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MTV Exclusive Look at the ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2′ Trailer!

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HERE IT IS!! The final Breaking Dawn Part 2 trailer shown at the MTV VMAs!

UPDATE: Will’s Perspective- There’s a common misconception about Bella. That she’s weak, a demure wilting flower that submits to Edward. You know the type, that says “still a better love story than Twilight” as a cheap joke having never read all four books.

In fact Bella being a badass is the whole point of the Twilight Saga, a girl that evolves into a woman. She tackles lions in midair. She struggles through a pregnancy that nearly kills her to become a stronger woman that knows how to take care of business. It’s the same journey we all take from adolescence to adulthood.

Thanks to this trailer, everyone else will come to understand that too. Brilliant. Breaking Dawn Part 2 is all about Bella.

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  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    That would be great!

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    I’m pretty sure he knew that it was coming, but I didn’t think he was there at the time and yes I’m sure he heard about it. But I doubt it was from the cast, I think they have his back. I love how Peter always gives him a hugs and a reassuring pat on the back. I’m glad they were with him.

  • D. Martin

    ryder – thank you for your post and I’m so sorry about what you went through. I wish you had an account on Gossip Cop. Kristen has a lot of haters over there — you would not believe the hate. I can’t believe that human beings can be that cruel and unforgiving of each other. But you do have a point on one thing — not responding. I keep defending and your post made me think that maybe its just feeding the fire.

  • D. Martin

    Yeah. Me too. Many journalists — real journalists not the Gossip crap — have been praising Kristen. They’ve been posting links to their interviews on twitter. One said that Kristen looked scared a lot. Her legs were shaking. One said that there was a panel Q & A and that Kristen answered a question regarding Marylou. She began talking about first love and that her voice cracked several times.

  • abbeysbooks

    She has always said that she doesn’t put on a role for all the premieres and interviews. That what you see is her. And she is willing to show this which is utterly fearless. No not the right way to say it. She is utterly courageous. Courage is acting when you are terrified. Tonight Sophie Fiennes film on Zizek was shown at TIFF and Zizek was there. I am sure as sure that the On the Road people would have to be there to meet him, I am praying that he will speak about this “scandal” as I know how he will address it but not exactly what he would say. They do the same to him. He is an intellectual terrorist. They are terrified of him so as he says, “they turn me into a clown so no one will take me seriously.” He is such a master at this. Oh please let him have spoked publickly at TIFF about this for Kristen. Please. Go here to read about him:

  • Kittypurr

    omg love it I can’t wait :)

  • Jacob&bella

    oh my god so awesome! Jacob take over and save Bella and Renesme and also leave Edward behind. Bella does not deserve him!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • april

    only 3 days and now my tummy is hurting lol hurry up friday..

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