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More ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2′ Merchandise!

Here’s a look at some more of the Breaking Dawn Part 2 merchandise! Bookmarks, totes, Bella’s wrist cuff and Renesmee’s bracelet!

I believe most of these will be sold at Hot Topic and retailers like Target and Walmart. So keep a look out for them!

[source: Ebay. Thanks Sheree for the photos!

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  • Melanie Madsen

    The bracelet is a disappointment :(

  • klayrahx7

    i did not expect the bracelet to look like that!

  • Crystal

    Where’s the locket???? More merchandise

  • leeanne4cali

    I’m VERY disappointed to see next to nothing for Bella merchandise. This whole saga is from her POV and the last movie is a BIG deal – she a freaking vampire. Hot Topic doesn’t have any merchandise of her’s except the cuff. They have Alice t-shirts but no Bella bookmarks, nothing. VERY VERY disappointed.

  • Mrs. Serena Cullen;)

    I cant find any twilight stuff except shirts at hot topic!!!! Im checking walmary and target but im finding nothing!!!!! Its so sad:( Also i keep looking for rosalie shirts and stuff and the locket and i cant find anything!!!!!Grrrrrrr….

  • TBRK

    hottopic will have bookmarkks because i bought one at hottopic. hottopic hasn’t gotten all there stuff in yet

  • Lora Lynn

    Rosalie’s locket is on I wish they made a t-shirt with Bella from the first released posters “Forever”

  • Lora Lynn

    I am too..I am hoping more is coming.

  • Lora Lynn

    Hot Topic is the best place to buy what they do have, everything is buy 1 get 1 half off..EVERYTHING :) The store manager told me they are still getting things in, so I hope there will be a Tee with Bella and Renesemee.

  • Leeanne J Lemaster

    I spoke with a district manager and the director of marketing at their corporate office. There will be NO Bella merchandise except for what is already out. No T-shirts, nothing. He wanted to say that it was due to the Bella merchandise not going over well in the past and for the fan to experience ‘being Bella’. Which to me, is a load of BS. The district manager told me it was because of what happened this summer. Sorry to disappoint.

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