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  • Overally_Obsessed_Twihard

    awwhhh. She looks adorable

  • Alice

    aww this is precious,she really looks like a cullen.dont get me wrong i love how mckenzie portrays renesmee but dosent she look a little old.renesmee is supposed to look like a big 3 year old i know mckenzie is 11 but i just think renesmee here looks a little too old

  • Naia

    They were never going to find a three year old with the intelligence, cognitive reasoning, reactions, gracefulness and decent acting ability that the character Renesemee requires so they bumped up her age. I see no issue.

  • Digitty

    These days… they could’ve found a way. Even a small 6/7 year old. She is way to old. Don’t like it… oh well.

  • Diggster

    She’s way cute… that’s not what annoys me. They could’ve found like a small 6 year old to pull this off. She’s way too old… don’t like the casting on this one :( Oh well…

  • Alice

    yeah,thats what i mean, with all the technology these days i thought they could make her just a little bit smaller and childlike. m looking forward to it i just hope she looks like an old toddler/young child in the film

  • Alice

    yeah that’s what i don’t understand she looks too old,i imagined Renesmee to be the maximum age of 5,and in the book Bella said she looks like a small two year old,and by the end i think shes supposed to look about 4/5 not 9/10.but on the plus side she does look cute:D

  • Alice

    why in this picture does her hair look blondey/brown shes supposed to have reddybrown hair bronze like but here her hair looks like a dark blonde light brown:/

  • Laura

    In the book it never really said her age.. just that she a couple months old at the battle and she grew really fast. I read the book before I saw both parts of the last movie.. and I’m not mad at all. Mackenzie Foy did I fine job as Renesmee.

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