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New ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2′ Clip! Bad News for The Cullens


Check out the new Breaking Dawn Part 2 clip! Bad news for the Cullens from Entertainment Tonight!
I wanted to see what Irina saw!!

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  • I<3Headboards

    ugh this is killing me

  • Mary Masen

    Oh, My!

  • taylor

    QUESTION! (AND SPOILER) How can they then killer her after they find out the truth about Renesmee. Clearly she wasn’t lying. He saw all her thoughts.

  • Elizabeth

    The Volturi are creepy but so cool. I can’t wait to see this movie. So excited!! :)

  • Lill

    Because the Volturi find the Cullen’s as a threat to them because they are a gifted powerful clan , so they have been waiting for a reason to kill the Cullen’s for once and for all .
    So when Irina comes they decide to jump to the opportunity .

  • Unique Jenique

    This was amazing! I LOVED Aro’s reaction whenever he heard Irina say “The Cullens”.

  • Unique Jenique

    BTW, I have heard a little bit of Carter’s score in this clip, the last, and a few other times and I already love it. LOVE!

  • Mayco

    Irina big tongue haha!

  • ivy


  • Mary Pat

    Aro is utterly syrupy. And again, fantastic casting throughout. No one could be Aro other than Michael Sheen – love Caius also – he is sooooooo arrogant. Cant wait y’all!

  • Jay-Peeta-Pat

    Good question, because Irina wasn’t lying or trying to deceive the Volturi. Maybe because she jumped to conclusions and wanted revenge on the Cullens and the wolf pack because of Laurent. Rather than asking the Cullens about Renesmee, she went to the Volturi to seek her revenge on them. That was her main goal. To seek revenge. She caused all this drama between the Volturi and the Cullens, so she must punished. Because really, all she had to do was ask about Renesmee and avoided this ‘battle’. No laws were broken. And I imagine Aro was upset because they drug everyone including their wives to this shindig and it was all for nothing.

  • EleazarTheVampire

    Caius looks odd when he says “hmm?”

    I love when Aro says “what a pleasant surprise.”

  • TSBDP2

    They say they are punishing her for bearing false witness. But they actually are using that as an excuse to get the fight started. They new Irina’s sisters wood attack them if they killed her. And they did try to, but others held them back.

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