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Grown up Renesmee

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Grown up Renesmee
  • Elizabeth

    Taylor Lautner looks so handsome. I can’t wait to see him in the movie!! :)

  • olga

    This is gonna be my favorite part<3

  • Brooke

    What part is this?

  • Joanne Painter

    Oh My Goodness!!! Bloody Hell I just can’t wait for this moment – it just looks brilliant because of what looks to be a debate is going on between the men and women – AHHH!

  • Guest

    who is she? o.o

  • Danielle J Dorsett

    omg what??? I love ittt!

  • JulietRose

    Her hair is sort of odd. Thought it would be longer and less curly even when she is old.

  • Aliyah Martin

    this is probably the after movie credit scene.

  • EIR1386

    yes yes YES!!! This is the final scene (squeal)!!! Now im tooo excited!!!! ;D

  • Natasja H,

    With the imprint they used the special effect so she would look like Mackenzie but older.. so why are they using totally different person with lot more curls? It doesn’t make scence? So I am not sure if this is Nessie..

  • Gina Humenn-Traficante

    Everybody in skinny jeans except Jacob, I like. Edward looks good in skinny jeans. ;)

  • Fanpire Cecy

    On the main link where most of the pictures are, the caption underneath this says “Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart, and Christie Burke who plays Renesmee in Alice’s vision of the future.”
    I googled her, she is very pretty.

  • hayzb

    love the poses! edward and bella the proud parents! :D xxx

  • Sade

    This could be Maggie? o.O

  • Laci Nicole Skidmore

    I am so fan girl dreaming but we can’t she Nessie’s or Bella’s hands. So who has on the Mason engagement ring?

  • luvifynavi

    am so gonna cry during this scene

  • Ally Munson

    Are you sure that’s not Maggie of the Irish Coven? She has super curly red hair.

  • 8789jk

    Isnt that just Maggie the vampire??? I just looks like her a bit!

  • Bronte

    Just saying, I don’t think it would be the Irish vampire Maggie, because if we all remember correctly Jacob does not like non vegetarian vampires much at all (unless their the reason Nessie, Bella and his other vampire friends/acquaintances are going to survive), and there isn’t a scene in the book and most likely wouldn’t be one in the movie of Jacob, Edward, Bella and Maggie hanging out. So I think we can be certain that it must be the scene from the credits, and that the mystery woman is Nessie. The poses and expressions all kind of reflect a usual ‘positive, fairytale’ ending scene in movies like this one. Though why isn’t Nessie and Jacob holding hands?! The picture gives off a feeling of awkwardness. :P

  • More_than_My_Own_Life

    I thought Alice couldn’t “see” Jacob in her visions????

  • Robsessed_Twerd

    Your kinda right I guess… Could it be Maggie?

  • Bellareally

    Why is this not in th movie??

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