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  • winndsinger

    Oh, how horrible if Scummit asks him to do that, just for the movie. Ugh. But I believe they would be seedy enough to ask him that. And even if Rob wanted to what if he CAN’T just pretend nothing ever happened? That’s a lot to ask. I hope they don’t dare to even approach that subject. Poor Rob.

  • loveu1432

    I dont know anymore!!!!!!! some people are saying that the affair was staged to show how the media destroys some relationships which would make alot of sense as to why they got all cozy out in the open and not in some hotel or something!! It would also explain what the F*** she was thinking when she had a perfectly nice robert to go home too i mean she seemed smart butttttttt I dont know maybe its for promo or she maybe really is just a stupid B**** who doesnt know how good she had it until she lost it all

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    Thanks D, I’ll check it out. I don’t have a twitter acct.

  • love68

    Somethings just arent making ANY sense here. something smells alittle fishy maybe im just hung up on that fact that she cheated because she was like my role model and i absoultely HATE cheating people but stillllllllll i dont know, something not right i think we are confusing facts with the rumors we hear all over the web. This happened just less than a week ago and rupert and his wife are already back together???? She just brushed it off as a silly flirting thing?? If Iwas her I’d wait a good month or so or maybe shes a push over. And if it was dont you think robert could look past just some flirting?? I honestly think this has smething to do with promo because even if I wasnt a fan I’d defintely watch interviews just to see the akwardness and laugh at it!! Some websites are saying that this would defintely raise the awareness of the movie and make people want to go see it?? I dont know maybe its just wishful thinking but…………………………………………….

  • Taylor_is_a_sexy_BEAST

    Just to let you know your statement makes perfect since to me.

    P.S. I did NOT vote “down” on your comment someone else did.

  • Ishi17

    Scummit!! Haha! Saw what you did there! Poor Rob! My heart breaks for him…:(

  • Ishi17

    Cannot agree with you more! Poor poor Rob! I wonder how the BD2 interviews are going to be like…with her talking about being a wife and a mother!! With Rob talking about being a father and being in love…ahhhh

  • Vany

    I already saw that on youtube but i think it’s not there anymore. =S

  • Den U.

    well I am someone who tells it like it is and who doesnt do a lot of sugar coating. I speak my mind and say what I think. Some people cant take that. Because they dont want someone around who points these things out. I dont really care if people vote my comments down. Just like everyone on this site doesnt give a damn if there are those that hate on Twilight whenever they can. You cant please everyone and it shouldnt be your objective to do that. I find it much more important to stay true to oneself and stand 100 % behind what you say. Which I do. There are always gonna be people who admire that and will agree with me. And there will always be those who resent me and dont agree with me (and in this case vote me down). way of the world. I dont even bother to get upset over that.

  • Den U.

    Finally someone who says it like it is!! Its obvious that they had sex, otherwise Rob and Liberty hardly would make such a huge deal out of this. I mean please, how naive can people be?

    Also 100 % agree with what you said about many fans trying so hard to justify everything and turning it around so they dont have to think bad of Kristen. Its silly. Just like you said first the claims that the pics are fake, then the claims that it wasnt really Kristens statement (yes it was!!) and now trying to convince the world that she didnt sleep with Rupert? Yeah I am sure that Rob left her and moved out because she was just stealing a kiss or two from the guy.

    And of course those people also conveniently found out that Rupert is a serial cheater and so of course he is to blame for everything and Kristen was just “young” and didnt know what she was doing. Give me a bloody break.

    I feel like many fans just dont have the guts to face the truth and cant admit that Kristen screwed up big time and she chose to do this. Nobody forced this on her. She isnt a teenager anymore. And she is pretty much one of the most independent and most powerful actresses in hollywood right now. Nobody can force her to do anything.

    And dont worry about most people here voting your comment down. Thats the people who just cant take the truth and resent others for telling it like it is. They prefer their little fantasy world where Kristen is the innocent sweet princess that would never hurt Rob and anyone who shatters that little fantasy with the truth becomes the “enemy” around here it seems.

    Let them vote you down as much as they want. It just means you hit them where it hurts. Because they try so hard to lie to themselves and to escape the truth.

    There is a word for that: Denial

    And the Kristen Fangirls currently practice this like hell

  • Hotpinklnk

    Exactly. Anyone that’s ever been in an ADULT relationship knows that when you’re as cozy with someone as Kristen was with Rupert in those pictures, you’ve definitely done more than just kissing. If Kristen really hadn’t had a previous relationship with this man prior to the day the pictures were taken, she would not have met him in some secret alley just to make out with him in her car. These are not the actions of adults who haven’t hooked up before. They’re not teenagers. So what if Kristen’s only 22, she’s old enough to face the consequences of her serious and hurtful actions. She’s old enough to know what she wants, what’s right and what’s wrong. How can they still be defending her? She ruined everything. Not only did she ruin a beautiful and much admired relationship, broke the heart of the guy who would do ANYTHING for her, she’s a home wrecker. She lost the respect of many people that cared for her. She ruined the possibility of a Snow White franchise. Also good luck seeing Rob and Kristen together in any BD2 event. If we do see them at the same events be damn sure it will be the epitome of awkward and uncomfortable. I am just thankful that she didn’t pull this crap before they started filming BD or she would have ruined that for us too. Despite her increcibly selfish behaviour I do hope she finds the strength to cope with this sh*t storm and doesn’t resort to a self destructive path.

  • OhEdward-The Original

    Lurking. I’m kinda checking around. How have you been? My notifications were turned off and I didn’t know you’d posted. Duh! LOL

  • ★FreezeBurn♥RobMyCooter★BTB®

    I swear it feels forever since I last talked to you! You need to lurk over at our site. I know some bitches have been looking for you. I’m surprised you didn’t see the light we put out to find you at night. It’s Rob inspired. ☺

  • Kalye Whiteagle

    THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME!!!!!! pfffffff

  • Cullan – clan

    wish ppl would leave kristen and rob alone to sort this out. they are both young and we all make mistakes, i hope in my heart they sort it out and get back together and live happilly ever afer, FOREVER…

  • Natas

    I want to say something about these pictures. Has it ever occured to you that they made a terrible mistake with photoshopping? Look at the alignment of Bella’s ears. Search for Kristen Stewarts short haired photo’s. Her ears should be aligned with the nose tip. On these pictures her ears are cropped up way to high

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