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Listen to the ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2′ Soundtrack on Pandora Radio!

You can preview the Breaking Dawn Part 2 soundtrack on Pandora Radio!

My favorite is Cover Your Tracks by A Boy and His Kite.


And how cute is that pic of Edward playing for Renesmee!


[source: TwilightFB]

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  • Fabiola Arias

    I hate it when we (Mexico) can´t have access to this pages or content… HATE IT!!!

    I love Twilight Saga Soundtracks… I NEED to have it NOW! LOL…

    I guess I´ll have to wait until next tuesday… I´ll have only three days to sock on it for the movie LOL

    Thanks anyway

  • PurpleHippo

    I can’t listen to it either :( And I’m from Canada. I guess the States don’t like to share with their neighbours to the North and South :P

  • beatrix sendow

    I’m wait for this :*

  • Jenna

    Nice easy listening.

  • CharliesStache

    Who sings with Christina Perri on her track?

  • Kinlan

    What station is it under? I already have the twilight station but couldn’t find breaking Dawn … Oh and I live in the states!

  • TSBDP2

    Steve Kazee

  • CharliesStache


  • Taylor_is_a_sexy_BEAST

    I would glad share with you. ^_^ I’m from Iowa. You have to blame LA if thats the issue.

  • asja

    Not gonna happen for the non-US residents…that really sucks…

  • SophieMayCheets

    i’m in England it won’t let me! argh!

  • Mary Masen

    If only I could listen to it. I loved it so much last year when it was steamed -worldwide- on facebook. It’s the last movie people, the least you could do is thank all international fans by letting us listen too :(

  • MrsVampire
  • Marisa Erick

    I totally agree with Jaypat that my favorite song is Cover Your Tracks as well. Was anyone else able to listen Elle Gouldings song? I listened on my phone for most of the day and it never came on…..

  • bbgirl

    Will there be a deluxe edition??? Has anyone heard anything??

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