peter and Charlotte – in the book they say they haven’t decided yet. Has SM ever explained what they would have done?

  • Unique Jenique

    What is with Bella’s stank face? When Benjamin says, “We’ll join you.” Anyone else notice that? LOL.

  • Mary

    that scene is kinda…cheesy and awkward I dunno

  • EleazarTheVampire

    yes i did too! i wonder why she did that as well.

  • Overally_Obsessed_Twihard

    Great clip and great seeing the new international vampires in action

  • Dana

    You are my new best friend. I reckon they would have run off, or at least Charlotte. It depends- kind of sucks they don’t have that line in the movie, but by the looks of things Charlotte and Peter may have had a little talking before hand; neither looks best pleased

  • MamaJi


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