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Meet the New Vampires!

Warning! Even though are only about two days left, there are brief spoilers in this clip!

30 New Vampires! Wow! This is a video from ET introducing to us the new covens and nomads,along with their talents!

There is also brief scenes of the battle.

“First up is the Denali coven: vegetarian vampires, one of whom — Kate (played by Casey LaBow) — can cause an electric shock. Then you have the Egyptian coven (one of the oldest), which features Benjamin (played by Rami Malek), who has the power to affect nature. The Amazon coven houses Zafrina (played by Judi Shekoni), who has the ability to control other people’s vision. The Romanian coven is the traditional bunch. Noel Fisher, who plays Vladimir, describes them as being “really old and powerful and very ticked off.”

More at ET Online!

via ET Online

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  • Chantal

    Love it! I’m going to the premiere with my BFF tomorrow =) By the way why hasn’t the website been updated with the premiere yet… He’s a pica

  • Miss_Heather

    wow Cold play last night in Melbourne Australia now breaking dawn part 2 midnight tonight in less then 15 hours

  • EveTheShadowhunter

    team volturi forever!!

  • EleazarTheVampire

    OMG this is EPIC! i am screaming my head off! this was AMAZAING!

  • Hop

    Okay so I thought (as it is in the story in the book and mentioned in New Moon) that Alice couldn’t ‘see’ the wolves…i.e. her visions couldn’t and don’t include the wolves…

  • EleazarTheVampire

    I Love it when Tanya says” give me my sight back!”

  • Chicago Mary

    Judi Shekoni is the Best !!! Absolutely the best casting ever ~ from Billy Burke to Michael Sheen – incredible casting.

  • isi

    so happy for tomorrow!!!! i already have my tickets!! i can wait any more!

  • Aida Spain

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

  • Kez_MLIT..100%switz.stew.

    I have uni till 6:30 otherwise I would be there too :(
    I bet they look beautiful, get there early to make sure you get on and have a fabulous time :) Twilight fans are lovely.

  • rhid06

    I was just wondering where all the premier stuff is too :(

  • erblizzard

    “the red coats are coming, the red coats are coming!” THURSDAY AT 10PM CANNOT COME FAST ENOUGH, FOLLOWED BY FRIDAY, SATURDAY…..

  • Hatice

    Just came back from the theater!!! OMG!!! I’m still shaking from excitement!!!

  • Lily

    Just seen the film and honestly the new vampires are better than I expected them to be! especially the Denali and Romanian coven were really awesome, but I think Garrett is my new favorite – he’s absolutely badass! Just wish there was more from them lol its too bad they were only present in 1 book!

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