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Michael Sheen at the Breaking Dawn Part 2 Press Conference

Michael Sheen (Aro/Volturi) at the Breaking Dawn Part 2 Press Conference on November 1st.  I absolutely adored Michael.  Very funny, and he’s the perfect Aro!

Hypable has a great live blogging from the conference!

Question: Does your daughter have any character she’d like you to play some day?
Michael:  When I told her I was going to play Aro, she said I was going to have to be bald. I thought she was going to be excited but she was really annoyed because it was HER thing.  I underestimated the effect. But she got excited eventually. Nothing can beat what you can imagine in your head.. even though I wasn’t a bald Aro hopefully she liked it.  And a character she’d like me to play… she probably wants me to just be her father. Be around as much as possible.
Q: Aro is obviously a very scary character. I think you play him with an edge of comedy.
M: One of the things I liked about the character that Stephenie hinted at in the book is that he thinks of himself as this sentimental fool.. and then likes to kill people. So instead of being the big bad guy, there’s someone who has fun, and he’s been around for hundreds of years… so he might get bored, so he has to come up with things that he can enjoy. So when he sees something new, it’s exciting to him.  There are moments when you see how much he enjoys the violence and the general meanness.
Q: Whenever I see Aro, yes he’s a vampire and he doesn’t blink. You’re human though.. you have to wear contact lenses.
M: I actually have red eyes, so right NOW I’m wearing my human contact lenses.  It is a challenge having the contact lenses.. they’re annoying things to go in your eyes on a Monday morning. But these ones for Aro.. I’ve never worn them that long before.
Q: What does a TwiHard get out of the entire book and movie series?M: Mine were bigger than the others’ because they wanted to affect my entire eyes, because I am much larger. You have to have someone lift your eyelids to get the top and bottom in separately… human beings aren’t meant to have things shoved into your eyes. But the more resist it, the more you’ll have to do it again and again. So you just have to relax. They have to put eye drops in all day. Things go as a pink-ish hue. You don’t have much vision, it does effect your vision.
M: When you come to the last chapter of the series, Bill has done a respectable job of serving the fans. especially for the people who feel like they’ve been with Bella, gone through with her journey. Bill has been very sensitive to that. I think Bella’s journey is one of.. a lot of people can relate to it even though it’s in the world of vampires. Bella’s journey is one that people can vicariously go through it.M: In some ways I’ve had a peculiar position with the films. I’ve come in and out of them, I’m not like Rob and Kristen. I’ve kind of came in and out, so I can still have a sense of what’s inside and what’s outside. Also, the younger fans don’t recognize me because I look different than my character. Until some parent goes… “see that guy over there? He’s in Twilight.” Then their kids attack.  I’ve seen the film twice now, and each time I get to the end.. I’m bawling. Goodness knows what 14 year olds are going to think.
Q: Talk about the new vampires.
M: We were all put in the same hotel for filming, and it was like Vamp Camp. It was very exciting running around together.
Q: Compare playing Aro to playing Tony Blair? What different skill sets do you have to do for either one?
M: One is a psychopath, and delusional.. the other one is Aro. (laughter) I’m only joking.  When Aro tries to convince all the other vampires about what to do with this child, he’s trying to persuade them and he’s being disingenuous. He’s laying it on quite think. He wants to sound reasonable but he ACTUALLY wants to cause chaos and mayhem. I instinctively started using Blair’s hand gestures. They’re both in positions of power
Q: Talk about the battle scene, and your crazies texperience with a Twilight fan.
M: We shot the battle.. I thought we were going to be outside and cold. When I was in the costume department, I made sure my costume was made of layers and cloaks and really heavy things. And then I turn up to film.. and it’s all CG and green screen, so I was boiling for weeks and weeks. We were on this snowy set. Team Aro was at one end, and Team Cullens were at the other. We were miles away from each other, so we couldn’t even talk to each other on set. And we had to stand around for ages.. some had nothing to do but stand.  Then on the last day of filming the battle scene, there was this huge dance that happened. The Cullen Team had choreographed this big dance, I think it was “Sweet Dreams Were Made Of This” It may beo n the DVD.
M: Strangest encounter with a Twilight fan… I remember being in a changing room in a store here in LA. I was buying jeans, and I came out of the changing room, and there were two thirteen year old girls, I don’t know how they knew, they found out I played Aro and they screamed at me. And I thought, “I’ll take these jeans.”
Q: Talk about your post Twilight experiences. You have a Showtime series and a new romnatic comedy.
M: Since wrapping this, since we shot a while ago. Recently I did a film with Tina Fey called Admission with Paul Rudd as well. I got to take on the role of Tina Fey’s British bonkers boyfriend.
M: I also did the pilot for a Showtime show called Masters of Sex. We’ll start shooting the first season in January. I play a real person and I’m looking forward to it.
Q: And the moustache? (he has right now)
M: It’s just for you. Well it’s moustache for Movember.. I even slightly waxed it this morning for you. (laughter)
Q: If you could go back in time to just before you joined the franchise, what advice would you give to yourself
M: I would probably give myself a good talk about.. I would’ve gone into therapy.

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  • Mary Pat

    Michael Sheen is Aro. He protrays him exactly as I envisioned him while reading the book. I love it when he is incredibly syrupy sweet while really so devious.

  • BDM

    Wow, this was on the first day of Movember! Well done sir, well done.

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