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Kristen Stewart Says The Ending of ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2′ Will “Throw You For a Loop”

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MTV News’ Josh Horowitz talked to Kristen Stewart at TIFF and she talked about the end of Breaking Dawn Part 2.

“It’s so good,” Stewart said when asked for her thoughts on seeing a finished cut. “It’s good, it’s really weird. I think everyone expects that but I’m really proud of Bill [Condon] and I’m really happy with how it closes [the franchise]. It’s a lot to take.”

Speaking to the film’s ending, we then asked Stewart if she feels that it is a proper send-off to the franchise and its beloved characters, no matter how certain aspects of that storyline may or may not have been tweaked.

“Yes, I think so,” she said. “I hope not everyone knows exactly how that goes down. I think maybe they do, but even if you do know what happens, the end throws you for a loop, even if you’re expecting it.”

Check out the rest of Kristen’s interviews with Josh at MTV!

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Not sure why the video has been removed but you can see go to the MTV to view it. Sorry.

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  • Amber Eyes

    I can’t even imagine what they could have done. My daughter is not too happy about this. She has long said she hopes they don’t mess with the ending. She loves what Bella says to Edward, it is one of her favorite quotes from any book. I don’t know, why mess with perfection?

  • Den U.

    The entire finale of Breaking Dawn (book) was hardly “perfection” but nearly ruined the entire series in my opinion. I have never seen such an unfinished, unsatisfying, anti-climactic ending for a en epic saga in my entire life. I love the saga and I really like Breaking Dawn for the most part and it had so much potential to be the best book in the series by far but the finale ruined that chance completely.

    So I prayed so hard that they would seriously rewrite the entire finale for the film and turn it into the finale that this saga deserves and should have had from the beginning. Because in the book it was quite the opposite of perfect, it was a gigantic letdown.

    And since that would NEVER work in a serious epic fantasy film like Breaking Dawn Part 2 is meant to be they just really need to change it. Also I LOVE that they changed things or added things in the film. Honestly if I want a 1:1 copy of the book I read the novels. I dont need to see a film for that. The films are NOT the books. Nor do they want to be. They are their own version of the same story based on the books but they are not simple copies of the books. They added some really cool stuff (especially visually and action wise) that wasnt in the books and helped to make them greater films. This isnt about wether its better or worse than the books, its about creating an own version of it. the version that will make the best possible film. And for that changes are required. And the writer understands that. The director understands that. The cast understands it. And Stephenie Meyer herself understands it. If she wouldnt agree on this then these changes wouldnt have happened. Especially not on Breaking Dawn which she is producing. But Stephenie (unlike some fans who enslave themselves to the book) very much understands and even supports those changes to make the best possible, epic and spectacular movie. Because she knows the movie aint the book.

    Also if they would just follow the books step by step it would be boring because then we would already know every single thing that happens. Again for that I can just read the book and dont need a movie. The movies are a chance to do something different and original with certain scenes, to do something different and more epic and spectacular. As long as it captures the storyline and essence of the book all should be fair.

    Personally I love the films especially for the stuff thats not in the book. Because its new and different and something fresh. Something on its own that makes these movies a story in their own right not just a rehash of the books.

    Kristens comments seem to imply that not only do we FINALLY get the balls to the walls big battle that I always wanted for the BD finale but that also the very ending was changed up enough to even surprise those who know the book in and out. And isnt that so much more fun -to not really know what happens in the end- and more intense and thrilling than to know exactly how its gonna go and end up? I absolutely love this decision, its gonna make this movie a truly unique version of Breaking Dawn that has the potential to become such a much much better finale then in the book. of course the book purists cling so much to the book (so much that they even call this disappointing anti-climax finale “perfection” sry but you cant be serious) that they cant accept a unique, different version of its own. Which I find sad. The movies are meant to be a very own version of this story and thats how its been approached from day one. I mean look at how much the first movie was changed from the book. So stop clinging to the book, be open for this unique new take on Breaking Dawn and just enjoy this alternate version of it. You can always go back to the book afterwards if you want. Nobody´ll take that from you. But you need to learn to view the book and the movie as two different universes.

    I love the decisions that the writers,producers and Stephenie have made for the film. It makes it more epic, more amazing and most of all more thrilling and surprising. And judging from what they said at SDCC the ending is gonna be really really emotional. So I wouldnt worry too much that its gonna be less emotional than in the book. My guess would be its way more emotional.

  • Mary Masen

    It’s been mentioned that there’s a big flashback scene in BD2, so I really hope it was referring to Edward & Bella’s relationship evolution. Maybe instead of letting her shield down in the cottage, she lets Edward read her mind in the meadow (bc in the picture her eyes look gold, so it must be after the confrontation) and
    (in my imagination), as they kiss, Jake and Renesmee come running and take them to go play baseball with the rest of the Cullens, only this time Bella plays too. Ok, maybe the last one is far from happening, but I just came up with it and I like the idea. :)

  • Lill

    Love this interview thank GOD she isn’t smoking again . Also I remember Kellan Lutz say that the credits won’t be forgettable so probably that’s what they added.
    Okay , I think we all know what Lainey stated yesterday and I’m going to believer her.
    Some of you might say ‘Lill you stupid bitch you don’t know what your talking about “.
    Well I don’t , but Lainey sure does her information has always been credible .
    She knew about the divorce of Amy Poehlar and her husband before they filed and don’t you remember she is the one that gave us the deets on how BD2 will end .From the look of the trailers she is right .
    Say what you want but I do believe that Rob and his camp are trying to protect Kristen from all HIS crazy fans .

  • Ali

    I loved the entire saga, but seriously, changing a little bit the end of breaking dawn wouldnt bother me at all! the last part was not good at all! I expected a battle or something and nothing happened! Everything was on Bellas mind, and in the book was okay, but wathing it on a movie would be very boring!! so ,As long as they dont make a dramatic change ,like killing any Cullen or member of the pack, I will be happy!!

  • SIlence’s Voice

    I like it too, it would looks sooo nice!! Showing a united family, at last complete!! ^-^

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    Well we do know theres a battle, we just have to wait and see which way they went with it, real or a vision.

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    I don’t mind if they change the end with Bella and Edward in the meadow, when she lowers her shield so Edward can finally read her thoughts and her memories of their life together. That would be perfect way to end it. It started with Edward and Bella and it should end that way.

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    I don’t have a problem with small changes and additions as long it doesn’t change from the book drastically. The books are what the fans fell in love with, and thats what at least I want to see. If the movie was totally different from the book they would be making something other than BD.

  • Den U.

    No way is the battle just a vision. They wouldnt put so much emphasis on it in the trailer if it was. Also Rob said at SDCC that “there is a huge battle which wasnt in the book either”. Also if that battle would just be in a vision many moviegoers would be mightily disappointed. In some way that would be even worse than not having the battle. No I am absolutely 100 % positive that this battle is definitely happening for real. Michael Sheen also said that the finale of the film is definitely not as anti-climactic as in the book and ILM said that the final confrontation had to be shot entirely in front of green screen because there are so many visual effects in that scene (vampire powers, wolves etc.)

  • Den U.

    I read an article of an insider source a long time ago who claimed certain things about BD and so far they have all come true. he said that the vampire-sex scenes will really be very hot and wild (Probably needs some cuts for the PG-13 again) and that the end will have a major battle where there will be losses among vampires and wolves.

    Personally I would love that. A big final battle always should come with emotional losses. Its what makes the victory all the more significant. Its boring if everyone just survives. IN Star Wars Vader/Anakin had to sacrifice himself to save his son, in Harry Potter Lupin, Tonks and George died, not to mention Snape who sacrificed himself to protect Harry. In Lord of the Rings Theoden dies a very emotional death. A big final battle needs that. It makes it powerful,emotional and shows the price of freedom.

    Of course none of the truly major characters should get killed. Like the Trio or Renesmee or Alice. But I can definitely see some of the Wolf pack go down here like Jared or maybe even one of the Clearwater siblings or Sam himself (with Jacob becoming new leader of a united wolfpack afterwards). They could also take it to the extreme and kill off Charlie or Billy. Would give Bella and Jacob one hell of a revenge-drive during the final battle.

    And the Cullens…well it certainly would be extreme but also a hell of a surprise if one of them bites the dust. Maybe Rosalie and Emmett. She was always so unhappy about her existence and was always so against bella that it would be actually a great conclusion for her arc if she would die protecting Bella. And Emmett avenging her death before one of the big Volturi (Aro, maybe?) gets him. man, goosebumps already! Also remember that Stephenie said that if a battle were to happen a lot of people on both sides would die. She repeatedly said that in the past. So now that the battle is happening it would be no surprise if they stay true to that statement.

    I wouldnt rule it out. Get ready to go nuts^^ Because in this one all bets are off

  • ifonly2011

    At first I was annoyed that they’d completely changed the ending from what’s written in the book, but now and after numerous conversations about it I’ve come to realise that it’s probably the right decision. I was a little bit dissatisified with how SM finished the saga so you never know I might come out of the cinema thinking the movie ending was better!! Roll on Nov 16th!! :)

  • ifonly2011

    This is how it’ll end and we’ll all be in tears!! Can’t wait!

  • ifonly2011

    I agree that knowing for definite now that the ending will be different and more climatic intensifies the excitement for Nov 16th!! The addition of an actual battle will add to the movie (took me awhile but I finally agree after seeing the trailers) and as long as they keep in the scene where Bella lets down her shield (they have to don’t they!!!??) to Edward I’ll be happy :)

  • Nickyw82

    I would personally be deeply disappointed if they changed the ending.. I saw the epic fight scene in the trailer, and although it may look good on screen, it is NOT how Breaking Dawn was written. In my humble opinion they should have just stuck with the original story and the ending should be where Edward finally sees Bella’s thoughts.. I just think that if you make a movie based on a book you should stay 100% true to it and the fans. You could still make it cinematically beautiful, even though it is not overly action packed or dramatic. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what they have done…

  • Amber Eyes

    I agree. It could have been a beautiful homage to the past four films as he sees her thoughts for the first time. Aside from that, I can’t help feeling after reading that Stephenie Meyer said she “dreamed up” a new ending over lunch with the screen writer, that they are going to end this as it was all just a dream. Maybe going back to Bella being on the plane traveling to Forks from Arizona, falling asleep and having this fantastic dream in nervous anticipation what life will be like in Forks. I hope not. I’ve loved getting lost in the world of vampires and werewolves, and a love story such as Bella and Edward’s.

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    If you think aboutit, its not that different, they have to show a battle sequence, since it was in Alices vision whether real or not.

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    Either way as long as none of the vampires or wolves get killed it will be fine. I just remember what SM said that if had come to a real battle, some would die, and that would be a disappointment for the fans.

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    I hope so, if that isn’t in there. I think the fans will go nuts. So true, we”ll be crying our eyes out that night, and maybe after that to. Thats why you have to be with fellow Twi-hards, otherwise people will think whats wrong with you.

  • marabenefici23forever

    The ending is with their flashbacks and then a flash forward. They added Renesmee all grown up with Jacob and the family. There have been multiple clues from the actors themselves and others. I’m pretty sure I’m going home happy after this one. As for the “fight”; it’s possible if Bella were to block Chelsea, Jane and Alec’s abilities, then the others could kill those who stayed behind. Because most are there because of a false sense of loyalty. Vampire’s are inherently self preserving. If they see the Cullen’s and friends have the advantage they’ll most likely run, leaving behind only a few guard. The parts seen in the preview leave me questioning if some of it is an Alice vision. Particularly the part where Jasper and Alice are there fighting. If there was a fight aren’t they off getting the other Half Breed and then would show up later? Or perhaps they show up and then the fight ensues…. Hmmm… (and… I always thought Edward should have told Marcus that Aro had his wife killed…)

  • Nickyw82

    Oh no, I never thought of that! I really really hope they don’t end it that way! I was thinking more of an ending where we may see a bit into the future with Renesmee and Jacob.. maybe an open ending so if Stephanie ever writes about them again, the movies can continue?? I just don’t know, but I am truly worried. I want the movie to stay true to the book and I want it to end where Edward sees Bella’s thoughts! I’ll cross my fingers and toes!! xx

  • ifonly2011

    When reading for the first time I remember thinking that it was getting ready for a battle that never came…that there wasn’t enough pages left in the book to cover it! I don’t remember a battle scene from Alice’s vision at the mo! A good reason for the re-read :) )

  • ifonly2011

    I think the actual ending will be Edward being able to read Bella’s thoughts, and that this will come after the battle scene, when they know that Renesmee and Jacob are safe.

  • Abhi Maini

    Thanks for Keeping us Updated,
    I hope so, if that isn’t in there. I think the fans will go nuts. For More Pictures you can Visit

  • kerbear585

    i want the ending to be when edward reads her mind and then have her throw him down on the bed! lol

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