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MTV gets some inside information on Kristen’s Doll Double in ‘Breaking Dawn – Part 1′

Pregnant Bella

MTV talked to the Special Effects Supervisor on ‘Breaking Dawn – Part 1′ about Kristen Stewart’s Doll Double in the birthing scene.

According to John Rosengrant, the film’s animatronics and special makeup effects supervisor, the idea behind the creation of the Bella replica doll was to make the birthing/near-death scene appear as real as possible and to show Bella in her very emaciated form that Meyer describes in the book.

“It’s very hybrid, the approach,” he told MTV News. “We tried to shape the whole Bella, what she looks like emaciated and all that, but it’s also digitally augmented, and that was from the get-go, this was going to be a hybrid-type effect.”

Read the full article at MTV

They showed some great pictures of the doll in the Illustrated Movie Companion and there’s footage of it in the behind the scenes of the DVD.

I thought they did fantastically! It looked so real! I would have freaked out so much if I was Kristen!

[Source: MTV]

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  • Jaypat

    It did look so real! The photo of Kristen laying next to the doll in the illustrated movie companion was so creepy!  

  • bluebird

    yeah! the emaciated doll double of KRISTEN STEWART looked exactly like DEMI MOORE!!!

  • TwiFanGirl

    I so agree with u I still can’t believe how real it looked.

  • FwiFanGirl

    When I watched behind the scenes on the DVD. I was kind of freaked out bc how real it looked. I was surprised tht Kristen wasn’t freaked about it she was just having fun with it.

  • kerbear585

    it so looked like her. they nailed the doll 100%! the movie companion also tells us where the doll was actually used :) the one i remember off the top of my head was when she did the “fall” before giving birth, that was the doll. they used the doll to get the right angles and stuff of her falling down. 

  • Yankees817

    omg! it was SO creepy! i was covering my eyes at the midnight showing yet i still had to look!!! it was oooooo creepy! almost too much! but i knew that was a good thing! i would FREAK OUT if i was kristen.ew to see a replica of yourself dead and as skinny as u can be! ahhh gruesome!

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