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New Behind The Scenes Still from the ‘Breaking Dawn Part 1′ DVD

Entertainment Weekly has a sneak peek still of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in the behind the scenes footage of the dream wedding in Breaking Dawn Part 1 extended edition!



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  • mirandathevampgirl

    Happy valentines day to my twi family oh and guess what they HAVE A NEW HOST TRAILER!!! Watch it right now it is so cool!

  • ryder

    I know I may be in the minority here, but I LOVED this wedding look on her. It was so soft, ethereal, and truly romantic. Her flowing hair, the gown, everything was absolutely amazing. I know we had to have the Carolina Herrera long sleeved creation because it was Stephenie’s inverted Calla Lily dress from the book. However, I’m really glad we were rewarded with this extra look too. Thanks, Bill. . . And, Robert in all white! Yummy!!!

  • lovinggrandmother

    I liked this dress also, it was really beautiful, more Kristen then Bella though.

  • twilight_girl

    Yer, you’re right; it’s defenitly a Kristen dress. the train and how classy it is.

  • twilight_girl

    Happy belated late Valentines day. Hope you all had s good one. This picture just make all dreamy again. Sigh..Both re so stunning.

  • rocknrollsuicide

    I loved it too…so much better than her actual wedding look. That was also really pretty, but I just adored this look on her.

  • ryder

    One thing has bothered me for a while and, I was thinking; in the book Alice was the one to choose the wedding dress, NOT Bella. As a matter of fact, I reread B.D. last night, and Alice did not even allow Bella to see the wedding gown during the fittings. She made Bella close her eyes, “no peeking”, while she slid the dress over Bella’s head. She didn’t even let Bella open her eyes when she came into the bedroom with the dress. She sent Bella to “her happy place.” As a matter of fact, Bella did not even see herself in that long-sleeved wedding dress until she was dancing with Edward after the ceremony, and then he made her look at herself in the reflection of the windows. Which subsequently, is why Alice made a big deal about dragging in a huge mirror for Bella to see herself after her vampire transformation. I say all of this because it really shows the true genious of Bill Condon. I could not understand why in Bella’s dream she did not see herself in her real wedding gown, only in those hard-to-walk-in shoes that once again Alice, not Bella, picked out. That makes way more sense to me now. Bella did not know what the real wedding gown looked like to dream about it. Thus, the more modern flowing strapless gown. Excellent work, Bill!
    Regardless, I did hear Bill Condon in an B.D.1 interview saying the “dream dress was more Bella because it was loose to her body and she could hide in the fullness of it. And the true wedding gown was clearly something fashionable that Alice would create to take Bella out of her comfort zone.” Once again! FANTASTIC JOB, BILL for thinking like a girl.

  • Nicky

    Very good point! Bill Condon really understood Twilight. I thought Catherine, Chris and Bill all really GOT what the fans wanted, but David Slade? Not so much! Eclipse was good but just lacking something that the other movies had.. perhaps I’m wrong but that was just my general feeling!

  • twilight_girl

    I agree with you too on that. There wasn’t that just that something that was lacking, I felt it was too holly wood based scale. I loved certain scenes, like the meadow ones; they brought back the twilight esque. Then I just lost it. I don’t if that was the intended role in Eclipse but I felt there was a little too much focus on Edward v.s Jacob.Did anyone pick that up.

  • ryder

    I so agree with both of you. It really was annoying to me, because Eclipse was my FAVORITE book of the series, but I can’t even watch the movie without picking it to pieces. Let’s start with the awful makeup. Nobody would even approach people that looked like the Cullens did. They looked like aliens from another planet, and Edward with those sideburns looked like a zombie Elvis!
    And, Don’t forget the part where Bella leaves Edward standing in the parking lot to go off with Jacob on his motorcycle. COME ON, HOW STUPID!! SO NOT BELLA! I know David Slade didn’t write the screenplay. But, let’s be real. Do you really think Bill C. or Catherine H. would’ve allowed that scene to stay in the movie like that? NO WAY! And, the parts; where Bella says “I’m Switzerland” and Edward instantly forgives Bella for kissing Jacob on the mountain, were so edited they didn’t make sense to me; and I read the book several times. The hardest part of all was losing Rachelle as Victoria. She embraced that character like she was born to play that role. Her face was so purrrfectly feline. Bryce D. Howard is good, but she’s no Victoria. Anyways, that’s my opinion!

  • EdwardsNana

    Well said ryder, very well said, especially the mention of Robert all in white. OH MY!!!!!

  • EdwardsNana

    Well ryder, I like reading your comments.

    Although, I liked all the movies, because I am so happy they all made it to the big screen. I also think you have valid reason’s for being disappointed. But the thing that upset me the most was when Bella said she wanted to keep her maiden name……….I really lost it with that one.

    Anyone in their right mind, who had Edward Cullen in love with them, would never do such stupid things, as were done to him in the movies…………Never!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Excuse my french, but you would have to have “sh_ _ for brains” to disc or hurt a beautiful soul like Edward’s. Such a loyal, loving character……….you just don’t see that in human’s, except for maybe Robert Pattinson. : )

  • ryder

    EXACTLY!! You’re right with me. Bella went almost nuts in New Moon because Edward was gone, but jumped on the motorcycle with Jacob right in front of him in the Eclipse movie. No way Bella would’ve ever done that! Details like that are important to women, that’s why I was really impressed with Bill Condon’s direction

  • klayrahx7

    woohoo! im so excited for it!!

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    So true Nana, even Kristen said that Bella wouldn’t do some of the things that were done in the movie. It was always about Edward.

  • EdwardsNana

    I so agree with you TEB4E. I think the actor’s bring some of themselves into the roles. Bella was always………..all about Edward.

  • Silence’s Voice

    Oh,… I loved this dress!!! <3

  • fabby_fezulous[04/09]

    Love love love this dress. Did I mentioned how much I love this dress. Still wish this was THE ONE, but I agree with a previous comment about how this was what we expected Bella to pick, but she didn’t pick it Alice did. I think for once Alice got it wrong in this fashion show off. lol

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