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It Will Rain - Single - Bruno Mars
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Category: Breaking Dawn Soundtrack, Featured Stories

  • Lotteoostenga

    yaaaay HOLLAND RULES hahah :) ik ga naar een marathon van 17.00 tot 02,00 ;p

  • Lotteoostenga


  • Nicole Helena

    I’m going to the Twilight Marathon on the 15th too! Can’t wait. Soms is het best wel fijn om in Nederland te wonen, haha.


    Apparently the bit they had to cut from the movie to stop it from being a 15 over here is this, and I quote, ”graphic sight of edward thrusting while he lies on top of bella, and while her legs are wrapped around his torso’.
    I apologise for the british film board. They are stupid. Rob and I hope you won’t hate us. hahaaa.

    Directors cut? :L


    And yes! there must be some way to get the songs! hahhaa


    hahaa. I might try to stop because they are popping them out recently. :/


    It’s so cute. I want him to sing it to her. Too far fetched? haha

  • Jonathanthinkstaylorisyummy :3

    I’m loving this friggian c.d. It’s so different than any other one. It has slow sad song’s, happy songs and even friggian rap. I hate rap, but these songs are..amazing. I vote adele should be on part 2, she should have been on this one. I’m sure she could have wrote something sad about the wedding or Jacob.

  • Nikkiville25

    Bella hears a rap song just before she wakes up?

  • TeamEC1918

    What am I doing wrong??????? I click on link, which takes me to the twilight Facebook n then click on their link AND NO MUSIC!!!!!! HELP!!!!!! :( (((?(

  • MeadowLupine

    Fellow glop of goo here. So glad I won’t be the only basket case…

  • MeadowLupine

    Bless Rob’s heart, but he has NOTHING on Mia Maestro vocally… Just my opinion. Rob is a fantastic actor, and I’m glad he loves music so much but it seems like it works best for him as a personal thing. He has a lot of vocal issues.

    Mia on the other hand is obviously an incredibly skilled vocalist, and I’ve been so excited ever since they announced she’d be on the soundtrack. Carmen is a character who falls completely in love with Renesmee, so I was kind of hoping Mia would sing something for her. In a way she is, she’ll be singing when Renesmee is conceived in the film…

  • MeadowLupine

    If you like it and want it, why not?

  • MeadowLupine

    (That’s what I’m doing, it’s actually not that hard. Just a rough copy to tide me over…)

  • MeadowLupine

    I’m not sure what you mean by “classical pieces”… Do you mean the incidental music? Because as everyone here is raving about, Carter Burwell is in charge of that. I wish it could have been Alexandre Desplat, personally, but Burwell it is. I’m glad it’s not Shore though, as I think he really phoned Eclipse in.

  • MeadowLupine

    Same here on the Bill Condon comment. They really seem to be doing this right. I’m grateful that Bill would take telling a young woman’s story  as seriously as he has. About damn time thing kind of thing happened in Hollywood. 

  • Mary Masen

    My guesses on where the songs might appear during the movie:
    1. End Tapes: Bella and Edward saying their goodbyes and leaving the wedding in Edward’s new car. :)
    2. Love Will Take You: Isle Esme waterfall scene or the night before the 
       wedding at Bella’s bedroom.
    3. It Will Rain: Edward burning and falling on his knees
    4. Turning Page: the night before the wedding at Bella’s bedroom, while they say their vows and dance at the wedding, the midnight swim scene when their skin is the same color and the go to deeper waters or Bella waking up in featherland.
    5. From now on: happy song at the wedding reception, Jacob in Seattle or Jacob breaking from the pack
    6. A Thousand Years: Bella walking down the isle and meeting Edward’s eyes *melts*
    7. Neighbors: it’s a rap song so it must be a Jacob/wolf song, like  Jake breaking from Sam’s pack, or patrolling with Leah and Seth , or hunting with Leah.
    8. I Didn’t Mean it: Jacob losing control at the wedding, or Jacob on the motorcycle speeding to the Cullen’s house or all the other times it hurts Jacob seeing Bella and feeling like she’s his drug
    9. Sister Rosetta: Bella freaking out in Isle Esme and brushing her hair-teeth-shaving her legs-finding the French lingerie squeee!! I love this new version!
    10. Northern Lights: Bella dancing with Jacob at the wedding, or Bella and Edward playing chess or hiking or kissing at the waterfall in Isle Esme :D
    11. Flightless Bird, American Mouth: Edward and Bella’s and first dance as husband and wife! Awww, I’m already crying…! Greatest choice for their wedding song!<333
    12. Requiem on Water: Jacob leaving the Cullens' house thinking Bella is dead.
    13. Cold: Edward's flashback, Edward trying to bring Bella to life after the birth when he bites her and does CPR.
    14. Llovera: Bella dropping the towel walking towards Edward before the midnight swim.
    15. Love, Death, Birth: Edward and Bella entering the house in Isle Esme, a love scene, Bella giving birth, Edward trying to bring Bella to life.
    16. Like a Drug: Jacob feeling Bella like his drug, Jake watching Bella drinking blood.
    17. Turning Page (instrumental): Edward and Bella kissing the night before the wedding in Bella's room.
    18. Eclipse (All Yours): Edward/Bella/Carlisle/Charlie making toasts at the wedding. -I'm so happy they've brought this song back! :) )
    Note: As I can't understand most of the lyrics yet, sometimes I judged based on the music and tone of the song.
    I can't wait to see if I got some of the songs right! 18 days to find out!

  • Anonymous

    I can’t believe it’s nearly over…
    24 hours ist just not enough time. It’s like I just started listening :(

  • cm

    It will perfect if she’s singing for Renesmee since she does love her so much. But, like you said, music is a person’s personal opinion and Rob’s soulful voice, like Marcus Foster’s voice, reaches inside my “gut” and stirs in an intoxicating way. I’ve always had a major thing for raspy manly voices. Brian Adams, Sting, Bono, to name a few. Not to knock her ability, Mia’s style simply isn’t my personal preference. I do, however, love Jackie Evancko’s angelic voice, and I think Lizzie Pattinson had a beautiful voice in Twilight. She would’ve been good too. But, it all goes back to why they chose Mia. Song placement in the film.

  • cm

    EvancHo! Sorry, I meant to change it back and forgot.

  • MeadowLupine

    Oh I like Marcus Foster, and many raspy-voiced singers, I just don’t think Rob has the skills they do. I’d actually love to see Rob work with a vocal coach to improve his voice, because I think he has potential… He definitely has the passion for it, just not the breath or pitch control, at least to my ear (I’m a vocal coach, btw).

    But yeah, I appreciate lots of different singing styles, and love the diversity on this album. If Rob is in the Part 2 soundtrack, I just hope he works with someone to get the vocals a little more supported, etc…


    Die van mij begint om 15.00u… Weet je zeker dat je goed hebt gekeken? Want ik neem aan dat het van Pathe is? :)

  • TeamEC1918

    I’m absolutely loving this soundtrack “Llovera” by Mia Maestro is beautiful. I speak fluent Spanish but her singing is do soft I can’t make out the words so much. Can’t wait to get my copy! It’s a mixture of everything. I think it may be my favorite twi soundtrack

  • Billythekid

    I’m really fed up with Germany’s shitty GEMA-policy. Everything I want to listen or watch – I’m not allowed because of those greedy money grubbing gangsters.
    BUUUUUUUUUH. I want to listen toooo!

  • Gloria

    Carter Burwell Love, Death, Birth brings the saga back to where it belongs. That song is so beautiful. Love Will Take You, Flightless Bird Wedding Version also beautiful. I can just picture Bella and Edward dancing to it and looking into each other eyes. The whole soundtrack is good.

  • TeamEC1918

    Only works on computer or laptop

  • TeamEC1918

    “Love, Death, birth” it’s great the beginning sounds like beginning of twilight when Edward is chasing the Elk

  • Krista

    My favorites are: Cider Sky- Northern Lights, Christina Perri- A Thousand Years, Sleeping At Last- Turning Page

  • AF

    Love it, Love it, Love it!  Where’s Muse though?

  • Laura Scully

    I was listening to the songs last night and never exited the page so I can still listen!

  • newborneyes

    Thankyou for posting this I trassported completly I felt in the movies can wait!

  • newborneyes

    I could not come here earlier and was able to listenjust the songs remaining here but I love them I have always love twilight soundtracks and this onessounds more than good I only regret muse is not in this one I was used to hear them in every twilight soundtrack but I will love it I´m sure!


    Oooooh that would be awesome!

    I don’t watch the promo’s all the time though. I don’t want it to get old ;)

  • MeadowLupine

    Same here. Not going to close the page for as long as I can. I did get some rough captures of the songs, but they’re higher quality straight from the site. Still going to buy it, but it’s cool some of us can just keep right on listening!

  • MeadowLupine

    Oh my gosh, TeamEC, can you at least give us an *approximate* translation? That would be SO cool…


    Yeah I know that I shouldn’t but I just can’t help it hahaa !

  • Laura

    i cna wait until breaking dawn  finally comes ou!!!! Im relly excited it abou  it!!!
    it going to be one of the  GREATEST movies of the year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love all the books but breaking dawn was absolutely me favorite one out of all four of the!!!!!!!! :) :) :) (: (: (:


    Well i think, in my opinion, the only resons they had to cut a little bit on the sex scenes is so little kids can see the movie to, but i dont know.
    and either way this books aren’t suppose to be for little kids, its only suppose to be for teenagers and older.


    Well, in the US, they wouldn’t be allowed to watch it if they are under 17, so they would be neglecting quite a lot of their fans :)


    omg i so needed to see that can’t wait 17 more days I wont read breaking dawn until afer I see part one so I don’t anticipate too much and ruin the movie

  • TeamEC1918

    You probably have this by now…..

    Llovera ( English translation)
    It will rain minuscule drops

    It will rain

    From my mouth the sea will come out

    No, no Romeo, no don’t let me see that your departure was conceived yesterday

    It will rain volumes of water
    Plain water

    It will rain from my eyes

    No, no Romeo, no don’t let me see that your death was conceived yesterday

    (it will rain) frogs in the wind

  • rümeysa

    edward cullensiz hayatta yapamam yanımda olmasa bile benim için 1 tane fotoğrafı <3<3<3<3<3<3EDWARD CULLEN<3<3<3<3<3<3

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