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Let’s Re-Read Breaking Dawn Together! Chapter 34

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Welcome to the’s Community Re-read!

While we impatiently wait for Breaking Dawn part 2 to be released, we continue with our highly-popular Community Re-Read!

Every Tuesday & Friday, I’ll post a breakdown for each chapter in the book, counting down the days until the official release of the film on November 16th. Let’s get started, dig out your copy of Breaking Dawn, read the chapters together with us, and discuss anything you may find of interest that you might have missed the first or twentieth time around. Let’s continue our journey into FOREVER. 5 CHAPTERS TO GO!

Chapter 34:Declared

“So we fight, Stefan said. We fight, Vladimir agreed. We will fight, too, Tia said. We stand with Carlisle, Tanya said. And we fight with him. The packs will fight with the Cullens, Jacob said suddenly. We’re not afraid of vampires, he added with a smirk.”

This is a short chapter but has a lot of interesting events. Let’s recap!

Pg. 649-654 Bella recaps all of the events that took place over the last few days. Christmas has passed. Edward, Bella, Jacob, and Renesmee spent the holiday with Charlie and Sue along with the entire wolf pack

Pg. 655-656 Now the drama. After visiting Charlie, our little family arrives back at the Cullen manor only to find out that the sulky Alistair has fled, without so much as a goodbye note. Also they stumble upon what sounds like an argument.   Inside the front room, the main confrontation was physically apparent. Lining the walls was a ring of spectators, every vampire who had joined us, except for Alistair and the three involved in the quarrel. “Amun, if you want to go, no one is forcing you to stay.” “You’re stealing half my coven, Carlisle!” Amun shrieked, stabbing one finger at Benjamin. “Is this why you called me here? To steal from me?” Carlisle sighed, and  Benjamin rolled his eyes. “Yes, Carlisle picked a fight with the Volturi, endangered his whole family, just to lure me here to my death,” Benjamin said sarcastically.” Be reasonable, Amun. I’m committed to do the right thing here-I’m not joining any other coven. You can do whatever you want, of course, as Carlisle has pointed out.” “This won’t end well,” Amun growled. “Alistair was the only sane one here. We all should be running. We’re all going to be slaughtered!” “It’s not going to come to a fight,” Carlisle said in a firm voice. “You say!” “If it does, you can always switch sides, Amun. I’m sure the Volturi will appreciate your help.” “Perhaps that is the answer.”  Sidebar-who’s tired of this Amun already? *raises hand* I mean seriously whats with all these dramatic vampires?  Carlisle’s answer was soft and sincere. “I wouldn’t hold that against you, Amun. We have been friends for a long time, but I would never ask you to die for me.” “I’ll stay, Carlisle, but it might be to your detriment. I will join them if that’s the road to survival. You’re all fools to think that you can defy the Volturi. I will witness that the child has grown. That’s nothing but the truth. Anyone would see that.”

Pg. 661-664 This chapter ends with theories, theories, and Bella having a mini breakdown. While hunting Bella begins to put some things into perspective. I thought about Demetri while I hunted, paying little attention to my prey or the drifting snowflakes that had finally appeared but were melting before they touched the rocky soil. Would Demetri realize that he couldn’t track me? And then I had a thought that brought me up short. I stared blankly at my bloody hands. Edward saw my reaction and hurried to my side, leaving his own kill undrained. “What’s wrong?” “Renesmee,”  I choked. “She’s just through those trees,” he reassured me. ”I can hear both her thoughts and Jacob’s. She’s fine.” “That’s not what I meant. I was thinking about my shield-you really think it’s worth somthing, that it will help somehow. I know the others are hoping that I’ll be able to shield Zafrina and Benjamin, even if I can only keep it up for a few seconds at a time. What if that’s a mistake? What if your trust in me is the reason that we fail?”  My voice was edging toward hysteria, though I had enough control to keep it low. I didn’t want to upset Renesmee. “Bella, what brought this on? Of course, it’s wonderful that you can protect yourself, but you’re not responsible for saving anyone. Don’t distress yourself needlessly.” “But what if I can’t protect anything. This thing I do, it faulty, it’s erratic! There’s no rhyme or reason to it.” “Shh. Don’t panic. And don’t worry about Alec. What he does is no different than what Jane or Zafrina does. It’s just an illusion he can’t get inside your head anymore than I can.” ”But Renesmee does! It seemed so natural, I never questioned it before. It’s always been just part of who she is. But she puts her thoughts right into my head just like she does with everyone else. My shield has holes, Edward!” “I have two theories, one more likely than the other.” “Give me the least likely first.” “Well, she’s your daughter. Genetically half you. I used to tease you about how your mind was on a different frequency than the rest of ours. Perhaps she runs on the same.” This didn’t work for me. “But you hear her mind just fine. Everyone hears her mind.” “I’ve considered that. Which is why I think this next theory is much more likely. Do you remember what Carlisle said to me about her, right after she showed you that first memory?” Of course I remembered, “He said, it’s an interesting twist. Like she’s doing the exact opposite of what you can.” “Yes. And so I wondered. Maybe she took your talent and flipped it, too.”  I considered that. “You keep everyone out,” he began. “And no one keeps her out? “That’s my theory,”  he said, “And if she can get into your head, I doubt there’s a shield on the planet who could keep her at bay. From what we’ve seen, no one can doubt the truth of her thoughts once they’ve allowed her to show them. And to think no one can keep her from showing them, if she gets close enough. If Aro allows her to explain…” “But is the truth enough to stop him?”  I murmured. for that, Edward had no answer.
*Sooo vampire drama eh? I’m not too shocked Carlisle’s BFF Alistair flew the coop, he wasn’t too keen on being there anyway. And that Amun, is a real drama queen isn’t he? Carlisle needs to be a better judge of character when picking his so-called friends, lol.  I loved Christmas at Charlie’s, it was a wonderful gathering. And finally  Bella makes some very valid points here. I feel there are too many ‘what ifs’ for my liking. At this point it’s all luck…and what Aro decides to do. :(

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  • jite4vanquish

    Chapter 34: Declared
    First things, first! How are you Mrs. EC? I hope you and your family are safe from the wrath of hurricane Sandy! I was surprised we have a posting today, because I was afraid you might not have electricity like a million others. I have not heard from my nephew yet. He lives on West 43rd St. NY. I hope and pray that everyone on the East Coast is safe, stays safe, and stays warm and dry somehow without power. I will post my notes about the chapter later, after supper tonight.

  • EdwardsNana

    Yes Mrs.C, I would like to drop kick Amun.
    Now, how are you Mrs.C, I know you were in the middle of the storm. Glad you are ok.
    I really have nothing to comment on, because I am still num from the videos’ of the cottage and the MTV “Green Day” I can’t even type. Hugs!!

  • newborneyes

    I finnaly made it to the re- read at least I will finish with you I´ve been reading but never get to the chapter you where up until now

  • newborneyes

    Hope you and your family is ok mrs.EC

  • newborneyes

    Hi EN I´m happy to re- read with you again

  • Lux

    First of all, from I’m, I sympathize with those affected by the hurricane.

    Now, referring to chapter, was very interesting. A loved Benjamin here, how he spoke to Amun; who resulted to be a very unbearable vampire. Alistar’s departure was somewhat expected, but his action brought a tension atmosphere for those who stayed. I remember something that caught my attention was Shioban’s talent, what she did to calm the situation towards a more “peaceful” by request of Carlisle.

    And finally, Edward’s theories were great and accurate. Both sounded like logical explanations.

    Kisses from Argentina.

  • EdwardsNana

    OMG! newborneyes. I have missed U.

  • jite4vanquish

    Okay, I’m back. We had trick or treat last night and then supper, then I went to bed, I was so tired. The beginning of this chapter is going to kill me in the movie…seeing Bella return home and hearing Edward playing the piano. It’s kind of ironic that we are reading this chapter the same time the Green Day music video comes out showing Edward playing the piano again. One of my all time favorite scenes in all of the movies is when Edward is playing Bella’s Lullaby. So I am sure this scene will be equally important to me. And the video also displays the locket that Bella buys for Renesmee and the French words that mean “more than my own life”. I am going to die here. I remember when i first read this book and how much I cried when I read that line. I was crying so hard I could not read anymore. And when Bella thinks to herself that if Edward is going to leave this world then she would be right behind him…the tears came again like a faucet. In the part where they celebrat Christmas at Charlie’s house, Bella seemed so sad because of her thoughts of the inevitable, but I always wondered if Charlie sensed it. And again, when Bella thinks about the things she wants her dad to know about her after she is gone, the faucet of tears begin again. I am such a sap. Thank goodness for the disruption of Alistair leaving and the arguments of the remaining vamps so I can stop crying for awhile. I am looking forward to see Benjamin and how his character stands up to Amun. I wonder if Carlisle stays calm like the book or if he gets angry at all. I would be like…this is my house and I don’t give a damn if you stay or not. Just get the hell out then and stay out! And then all of the vamps begin to declare their intentions. I felt like I should stand up and cheer like when the coach tells his football players to rally together and as a team we will win! I have hope again! Then Bella comes to a sudden conclusion about her powers…she doubts her abilities because Renesmee can give her pictures to her in her mind. Did nay of you even think about that when Bella first saw Renesmee? I didn’t. That slipped right by me when I first read this book. So I had to go back and re-read that part so I could figure out how I missed that subtle conversation between Edward and Carlisle. I usually pride myself in figuring things out but I missed that clue completely. I do like Edward’s second explanation….it makes the most sense. Can’t wait for the movie!!!

  • jite4vanquish

    Hi newborneyes! Glad you caught up. We are getting close to the action!

  • newborneyes

    I have miss you too

  • newborneyes

    I know I love to get to the action but not feel the same about the end (sobs)

  • EdwardsNana

    Hi newborneyes!!!! Im in LA. for the Breaking Dawn 2 premier. “Parting is such sweet sorrow”

  • newborneyes

    enjoy and let me know everything so I can live it through you as if I where there too

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