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Michael Sheen Talks ‘Breaking Dawn’ Battle Scene & More!


MTV and Collider got a chance to talk to Michael Sheen (aka Aro/Volturi) about Breaking Dawn recently.  Michael talked about the ‘battle scene’ in Breaking Dawn with MTV and talked about working with director Bill Condon with Collider.


“Oh this is very amped up, yeah,” Sheen revealed. “This is, I think we spent something like four or five weeks shooting that scene and it takes up a big chunk of the movie,” he added. “And it’s got extraordinary things going on in it, so it certainly won’t be anticlimactic.”

Sheen’s comments will hopefully be music to the ears of “Twilight” fans hoping for some actual action in those big final sequences, and they fall in line with the bits and pieces of information we’ve derived from other castmembers. Peter Facinelli told us a few months ago that he’d been doing some intense scene work with “a lot of vampires.”

“I don’t want to give away too much, but if you’ve read the books, it’s the standoff with lots of vampires in play,” he said. “There’s like 70 people going through the works at once. It’s a little maddening, but fun.”


What can you say about what you’ll be doing in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn?

MICHAEL SHEEN: It’s the same part that I played before – Aro.

Was there anything you got to discover in playing him this time around, that you hadn’t learned the last time you played him?

SHEEN: He’s more of a presence in these films than he was in New Moon, so I got to explore the character a bit more and probably fleshed it out a bit more. I don’t think that there’s anything that I learned. I just was able to go into the insanity of the character a bit more. I got to show what’s under the surface a bit more this time, which was fun.

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How was Bill Condon to work with, as a director?

SHEEN: Bill was wonderful. He was terrific. He’s a very, very friendly, warm person. He obviously has a very varied and interesting body of work, and brought that to bear. He made everyone feel very comfortable. It must be quite hard, coming onto a film where people have already been together for a long time. Each film is a different director and you think, “What’s this one going to be like?” But, everyone really warmed to him and thought he was terrific. I think he did a really good job. It was a huge organizational thing. We had something like 40 new characters being introduced in this film, and the big battle scene took about four or five weeks to film. It was a huge undertaking, and he handled it brilliantly. When a new director comes on and you already know the characters from having done previous films, do you feel like you know the characters more than the director, or does each director really bring something new out of you?

SHEEN: Personally, I was only on New Moon for two weeks, so it’s not like I got used to it. But, for the other actors, there’s probably a wariness about, “Is this person going to come along and not really get what it is we’re doing, or are they going to try to change it too much?” For a director coming on board, I would imagine there’s the pressure of wanting to make your mark and be different to what other people have done, but at the same time, not wanting to go against the flow of the whole series. I would imagine it’s quite a difficult balance to strike, but everyone seemed very happy on it and seemed to enjoy working with Bill.

I am really looking forward to the ‘battle scene’!! ”Very amped up! Won’t be anti-climatic!” SCHWEET! *spoiler*  Don’t worry folks, it’s just a vision from Alice that she shows Aro if he decides to battle with the Cullens.   Michael play Aro perfectly. He’s going to go into the insanity of the character!  EEEP! 

[Source: MTV and Collider.  Thanks SureSure4RobSTEN!]

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  • MirandaThewolfgirl2010

    At least we know that it is through Alice’s vision.

  • SureSure4RobSTEN!

    With every clip, picture and interview that comes out I say the same comment…”I need this movie(s) in my life NOW!” Lol serious, “it’s going to be epic”

  • Unique Jenique

    I am very excited for the battle scene, and also to see Michael Sheen as Aro again. He did great in New Moon. I want to see how he portrays the “insanity” of Aro in Breaking Dawn. Glad that we get a chance to see more of him in this film :)

  • D. Martin

    I am amped up about this. Michael Sheen is so sweet. Everytime I see his photo or see an interview my mind keeps going back to the photos – posted on this site – of him taking Rachel Adams to the airport and kissing her good-bye and how they both looked so totally smitten. Its one thing to see a girl look smitten but when a grown man looks like he just adores the girl it is SO SWEET. I hope they are still together.

  • D. Martin

    That’s what I heard/read. That there is a lot of action but Alice shows Aro what will happen if he doesn’t back off. I have to go back and read the books again but one thing I got about Alice was HOW MUCH she loves her family and takes care of them. She buys them clothes – rarely lets them wear something twice – and plans parties and EVERYTHING! She truly takes care of the ones she loves.

  • Morrigan

    …Battle scene? ….BATTLE SCENE? There was no battle scene in ‘Breaking Dawn’! It was all ended peacefully, which I love. Pah! What a pathetic way of attracting people to see the film. And it’s sad how people will see it BECAUSE there’s violence in it. D=<

  • I<3Headboards

    I cant wait for this – i wonder how everyones going to act to the “battle” sence lol – Michael is great as Aro he did an amazing Job with it in New Moon i cant wait to see what he adds to it with BD

  • MirandaThewolfgirl2010

    She is gonna kick butt, in fact there all gonna kick butt

  • jite4vanquish

    It is probably the flashes of battle scenes that Alice sees in her visions of the future.

  • jite4vanquish

    I wonder if we will see any of these visions in the first movie or not. Bella has her dreams about the child in the first book when she is pregnant and doesn’t realize it yet. Maybe some of the fight scenes occur dring those dreams too.

  • bella ♥ vita

    Oh calm down… ITS A VISION! Just like Jaypat says at the bottom of the post! Alice shows Aro a vision of what will happen if he chooses to fight the Cullens and most importantly Edward and Bella killing him during said battle (I’ve seen a pic of them killing him and its totally badass!). Something tells me after seeing that vision Aro’s sense of self preservation is what will ultimately make him decide to retreat above all else in the movie.

  • MirandaThewolfgirl2010

    it is true it will just feel like it’s real. It’s almost like waking up from a bad dream. Oh and about the comment i said about the dog, I’m really sorry about that I honestly didn’t mean to come off that way in fact I think bear is the most adorable creature in the world.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t wait til Nov. sooooooooooooooo excited !

  • bella ♥ vita

    Oh please, don’t worry about it! I know now that you (emphasis on you) weren’t being deliberately malicious and perhaps I’m just hypersensitive when it comes to dogs this week since my own dog that I’ve had for 19 years just died this past Friday. I just know that if someone had called her or my other dog ugly I would’ve punched them in the face at a minimum so seeing people making fun of a puppy like that just didn’t sit well with me at all. I did see your reply via disqus in my inbox this morning, I just haven’t the chance to reply yet and planned to do so tomorrow. I’m truly sorry if my little quip genuinely hurt your feelings because that was absolutely never my intention. I wasn’t being at all serious. I only meant to make a point with it and give a little perspective as to why it wasn’t funny to call someone’s puppy ugly whether in jest or not. I would never seriously say anything like that and certainly not to someone I don’t even know personally! Anyway, like I said don’t worry about it at all, we’re cool.

  • Anonymous

    We really have to wait til next year for this…UGH!

  • MirandaThewolfgirl2010

    Oh my gosh im so sorry to hear that. I know how it feels to lose your own pet :( . It’s like losing a part of your family or you rbest friend. It sucks. The last dog I had was taken from us unfairly a few years ago. Our landlord came by at the house and he heard some barking and we told him that it was the dog upstairs ( a yappy annoying yorkshire, so annoying). Our dog Dookie rarely barked and this was one of the few times that he has barked but it was at the wrong time. And the next day the landlord called my mother about it and he was pissing mad and wanted us to get rid of him within a month. So that’s what we did my mom and sister took him to the ASPCA to put him up for adoption to another family. Wherever he is I hope he’s ok and happy and i bet he misses us terribly. I still do :( . I loved him he was a pain in the ass at times but at least he was friendly. Dookie was still a baby a big baby. But to this day I will never forgive what that stupid ass bastard of a landlord did forcing us to give up our dog. Ugh while the our neighbors dog is the most nasty, unpleasant little shit I’ve ever seen and heard he always growls and nips at people and tried to bit my sister at her ankle. Man does that piss me off so much. So anyway I see why you were very defensive earlier, and I bet your dog had a good life and living up to 19 is amazing most dogs don’t even reach past 15. He or she must have been really healthy. But I greive for the loss of your special friend but he or she is now in a better place eating steaks and playing fetch with the other dogs. In fact let me give you a hug. *gives bella vista a big hug*. i hope that made you feel better.

  • Anonymous

    Hang in there everyone- we’re almost there!! Remember when it was OVER 400 days to wait?!?! Now it’s less than 200. We can do it. We must support each other and get thru the next seven months!!

  • GCTheo

    I’ve visited these site for a more or less two years, first thing i do in the morning.. i’m reading the comments smilling, lauging and thinking how i am so happy to be a part of the twilight world or era if you want to call it, there are no words i can use to describe it. Really really wish breaking dawn was out TODAY lol!

  • Salander

    Same here :)

  • Hotpinklnk

    This is what I predict will happen in Alice’s Vision, based on what I’ve seen/heard over the months…. A bunch of madness, some Cullens die, some werewolves die, then Edward and Bella kill Aro. That vision scene is gonna make the movie. They’re gonna make it extra shocking I bet! God I can’t wait… Too bad it’s a year and a half away :rocks back and forth in fetal position:

  • Hotpinklnk

    Also, I don’t think Alice shows Aro the vision. Remember when she drops the vase and it shatters on the floor? Right before she says “They’re coming”? :) That’s what she sees, then Edward reads her mind and sees it too. I bet she sees that either her or Jasper (or both) get killed in the battle, which is why they decide to take off and try to prevent it from happening while they’re away. And she sees people die because this was before Bella discovered her shield that could protect everyone… It also builds up the anticipation because she has the vision early on in BD part 2.

  • Anonymous

    im loosing sleep! i neeed november like NOW!

  • Vallybutterfly1981

    The mortal Aro is consorting with must be the secretary Giana. Most likely holding down the fort while they head to Forks. Or she’s dessert because they need to feast a plenty before a big fight.I’m choosing the latter.

  • Annie

    Ugh… I… can’t…. wait…any… more… There’d better be showing something to do with the Volturi/Aro in the first part, or I’ll go mad…

  • ladychrysanthemum

    A battle scene vision?  I was wondering how they were going to amp up BD2.  I hope it’s not underplayed, and yet I also hope they manage to balance this with the tense political strategy games of BD. 

    On another note (I”m new here), I wonder how they’re pacing and organizing BD1, or is it all just a dramatic love story, pregnancy, and birth?  How are they handling the wolfpack dialogue and politics?

  • Kmbtruth

    I think this movie is going to blow with no fight scense in the films. Not looking forward to this one eclipse was the best. Your all stupid and this movie will blow hot Ass!

  • Pinknperfect

    Um Kmbtruth if you would have read correctly- it says there WILL be a fight scene in part 2. Only 355 days left until Part 2 cant wait!

  • Amy

    What you people are forgetting is that Alice can’t see werevolves, which are shown in the battle scene as well as Reenesme, so this might not be a vision after all.

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