• TIDRP – LovesRobX50

    Oh man…this chapter destroyed me! I couldn’t put the book down at this point!!

  • Chicago Mary

    Such an intense chapter. I liked how Garrett suffers Kate’s shocks in order to restrain her. I hope the movie does this chapter justice.

  • Lux

    This chapter was really intense.

    It was too sad to read how Irina was eliminated in front of her entire family. And more heartrending was read the understandable reaction of her sisters. But in a way it was comforting to know that in the end she was able to repair that loyalty to the Cullens, whom she considered her extended family.

    Not mention the Garrett’s speech, something that I look forward to see in the movie. With his particular way of saying the things, made clear the real reasons had brought to the Volturis to stand in the way they did there; as Irina had remarked before she was killed. Obtaining with his act reduce in number the Volturis, though it didn’t make them desist from their purpose: simply, to kill and to acquire, and get, well, more power in the process – or not diminish their own power by the Cullens.

    And finally, this heartbreaking goodbye. Always read about Renesmee crying grieves me so much, especially do it in these circumstances. But within all the “hopelessness” and sadness of the moment, I liked reading Garrett’s promise to Kate to go with her if they survived, that is in this chapter as well.

    Well, only two more chapters remaining! I agree that two hours aren’t enough to collect all that this second part of the book has to show. And then we’ll be all crying, but I’m not sure for which of both “goodbye” more.

    Kisses from Argentina.

  • DJ

    I know it’s only a guess, but in released trailers, for this fight I am sure I have glimpsed footage of Garret with his arms around Kate. They were stood in the snow so I am assuming it is this fight.

    As I read this intense chapter – and I couldn’t read it quick enough to see what happened – I felt a mixture of terror alongside amazement and curiosity at Bella’s shield. The goodbyes tugged at my heartstrings in the book and I expect this will manifest as tears in the cinema. I hope this chapter is given enough time in the film.

    I can’t wait to see how Bella’s shield is brought to life for us to see.

  • mirandathevampgirl

    This message is for ms jaypat.
    Dear jaypat if u r reading I just would like to share that I believe what really would be an incredible momentum while most of us are still waiting for breaking dawn part 2 you should put up a post to have all of us express what twilight has meant for us. What do you think?

  • ifonly2011

    Yeah and how it’s broken so enabling the fight to happen! Keep thinking they might not emphasis it much in the film…..but they have to right??!!!

  • ifonly2011

    Wow what a chapter! Love the imagery I get from SM’s description of Bella’s shield and how it hugs Carlise. Keep wondering if they’re going to include Bella’s gift that much in the film??!! I remember picturing the scene in my head on first reading of the two sides opposite each other and what a spectacular sight that would have been and from the clips I’ve seen it looks that way on screen too. And then the end where the Cullens finally understand that the future looks bleak. Can you imagine how you’d feel standing there anticipating a fight and then finding out thro’ Bella that winning was not an option?! I think Edward handles it really well considering! Anyway only 6 more days to see the final part to the book played out on the big screen and I for one cannot wait :) )))) Oh and I keep seeing interviews where Kristen says that even she is shocked everytime she sees the end! Yikes…6 days seems too long!!

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/laramasen Mary Masen

    That was intense! I’m gonna be crying like a baby watching this on Wednesday! 2 days left!

    *I kinda don’t want that day to come though. Suddenly I feel like I’m not ready to watch it yet. I think it’s because I can’t stand the thought of never seeing another Twilight movie ever again. :’(

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