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More ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2′ Clips! Mirror Clip, Keep Your Distance Clip & They’re Coming For Us Clip!

More Breaking Dawn Part 2 clips! The first two were shown at Comic-Con last summer, but the last one with Alice ‘seeing’ the Volturi coming is new!

Enjoy! 9 days people! NINE DAYS!

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  • Ashten Sims

    First link is wrong, some martial arts movie…..

  • JayPat

    Hmm, I’m seeing the clip on my computer.

    Are you on an ipad or tablet? On my ipad it does show a different video. That is weird! I can’t change it though. That’s the embed code from Coming Movies.

  • Me me and me

    Justt 7 more nights of hard sleeping so excited!!!

  • Mary Masen

    The last clip is so beautifully shot! I love the “Volturi feet” shots (which I think were filmed during re-shoots last spring)! And the father and daughter piano duet for the whole family is so touching! :’)

  • EleazarTheVampire

    i love the last clip the most!

  • PurpleHippo

    Ahh! So excited!!! I love the first clip. It just makes me smile and feel so happy :)

  • Ashten Sims

    iPad and iPhone, now it’s a clip of kellan.

  • JayPat

    That is so strange! I have no idea why it changes on an iPad.

  • newborneyes

    omg I can´t wait just 9 days !!!!
    I love the first one

  • twilight_girl

    Oh,these clips are so sweet. They make me so teary. Luved them all, especially the intimate moment of Bella and Edward and the last clip.

  • Overally_Obsessed_Twihard

    Omg! the first 2 clips i just had to watch again. Both clips were just so happy and nice and just made me want to smile. The new clip with Alice seeing the vision was just so good! Renesmee playing the paino….Alice dropping the vase….Jasper, how he always says ‘What is it Alice’ line :) sooooo good! Can’t believe it’s all going to be over in just over a week!

  • Edith

    i love the first and third clip i am excited for see the movie

  • TeamFire&Ice

    Everything/everyone looks so great in these clips! I can’t wait!!

    Hey is anyone here going to the fan camp? I got chosen during the initial round. I have my flight to LA tomorrow and almost all packed up!! It’s my first year! I know the whole lottery thing is new this year… But does anyone know exactly what I need to print out in order to get in? The email they sent was worded odd when it says ‘attached is your ticket’ and ‘print out this email.’ But there was now downloadable attachment??? So is the email itselft the ticket??

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