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Bella’s “Nightmare” Wedding Dress Explained by Breaking Dawn Costume Designer Michael Wilkinson

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MTV Style talked to Breaking Dawn costume designer Michael Wilkinson.  Michael talked about the wedding attire, Bella’s nightmare dress, dressing the wolves and Edward in shorts!  LOL!

The most critical element with this movie is, of course, the wedding (*spoiler alert* though, ed note: WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN IT TWICE ALREADY?), and this was misleading in the previews but there’s a dream sequence wedding and a real wedding. How did you delineate the two dresses from each other?
The script gave us a great opportunity to get inside Bella’s thoughts about the impending wedding. There’s a nightmare wedding and her perfect wedding. For the nightmare, we chose something that was a version of the dress that she would hate to wear. Something that’s uncomfortable and a dress Bella would be embarrassed in. It was stiff and had a boned bodice that showed a lot of bare skin which she’d be horrified by because she’s a bit of a tomboy.

There’s nothing very girly about her style so we had a huge, cumbersome, puffy skirt. We just tried to picture everything she’d find difficult to deal with and import that into a dress.

The real dress fit Bella like a second skin and I was really glad about how all that worked out. It reflects her simplicity and elegance. It’s not too girly, I thought it really hit the right note of having some vintage elements while working well for a modern woman.

That dress was stunning. I went to the midnight screening and it was an entire theater filled to the gills with girls sighing in unison. The lace panel in the back with hundreds of covered buttons, we all swooned.
That’s the great thing about Kristen, she has such an amazing physique so we thought the best thing to do was to show that. The dress really reveals curves and highlights each part of her shape but it’s all covered up and so we thought it was sexy but completely elegant.

There was such speculation for a long time about who would design that dress but it was Carolina Herrera all along, right?
Carolina had worked with Stephenie personally for events. And they’d struck up a friendship and dialogue so we talked to Carolina for the dress.

Can we get onto a really important topic now? Um. Edward. IN SHORTS. Discuss.
How crazy is that?

Insane! I’d never dreamt that I’d see the back of that man’s knee.
There’s going to be so many inches of journalism written about this.

It’s breaking news. It’s MAJOR.
It’s a challenge to put an Englishman in shorts.

And Robert Pattinson is an Englishmen.
They have an instant freakout! I think it has to do with their public school uniforms that they wear as kids.

It’s all charcoal boiled wool.
Completely. Itchy, scratchy… they go, NOOOOOO long pants! We tried all sorts of different lengths but we ended up with a really classic look. My references were the Kennedys on summer vacation. That classic American summer wear. We went crisp with cool natural fibers, nautical navies and whites, trying to capture that classic style. More often than not, we went with a rolled-up chino but we didn’t think we could get away with not doing a short for a Brazilian scorching honeymoon so there you go.


Tell us who made the negligee and the polka dot number. I’m sure they’ll get sold out in moments I’m sure.
There will be a worldwide search. I believe the negligee was La Perla, the knickers and bra was, do you know Agent Provocateur?

Go to MTV Style to read the rest of their interview with Michael!

LOL!  I loved this interview.  MTV Style cracked me up.   Agent Provocateur!  YES!

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  • Michael Curd

    HaHa! Funny! Yay Im the first one to comment!I feel so acomplised.But I did like the nightmare dress bettre than the real dress.

  • Brittany

    I like the real better but the nightmare dress was very pretty

  • i hate lipstick

    The nightmare dress looked so much more flattering than the real thing.

  • Anonymous

    The nightmare wedding was so pretty on Kristen, while the real wedding dress is the dress perfect for both Bella and Edward something that represent both of them.

  • Regina Humenn-Traficante

    La Perla..hmmm…wonder who read the fanfiction…”The Office”

  • Guest

    Though I thought that the Real Dress was alot more Bella and very pretty – I think that KStew looked absolutely GORGEOUS  in the nightmare scene with the dress and her hair and makeup!!! 

  • LegHitchThis

    I loved the nightmare dress better. I remember gasping out loud when I first saw it. But the real wedding dress was nice also.

  • twi-hard

    I think Bella looked very pretty in both dresses but I liked her real wedding instead of nightmare dress I really didn’t like the nightmare she had that was waaaaay out of line I mean I know it wasn’t real that she dream’t that but still that was terrible!!!!!! When I first saw the nightmare I thought that was the wedding but it was only a dream… Lol Her real wedding was totally Bella I could see her wearing that in real life!!!  

  • mwcww3993

    I like the real dress, more than the dream dress.  It showed her figure but was just like a second glove it fit so nicely and looked so beautiful on her.  

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