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Kristen Stewart on CONAN Show

Kristen Stewart was on CONAN show on TBS the other night. I love Conan O’Brien! Cracks me up! I have seen that kid freaking out about his mom canceling his cell phone (I think) on YouTube. ROTFL!

Sorry I forgot to post this earlier. I actually watched it that night and kept thinking I need to post that soon!

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  • WastedGirl

    LMAO! Great interview!

  • mj1981

    lol! The mom canceled his world of war craft account….a very addictive game

  • JayPat

    Oh that’s what it was!! I thought it was his cell phone or credit card. ROTFL!

  • Amber Eyes

    Bothers me that she seems to be having trouble landing an acting job. She seemed uncomfortable answering that question, and it’s because of that douche Rupert What’shisname. Why is SHE being blacklisted? And personally, I’m getting a little sick of seeing Ashley Greene on every cover out there. She’s no where near as talented, and I’m not liking the things I’ve read that she has said about Kristen either. I think she and Hollywood have forgotten who it was that carried these films to the success they have been, along with Rob of course.

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