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Look Back Through The Saga Plus MORE Behind-the-Scenes Footage with Cast & Stephenie Meyer Interviews

Check out this look back through the Saga plus MORE behind the scenes footage with director Bill Condon’s intro, the cast and Stephenie Meyer interviews that was shown at the Brussels Fan Event for Breaking Dawn Part 1!

Gah!  I’m even more excited now!!!

[Source: SpunkRansom]

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  • I<3Headboards

    I cant wait for this movie – im watchin twilight now and its so weird

  • Senselessapologies

    It seems like soon, we can puzzle the whole movie together from all the different clips. On one hand I can’t get enough of it because I can’t wait to see the film on the other hand I am a bit afraid it might spoil the experience later on. I hope they haven’t given away the best parts yet and keep them till the end!

  • JMG (: Team V-Necked Edward

    I still can’t get over seeing Bella/Kristen pregnant, it’s so weird… but in a good way! 

    They pack so much in such a short amount of time in the behind the scenes/look back through the saga clip, I’m constantly pausing and rewinding!! Gah, November 18th hurry the eff up PLEASE!!

  • Anonymous

    I kept doing the same thing. :-)

  • Anonymous

    These clips are making me even more excited to see this movie.

  • Anonymous

    I have goosebumps everytime I see these trailers, BTS, anything and we get some new scenes and they all better be on the DVD and I hope robsten does Commentary with BC(fingers crossed).

  • Anonymous

    TEB4E……ME TOO!!

  • Twiguest

    This is sooo random.. But on the 1st clip inbetween 2:11 and 2:25, you can hear the theme from twilight playing in the backround… Maybe its just me but it sounds a lil different… Maybe my mind’s playing tricks on me… probably me knowing that carter burwell is doing this score also is just making me think the music playing in that clip sounded different… Idk… I jus cant wait for the BD score to come out… :P random! :)

  • Anonymous

    I agree! It’s like dont  blink or you’ll miss it…lol

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    and for Part 2 it sould be Kristen , Rob and mechinze!:)

  • Akinner

    Jacob jumped rosalie

  • Akinner

    Im scared ppl wont go back and see the top video since it was put up later and its toooooooo good to miss!

  • Anonymous

    Waiting is so hard.:-)

  • Chela madison

    “I know the countdown has begun” Bill dear, we’ve been counting down since Eclipse came out hahahahaha <3 !! We're almost there guys, woot! 

  • ifonly2011

    New scenes = cool! But the second clip isn’t working for me :( says because of a copyright claim by summit.

  • Liv

    Ie i was there on the event :D , it was awsome

  • pipa

    what happen? i’ m the only one that can’t watch the 2 video?

  • Anonymous

    Damn i’m always too late!!

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