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Kristen Stewart on Conan O’Brien: Full Interview!

Here’s the hilarious interview of Breaking Dawn star Kristen Stewart aka Bella Swan on Conan O’Brien last night!

This was hilarious!

You can also watch the full official video of the episode below.

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  • Chela madison

    hahaha cute

  • klayrahx7

    at 3:56 she does an english accent! its really good haha!!

  • Luzenski

    She was so incredibly amazing in Breaking Dawn. It doesn’t seem possible to have that kind of talent by age 21. How gorgeous does she look with that dark long hair? I’m loving her new look. Rob must be so proud of her. So looking forward to Snow White.

  • D. Martin

    That was funny when she said she liked his beard. 

  • VampireGuy

    I just want people to know that I was just on Barnes and Noble’s website, and they had the image and track list for the Breaking Dawn- Part 1 Score. It is so cool! If someone who works for this website could add an article on it, I’m sure it would be very interesting to many fans!

  • Mother-pink

    Im English and i live in London, near Notting hill area where Kristen is apparently living while shooting snow white,
    and her accent is actually preeety good.  but we don’t all sound like emma watson when we talk! not that fancy haha..  
    can’t wait to see her in snow white, talking proper british and all..

  • SureSure4RobSTEN!

    Will! Let’s make a separate post just to talk about Breaking Dawn – it was amaaaazing!

  • Woodz

    She is an amazing, great actress. Saw BD1 and love it. Waiting for BD2 will be agonizing.

  • Krisea1112

    Kristen look so stunning and I love the way she giggling!!!I’m so proud of her and she is amazing in breaking Dawn.

  • Anonymous

    She looks so tiny compared to Conan. And stunning as usual. Loved his whole beard thing with her. 

  • Twilightfan

    I love how she spaks! :)  

  • Denise

    I think conan is the funniest of them all! I mean comparing with other late night show presenters. I love kristen more since I saw bd part 1 because  she actes really good in that, she improved her acting a lot!  She was very good at looking like a dead in Breaking Dawn part 1 o.O I literally cried at that part.

  • Kittypurr

    he’s keeping the beard cause Kristen loves it.

  • DearJacob_I_Win_SincrlyEdwrd

    I agree! I want to gossip about the movie! They need to make a post for that! I’m gonna explode! I need to vent!

  • BreakingDawn

    Loved how she portrayed Bella on Breaking Dawn, she made me cry! Nicely done Kristen!

  • tpec1991 SaveaHORSE/RideaVAMP!

    LOL!! LOVE her english accent!!!!

  • NewComerTeamEdwardOfCourse

    Ohhhhh so that explains Rob’s beard :-D DDD Sorry had to say it!

  • HAPPY123

    i really love this novel.  i just watch the finale part 1 of breaking dawn here in this link:  it's really awesome. i don’t mind haters LOL .

  • rHiz_patzz – ♥ dirty Robowski

    i am so inlove with kstew right now! love her english accent! i can’t wait to see BD2!! 

  • Kez_MLIT..100%switz.stew.riley

    n’awhhhh you live in a lovely area :)
    Im living in east LDN atm although ive lived in south west most of my life :) no we don’t all sound like Emma watson HA, she is soo posh! although I have to say, rob is really posh as well, he went to a GOOD school!

  • Daisy Mercado

    Right? That’s exactly what I thought after her comment on it LOL

  • Sammy

    that is so awesome you live there i really want to go to London i live in Holland but my  husband went to London and he finds London awesome.

  • Pamela

    i love kristen, she is so cool and beautiful. Rob and her make a great couple.

  • Kez_MLIT..100%switz.stew.

    oh you should come for a holiday :)
    it is my most favourite place in the world, I love living here, can’t imagine living anywhere else. Where did your husband go on his trip? :)

  • Miracle_fairy

    My Son took me this past Sunday to see the Movie and i was (screamimg) DISAPPOINTED! that was pure TRASH in my eye’s whom ever put that TOGETHER! destroyed the ‘BOOK’, you had the middle towards the front part of ECLIPSE in here! where was it? was that the WEDDING!??? OMG! that was lame you had us wait ALL that damn time to screw us over like that? what a ‘PHUCKING JOKE’! just when i thought you all could do no worse? and then have it END LIKE THAT WITH HER???? Grrrrr. WOW, talk about killing a DREAM!!!! YOU DROPPED THE BALL ON THIS ONE! YOU MAY NOT THINK IT MUCH, BUT MY VOICE COUNTS FOR SOMETHING…………………………

  • MeadowLupine

    My goodness gracious. Miracle fairy, are you having a bad day? I’m sorry, I couldn’t really comprehend what you were talking about… What “middle towards the front” part are you referring to? And it sounds like you have an issue with the wedding–would you mind being more specific as to what that is? “End like that with her” isn’t quite ringing a bell either…  but I certainly get that you are pissed, that’s loud and clear. Too bad I can’t tell what about…

  • lilyjohns

    I just finished watching breaking dawn again haha.. i found it online.

  • Bbhghgjg

    breaking dawn rocks i dont understand it very much

  • Hsdjdj

    same here at the end

  • Anonymous

    well we all know who blame MR and SM she was the producer of  BD I know it was made wrong I knew in the begining that it was not working so many things wrong you must have read the book a dozen times I only read it once and I can spot some things that are wrong  I had a feeling about Eclipse and NM some IDIOT told me on here that oh Eclipse is close to the book can we say OH NO it was not niether was NM

  • lyssia gutierrez

    i think it was so good and i love so much. lol ahahahahahahahahahahahaha

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