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New 54 Second Clip: The Talk

Things are getting real! Check out this new clip! The movie is so close and I hear from a very reliable source that it is FANTASTIC. Are you excited yet?

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  • KC


  • PurpleHippo

    “You’re the reason I have something to fight for.” Awww

  • Mary Pat

    This is a shortened version of the first clip released months ago at the midnight Target event. They seem to be regurgitating old clips – the one from MTV last night was also from the Comic-Con 7 minute clip. Really its ok that they are not releasing new clips = i feel as if I have already seen so much of the movie from all of the clips that have been released

  • Mary Pat

    Again, this is not a new clip. This is a small portion of the clip that was released months and months ago during the Target midnight event. Similarly the MTV “Exclusive” clip aired last night was merely a regurgitated portion of the clip shown at this years Comic-con. Its really OK that they are not showing any new clips as I feel that we have seen so much of the movie already through the clips, trailers and featurettes.

  • Melanie Madsen

    IMary Pat I agree with you. But some of us haven’t seen these clip before, because we live in Europe :)

  • Amber Eyes

    Am I excited YET? Are you kidding? I’ve been excited since November of 2010 when they started filming this epic two part ending. Every step of the way from the first still photos of the shoot, to the trailers for part 1, to this last year’s build up for part 2, all of it has had me excited and I can’t believe two years has flown by the way it has. Kinda want to put the breaks on it now and savor the moment. Like I’ve said, I wish this could keep going (CGI could make them look immortal just as it made Kristen look as if she were dying) but I know it can’t. :(

  • Nathalie

    i already see this clip but since now on i dont gonna see more clips i wanna keep the excitment for the movie only wait 13 days more.

  • Nathalie

    i love when Edward said “You’re the reason I have something to fight for.” so cute he is looks hot

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