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Live Interview with Kristen Stewart For Balenciaga Florabotanica Starts at 3:00 PM EST Today!

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Don’t forget Kristen Stewart’s live interview answering fan question for Balenciaga Florabotanica is today at 3:oo PM EST

Go to or Balenciaga Facebook page to watch the live interview.  We will have the video interview up as soon as possible.

Did anyone send in a question?

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  • asja

    Yup, I sent the question asking did working this Balenciaga campaign opened her up more in terms of her femininity, since she often reffed to herself as a tomboy and how did she handle all that “be sexy, feminine, girly-girl”, did she took it as a job, something that has to be done or did she really found that person in herself. But i doubt my question will be picked,since I am from Bosnia and the reward is a bottle of their perfume, I don’t think they’ll go that far to send one here :/

  • D. Martin

    I sent in a question. I can see why they have a MOD picking the questions. Some were outright horrible — “Kristen, when you betrayed the man you love…”. C’mon!

  • ardnaskela

    why shouldn’t they send it to you? It’s European company they have shorter way to Balkans than to the USA. It’s what 1000 miles from France to Bosnia?

  • Red

    I asked a question the first time you guys put it up so I’m pretty sure it’s lost in between millions of other questions so I doubt they’ll pick mine -.- can’t wait for the video though.

  • asja

    well..have you watched the interview…out of 5000 question they couldn’t make it last half an hour??? seriously??? questions were mostly from france, canada…and it was one question from serbia…i expected more from this interview :(

  • asja

    yeah…me too…my question was in the first one hundred i believe…but interview as a whole was very disappointing :(

  • ardnaskela

    Yes, it was dissapointing and painful to watch to be thruthful, I was literally cringing a few times both for the interviewer and Kristen, a good opportunity missed I think…

  • Dragana

    Ive just read your comments. The funny thing is that they read my question (from Serbia) but I have never received confirmation (not present, of course). I am totally disappointed… Previously, I planned to buy perfume to my daughters, but in relation to Balenciaga unprofessional behavior, I doubt I would do it now.

  • asja

    ma uzasno sam se razocarala i onom kvazi-voditeljicom koja nije mogla sastavit 5 normalnih pitanja…citav intervju je bio toliko neprijatan i nekako jedva…a eto nisu cak ni tebi ispostovali taj dio koji su obecali. Ja bi im poslala mail i rekla to…bas su bezobrazni :) btw…lijepo je vidjet da ima i naseg svijeta na ovom sajtu ..ja sam iz Tuzle ;)

  • asja

    and it was soooo uncalled for when the interviewer read your question and said it was from Serbia and then commented something like “huh intense country”…i mean seriously, she was trying to get political with Kristen in the interview about the Kristen knows where Balkan is anywhere :/

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