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  • SaraJ

    Why does Jacob look like an old man?

  • Bella_Mason

    Ah! It’s because this is a future shot. Look how Jacob’s dad has white hair!!

  • saramara

    bella looks old too or not???

  • Zoe E

    Why does Bella look old and why is she drinking (not blood) maybe it’s what could of happened if she stayed human with Jacob?

  • SaraJ

    I hope in real life Taylor ages more beautifully than that lol I cannot wait to see this scene! Scratch that, I can’t wait for the entire movie!

  • Ellehcim17

    I think that wolud be old Renesmee.

  • Sade

    but Renesmee can’t get so older D:

  • Christina Cullen

    This isn’t Rennesme cause I saw another picture of teenage Rennesme and it looks like a different person. I think this is what Bella and jacob would look like if Bella chose Jacob and not Edward. This is the future!

  • Aliyah Martin

    lol its whats bella’s future could’ve been with jacob has she chosen him.

  • lela mason

    lmao, thats obviously NOT Renesmee if it’s Kristen…as Bella. e___e js.

  • Lili

    If this is the complete film archive than this is the deleted scene from Eclipse of Bella’s vision when Jake kisses her and she sees her future with him. This is not from Breaking Dawn.

  • Natasja H,

    I really hope we will get to see that deleted scene someday! Here you can see they actually Made the scene!!! I am not team jake but when I read the book I really wanted to see this scene in the movie!

  • Natasja H,

    It;s not nessie it,s bella, you can see she is wearing a wig so this is from eclipse! when they kissed bella had a glimps of what her future could have been with jake!

  • Natasja H,

    Do you think think they will show this scene in breaking Dawn part two? this scene is from eclipse, you can see she is wearing a wig.. I was sad not seeing this when jake and bella kissed in eclipse

  • Natasja H,

    OMG i zoomed in and it says on set of bd part 2!! So they changed it from eclipse to BD? here you can see that bella is still human! and they look older!! Really excited to see where this piece will fit in the movie!

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