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More Behind-the-Scenes ‘Breaking Dawn’ Photos with a Very Pregnant & Sick Bella

Buzzsugar has some great behind the scenes photos with director Bill Condon, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner!  It is so weird to see Kristen just sitting there with that pregnant belly!  LOL!

One more night people!!

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  • I<3Headboards


  • Anonymous

    must say that a pregnant belly looks good on Kristen :)

  • nattaz

    Just watched it for a second time!! you all should have come to new Zealand! its been out here for 15 hours already!!!

  • Shalahlah

    the worst part of having to watch Breaking Dawn Part 1 IS dying for the PART II release which is CLOSE to ANOTHER blurdy YEAR of PAIN&AGONY WAITING-tis jes not FUNNY for Breaking Dawn Part 2 TO DO dis!eeew this jes SUX…PATIENCE is ONE VIRTUE i JES DONT AGREE UPON!:-(

  • Mandy2cute4u99

    ur so right i seems so real i love it!!!!!!!!<3

  • Mandy2cute4u99

    it seems 

  • Shalahlah

    i noe!same in Australia,the count down timer is still going-LOL!thankgudness NZ & AUS are early with the Breaking Dawn release,i mean why the extra TORTURE!didn’t we already have enough???

  • tpec1991 SaveaHORSE/RideaVAMP!

    3 more hours.. 3 more hours!!!!  *chants*!!!!

  • NessaFG

    This Last few hours until I get into my car and drive to the cinema its so anoying!!!!  I already see everything BD available, and normal tv its is no distraction!!!!! I cant watch the trailer anymore cus my stomachake due to the intence loonging!!!!

  • NessaFG

    Im with you… sooooooo closeeeee and it feels like 3 hrs of  torture!!! 

  • D. Martin

    Just curious….what were the lines like?

  • Alisea_maeve

    You are so lucky! was it good?

  • Shalahlah

     beyond GOOD!hopefully you dont have to wait that long…i feel your pain,i had the same feeling 16hrs AGO!

  • Shalahlah

    Well I dont want to start dishing out everything BUT i guess it was closely related to the book,there were some parts which was kind off HILARIOUS & moments where you could TEAR* UP esp,when Bella had to say her GOODBYES to Renee & Charlie!i tilted my head backwards coz the LATE NITE screening was a JAM PACK!no time for EMBARASSING MOMENTS-LOL!there was one part in the wedding wch made me LOL,it had to do with Renee she was beyond her character as a  mum,she was very funny in a EMOTIONAL WAY,its kinda HARD to explain,trying to be discrete in order to not spoil the surprise for you!:-)

  • Heather

    Im jealous lol

  • lams

    well, in Paris, France, the movie is out since last twesday!!! i already saw it twice today it’s gonna be my third time!!!

  • lams

    totaly agree with you shalahlah, it’s exactly what i felt, very close to the book (finally) very funny and romantic!!! great movie but i think the honeymoon was very short!!

  • Shariarnchanboon

    THANK GOODNESS I live in NZ!! Watching it AGAIN!! X3

  • D. Martin

    I meant the lines to get into the movie.  *grin*    Did you have to wait in a long line for very long?   Are you in New Zealand as well?

  • Kez_MLIT..100%switz.stew.riley

    6 hours :) squeeeeeeeeee

  • MissN.Gravety.Magnet.Satellite

    I’ve seen it twice here in sweden all ready.. I have so much I want to say to you. Everything we’ve heard about a “horror-looking movie” will sort of be.. true.. but in a good way. It.. I have never felt so chocked as I’ve felt after this movie. I can tell you this.. Kristen and Robert brings it to a whole other level. It is so much happiness and they are so relaxed.. and honestly.. Kristen has found herself. Robert gives a performance in the birthingscene that is beyond what I Imagined.. and he has brought a scar to my heart that will never go away. There is so much from the book – lines – more lines then ever. Small things twilight-fans will understand will be in the movie.. I love how they have developed the wolves.. oh.. there is so much I want to discuss with all of you! Cant wait for you to see the movie.. It Is definetely one of the best movies.. but.. There are things in this movie that makes it a totally different story. It just turns the whole twilight-saga around. And we know It’s gonna be different from now on .. but seeing it is different from reading it.. Ah.. I wish I could have words.. We’ll.. You enjoy your night.. It’s gonna be an incredible experience!

  • Shalahlah

    Oops sorry my BAD!i thot yu’ were refering to the movie lines…NO Im NOT from New Zealand,im FROM Australia & NO THE LINES were not LONG coz majority of the ppl bought online advance tickets for Breaking Dawn & it was a midnight screening & people were allowed to start entering from 8pm!LOL…i live near the CINEMAS so i was thea like 5-10mins B4 the movie coz i had my EXAMS that very morning at 8:50am!yikessss…the things we do for the LOVE OF TWILIGHT SAGA!CRAZY-SIMPLY CRAZY!WE SHUD ALL GET AN AWARD…BILL CONDON SHUD LOOK INTO THIS!:D

  • Shalahlah

    OKIES but to those who have already watched Breaking Dawn Part I did you notice some parts missing…i mean who remembers the first release preview of Breaking Dawn? The Volturi part… that wasn’t anywhere TO BE SEEN IN THE MOVIE…so is that part goin to be in Part II?And who remembers Edward making Jacob fly to the wall…that wasn’t in the movie either…I would have loved to see bth that parts present in Part I of BD!i mean a few more action scenes is not to much to ask i guess,probably Bill Condon thinks otherwise,i guess his settling for “LEAVE THE BEST FOR LAST”….oooh another LONNNGGGG wait til Nov16,2012 people…ooh GAWD!

  • Sarah King

    hard ae. seen it twice myself and its awesome. loved every minute of it!!! if only new zealand was bigger.

  • Sarah King

    that’s only coz rob pattz is part british

  • Sarah King

    yea well me seen it too over here in NZ and i get everything you mean. the renee thing at the wedding was a crack up and with charlie and emmett.

  • nattaz

    I just saw it again for my third time! – think i might have to watch it everyday it is out!! I liked it alot – its good! I thought the acting was way better and the storyline is pretty similar to the book! i was really surprised at how graphic it was!! I was expecting it to be all softened and stuff but its totally not!! The midnight screenings were sold out and we had 6 cinemas playing it! but the atmosphere was awesome! people were dressed up as characters and everything, some young girls dressed up in outfits and I asked them about them and they said that they were wedding guests! (too cute!) I remember trying to buy tickets to Eclipse and if you hadn’t booked online you couldn’t get in for the first week! its different this time – But i am in christchurch and some people are still too scared to come back to the movie theatres.

    The movie is awesome! gutted though that we know have to wait another year to watch part 2!! stupid summit and their practical marketing measures!!!!

  • nattaz


  • nattaz

    yeah I really enjoyed it! its had some pretty bad reviews! but i reckon they just keep getting better each time!! :D I hope that you enjoy it!

  • Taco Lover

    I loved the movie!!!!! cant wait for part 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xD   but wat was funny…is that in the theater there was a little girl andher parents were covering her eyes bcuz of the “things” that happened wth Edward and Bella. XD

  • Buzzard02

    I drove it to my town theater in the first time 18th there were bunch of fans was standing and wait for the line and they wore t shirt and book, talking about going to go and so crazy how fans already excited and screaming, and i was like what a tough day at MIDNIGHT.  I drove home again, and came back there were few fans on saturday i went in there, Breaking Dawn is AWEASOME!!! it made me cry.  Can’t wait for the dvd

    Hey to let you know, The avaibale Dvd for breaking dawn will be outn March or April 2012.

  • Bratzbaby

    How many kids?what r their names? what sex r they?

  • Brat

    Please answer

  • Panymaki

    Just watched it and it was  really amazing. I’m so excited for the upcoming part 2 of the movie. Hope they would come and visit here at Philippines. :’)

  • Bowenshannon82

    I want to know if Kristen really lost a bunch of weight to make the movie more real. Because I’m telling you , they can add a lot of effects to make someone look how they want them to look , But they can’t take real features away. So, am I alone in this or does anyone else think there was a serious weight loss issue here?

  • Katie

    I love kristen Stewart.I wish I was her When she was Filming bracking dawn coz she is prego and all but I have found out that I am pregnant. Don’t worry I am 24 so it’s ok I have see the film 2 can’t wait for the film to come out in England   

  • Katie

    It would be worse if I was a teen say 17 but I am 24 so it’s ok moving to America soom to a loverly huge house with a pool and 3/4 or asn acer of land for some alpakers :) Xx.

  • Katie

    It would be worse if I was a teen say 17 but I am 24 so it’s ok moving to America soom to a loverly huge house with a pool and 3/4 of an acer of land for some alpakers and stuff :) Xx.

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