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Kristen Stewart Talks With MTV News About The New Cut Of ‘On The Road’ at TIFF

23 Comments September 9, 2012 by Filed Under: Kristen Stewart, On The Road

Kristen Stewart spoke with MTV News Josh Horowitz at TIFF for On The Road.

“TIFF? ‘How’s your TIFF going,’ that’s what you said,” she teased. “But it’s good, it’s good. Last time I was here for ‘Into the Wild,’ and I don’t think I’ve been back since, so it’s fun.”

“I love both of them so much,” she gushed. And as for how the two versions differ: “One’s longer, I think,” she mused. “Maybe they can have this cool thing where they release a director’s cut or something.” (Though she also admitted that such a thing was unlikely, since the film that premiered in Toronto is the one approved by director Walter Salles.)

“It’s so true to the novel, not that it wasn’t before,” said Kristen. “It’s just that now it’s –” she snapped her fingers, to emphasize how tightly and closely the new cut of “On the Road” adheres to the source material. And for ardent fans of the novel, she assured us, this version of the film would be extremely satisfying.

“Anyone who’s a die-hard, anyone who’s a real Kerouac fan, is going to appreciate it, hopefully,” she said, before laughing at the sweeping declaration she’d just made. “Let me just make that grand statement right there!”

[source: MTV via kstewartfans]

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  • BellaBellsWithConverse♥Edward

    Did my baby get a tan? Aw. I love Josh. He always manages to make the cast comfortable in the interviews :)

  • Lill

    Josh is so awesome I love when he interviews Kristen and Robert .
    It says a lot that Kristen trusts josh if he interviewed her by herself without Garrett .

  • Lyss

    Josh is amazing. You can tell both Rob and Kristen trust him and are really comfortable with him. He is also super respectful and just has a very endearing personality. Love Josh<333

  • Ale

    Am I seeing it just because I’m expecting to see it, or does she look a bit different? Has she lost weight?

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    I think she has lost a little bit of wieight.

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    Josh is such a great guy, love him. I saw that Kristen is back in LA.

  • Lill

    Wait she is back?
    I thought she might go to NYC because of NYFW.
    Like some people in this fandom did CSI work and on her plane ticket it said To-NYC.

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    I just read the headline she was at the airport heading back to LA. It could be wrong, she may go to NY, guess we’ll see soon enough.

  • Alisea

    She looks so pretty! I like her very much. Such a sweet and shy girl!

  • D. Martin

    Question: This gold ring she wears…is it from Rob? Some say yes, some say no. I saw this and got misty:

  • vanquish13

    Josh is the best interviewer, following him I like Ben Lyons interviews from Extra. They both know not to cross boundaries.

  • Lill

    Yes !!!!!!
    I’m crying , that is sooo sweet .

  • Lill

    I love Ben , did you ever see the video of him defending Kristen on how she handles premiers and interviews. Just adorable I loved it .

  • D. Martin

    So it is from Rob? That’s confirmed? Some say yes, some say no.

  • Lill

    Yes it is from Rob also her necklace .

  • D. Martin

    How do we know this? Just curious. Some say her necklace is from the Director of OTR and that Kirsten Dunst has one too.

  • Lill

    I think she said it before in a interview.
    I just know everyone in the fandom knows about it .

  • nostalking

    Josh is the only person out there that can truly be trusted by the celebrities. It’s wonderful that they can be casual with him and you can feel he sense of comfort. They have a long history and Josh has never abused the actors or the fans. Thanks Josh for helping her feel more comfortable.

  • Lill

    Okay Kirsten and Kristen both have the same necklace but Kirsten has been wearing hers for years before OTR.
    Kristen said in a interview that she got the necklace on her birthday and she found it just when she woke up hence Robert.

  • vanquish13

    Yeap I saw that. Too cute! Both of these guys are just so damn adorkable. The we have grown with have they.

  • vanquish13

    Hey Lill, apparently Kristen’s dad is battling with lung cancer. Hence why so suddenly both Rob and Kristen gave up smoking..and I guess it sort of connects to Rob’s Standup2Cancer. All the best to John Stewart.
    Next: Kristen and Jennifer did hang out. See below for some sources.
    From Showbizz411

    Kids, I was there for the summit on Saturday night at Soho House in
    Toronto, where everything has been happening after the movies are finished
    screening. There on the third floor, in a quiet corner I sat with Jennifer
    Lawrence, star of “The Hunger Games,” and Kristen Stewart, of “Twilight” fame.
    And no I didn’t ask Kristen about her famous affair and break up. It’s no
    appropriate conversation. We discussed Jack Kerouac because she’s still
    promoting “On the Road.” and her great turn in “The Runaways” as Joan Jett.
    think Stewart dug the fact that I didn’t recognize her at first in the dimly lit
    room because she was wearing those big chunky eyeglasses all the kids sport now
    even if they have perfect vision.
    Lawrence had just come from the premiere of
    “Silver Linings Playbook,” the grand slam homerun of a film that should propel
    her (and everyone else involved) right into the Oscar inner circle this
    These are young, young women (22) with the world at their feet.
    Stewart told me she didn’t know what her next project was going to be.
    Lawrence told us she starts shooting the second “Hunger Games” movie on

    This Tuesday?” Stewart screamed. “Have you

    said Lawrence, “we’re all done and ready to

    The two young ladies had not met in person before, but on the
    internet. “The internet brought us together,” said Lawrence. “There
    was a fake story in one of the tabloids about a feud or something. We didn’t
    even know each other so we started talking by email.”
    From People

    Kristen Stewart and Jennifer Lawrence hung out during the Toronto
    Film Festival on Saturday, where the actresses were at the Hotel
    Intercontinental promoting On the Road and Silver Linings Playbook,

    “After being introduced, Kristen and Jennifer were soon
    chatting like old pals,” a source tells PEOPLE.

    “They were so
    excited to meet each other,” the source says. The duo was joined by Bradley
    Cooper, Lawrence’s costar in Silver Linings Playbook.

    Lawrence even
    invited Stewart to a party for Silver Linings Playbook at the Soho House later
    that evening.

  • Lill

    Woah, If that story about John Stewart is true I feel so much sympathy towards him and wish that he recovers . It must be hard for Kristen and her brothers .
    I LOVE that story about Kristen and Jeniffer I really hope that they become good friends . It would be so cool if they both go to each others premiers to support each other .

  • Lill

    Vanquish13 , have you heard that rob and Kristen are still possibly together .
    It’s been going around twitter that Lainey heard that they are together .
    Lord all of the haters had a tantrum oh it was such a glory day today I just grabbed my popcorn and enjoyed all the haters crying their hearts out.

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