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Maggie Grace–Irina of Breaking Dawn-In ‘Faster’ Trailer & Photo

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Here’s a look at Maggie Grace, who will play Irina in Breaking Dawn, in the trailer and movie still of her upcoming film Faster with Dwayne Johnson and Billy Bob Thornton. 

I think she’s going to be spectacular as Irina! Oh, I love The Rock! 

[Source: IMDb]

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  • Team Rob,Edward,Tyler,Jacob J

    i want to see tayna is slut mode lmao – ok i’ll stop lol no but really im happy with who they picked to play Irina – now i just want to see pics with them in costume (see i know its way to early) but im a greedy girl =)

  • IndiesR

    She’s a gorgeous gal, no doubt she will make a hawt, vengeful vamp.

  • Anonymous

    She is beautiful! Wish I had that bone structure. I can see her standing seeing Renesmee and being SUPER pissed.

    Wait…is that the rock? In a movie that’s NOT made for children?

  • MythicalMonster

    I think she is perfect for Irina! Can’t wait to see pics from the set! :)

  • Anonymous

    Your not the only 1 hehe.

    IMO though she should play Tanya and vice versa, this way we can see her acting chops cause she is pretty good but can’t complain right? Geez I think when it comes to anything Twilight we all get a lil greedy smh

  • Anonymous

    I think she’s the best choice for Irina. I mean look at the hatred from her eyes. I imagine her beside the Volturi looking at the Cullen clan.

  • EAD_TwistAArmpitHair

    I think she will be awesome! She knows how to play someone with an “attitude” that is for sure!

  • EAD_TwistAArmpitHair

    I thought they finally did a good job with costumes on Eclipse. Now, I’m curious to see how they dress these ladies. LOL Typical Succubus vixens? Like

  • EAD_TwistAArmpitHair

    Oh, yeah! When she sees Renesmee playing in the snow with Jake…. WATCH OUT! lol

  • Anonymous

    I thought the same thing :) she looks exacly as I imaged her!

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