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Kristen Stewart’s Top 5 Moments from the Saga

Kristen Stewart spoke with Entertainment Weekly about her Top 5 moments from the Twilight franchise.

Awesome interview!! :D

I’m sure her favourite scenes to film are the same scenes we loved to watch!

[Source: EW via KStewartFans]

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  • Lill

    Awww my sappy heart can’t take it . I love that all her favorite scenes were with Robert.
    I wish I can go back to 2008 when The Twilight Saga began .

  • Ali

    this is so sweet… love her top 4. ;)

  • twilight_girl

    agreed. I loved that scene too with the truck where Rob jumps onto it. Too funny. The wedding; I think I’m going to start tearing up again.

  • Barbara Stefania

    i loved the last twilight scene and the truck scene im glad they have all these moments to look back to.:)

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    The prom, wedding and the ending meadow scene never fail to make me tear up and you can tell Kristen with her fav’s she truly loved Twilight. It was sweet that Kristen included a moment with Taylor to.

  • EdwardsNana

    Kristen’s remembered moments are every girls dream, and she shared it with Robert Pattinson.

    My favorite memory will always be that dance at the prom in “Twilight.” I think it is also Rob’s. I loved how her feet were on his when they danced, and in Rob’s typical humor, he said his large toe will never be the same.
    Their addition of him lifting her over the step as they enter the prom is priceless.

  • EdwardsNana

    Hi TEB4E! I too love the meadow scene. “Twilight saga” will always be my “Happy Place”

  • 5ctBauble

    The prom, the wedding, and every meadow scene!! My all times faves!

  • Mary Masen

    Aww, makes me want to hug her and all my twi-friends! :’)
    Group hug? :D
    Kristen you know you are welcome to join us, huh? ;)

  • DangerMagnet

    That Truck scene always make me smile. It’s like Kristen says. It’s all so serious, and there Edward showed another side for a sec.

  • Amber Eyes

    One of my all time favorite scenes is in Twilight, when Edward takes her from his room and up into the pine trees. Her lullaby is playing, and it is just so romantic. The scenery, the new love blooming *heavy sigh*. It gets to me every time I watch it.

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    Hi Nana, good to see you here. It will always be my happy place to.

  • ryder

    I think that is still one of my top five moments too; from the entrance of his bedroom to the top of the trees. The anxious way he looks at her when he say’s, “this is my room” and the way he says, “I can always make you,” when she says she “can’t dance”. And, don’t forget how he says, “you better hold on tight, Spidermonkey,” with that sexy glint in his eyes, and how she giggles in excitement as he shoots up the tree with her on his back, gets me everytime. In the books Edward loved running places with Bella on his back. I’m glad they played that up in the first film, and on the honeymoon when he leaps off the waterfall with her. Hearing Bella’s Lullaby still gives me chills everytime I hear it.

  • ryder

    My favorite scene of all scenes, is “Hello, I’m Edward Cullen,” in the biology class. You can feel the gut-wrenching nervousness of Bella and the controlled intensity of Edward in that scene. I get goosebumps every single time I see it!!
    My favorite still shot, is the one posted on this site a few days ago; where Bella and Edward are going home, alone, to their precious little story book cottage for another night of enviable passion. It could be tonight, tomorrow night, or a thousand years from now. Beautiful Bella and Edward together, forever. . .

  • Amber Eyes

    Oh I know. When he puts his arm around her waist and says “I can always make you”, it’s like okay take me. I would be putty in his hands just staring at his eyes. Typical school girl crush that man induces in me. Love it.

  • ryder

    Mmmmhmmm. . . It’s a feeling that no woman ever wants to outgrow, that’s for darn sure!!

  • D. Martin

    I like your posts! The way you write it takes you there — makes you “re-live” it. In the book the first time he ran with her on his back she got sick. That is one scene I wish we could have seen in the movie. Him telling her to put her head down would have been funny to see.

  • ryder

    Oh, thank you, D, what a nice compliment. I agree, that would’ve been a great scene in the movie. And, I really missed seeing the scene where Edward carries Bella to the nurse’s station in the Twilight book after she smells the blood. That missing scene, and the change at the end where Victoria is at the prom were my only two complaints about that movie. Alice would’ve “seen her coming”, therefore, it still irritates me a great deal. I still say Victoria should’ve been rubbing her face in James’ ashes as the final, after the credits scene. But, alas, I didn’t write the screenplay.

  • D. Martin

    You should have! That would’ve been a better lead in to the next movie than her at the prom.

  • ryder


  • cmb897_TeamTwilightCast

    I completely agree with her on each favorite!!!

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    Yeah, they waited to have Victoria rubbing James’ ashes on her face in NM instead.

  • Taylor_is_a_sexy_BEAST

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  • mirandathevampgirl

    That was a really profound article. I really appreciate you sharing this. Although what did you think of it, when you read it. What are your thoughts?

  • marabenefici23forever

    One of my favs was the restaurant scene. When he looks up at her after she says to stop trying to stay away. And… their first kiss.

  • twigrandma

    As for Victoria being at the prom, I agree, Alice would’ve seen her coming, and Edward would have picked up her vampire scent or heard her thoughts, as they were in the same room.

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