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Kristen Stewart Live Interview Video and Pictures for Balenciaga Florabotanica

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Kristen Stewart was interviewed live on the internet today for Balenciaga Florabotanica today. Kristen answered fan questions submitted to Balenciaga.

She looked beautiful and one of her best interviews.

via Kstewartnews

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  • asja

    Well, I actually found interview rather disappointing. The interviewer couldn’t pick 15 good questions and make it last at least half an hour and Kristen was way too nervous and I’ve heard “I don’t know” too many times…I usually like her awkwardness, it makes her look different, humble, closer to us regular mortals rather then some stuck up celebrity…but this time, she barley answered any question. Still, she did look gorgeous as always.

  • ardnaskela

    yes and the lady who interviewed should have helped her and she seemed even more lost than Kristen, it was awkward on both sides… but I loved her blouse

  • Jay-Peeta-Pat

    I thought she looked more relaxed than most interviews I’ve seen of her. She smiled and laughed quite a bit.

    They could have asked more but they were probably along the same lines as the other questions. They weren’t going to ask her personal questions or about breaking dawn.

    I thought for the most part, it was a good interview. Short, but good. She clearly loves Balenciaga, Florabotanica and Nicolas Ghesquiére.

  • abby

    Kristen was lovely and I think she did the best she could with some pretty vague, strange questions. Anyone else notice how essentially the same question was asked over and over? I dare anyone to do a better job trying to restate the same stuff in a new a way. Kristen has grown up a lot and I think she did a great job.

  • Dia

    She skipped my question, when she said, “You answered partly to the question of Claudia.” Does that mean I don’t get a bottle. I am so unlucky!! So close!

  • asja

    There were 5000 questions, I went through at least 300 the other day when I was trying to find the question I asked when this whole thing started and I can tell you there were some good questions…I actually find the interviewer to be the one to blame…her job is to make her guests comfortable but Kristen barely even looked at her while speaking…I’ve realized that Kris is more comfortable with younger interviewers rather than older, serious-looking ones…

  • ardnaskela

    yes, you’re so right, K wanted to answer the questions, she was willing and nice it was visible, but the interviewer was really unprepared…

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    I read some of the questions to and there were lots of good one to pick from, so she could have asked more. They didn’t ask my question. I thought Kristen looked very natural and pretty and I loved her outfit. She was a little nervous, but thats just Kristen and I thought she did a nice job answering the questions.

  • Bella

    love it she’s so candid and natural. a real darling

  • Lill

    Love it , she looked so beautiful and I’m just glad that she is smiling and laughing !!!!!!
    I wonder why ;) ?

  • Candace

    Agreed…Kristen at the end looked like ..Is that it??? LOL I laughed, it felt and looked awkward for sure…She could have asked a lot more questions…

  • Giselle GRAVE♥

    She’s still Beautiful<3 :) I can't wait to smell the perfume.

  • Red

    Woooooooooow….that was like beyond awkward. I blam the interviewer…I kind of cringed when Kristen mentioned “old lady” smell xD

  • twilight_girl

    Kristen looked, spectacular. The lace top totally suits her. She was so hones and true to herself, and then the intervewer just kept pushinh her to do other questions. I have to say that being an introvert is part of her charm. There were so many good questionsthat they did’t pick.She really did a great job.
    luv you Kristen

  • super-human-teeth-baby!

    I bet in Kristen’s head shes just thinking… wtf is this… its just perfume!its not a movie or a fucking person!

    This is just not kristen, but seriously good on her for doing stuff like this

  • Melissa E

    My husband was on the camera crew for this interview and he said that Kristen was very nice to the crew and cracking jokes the minute she stepped into the room.

  • Robsessed_Twerd

    Ohmigod, really? Wow! That’s awesome!

  • vanquish13

    She said “I don’t know” when the interviewer kept repeating the same damn questions, which had no depth. It was the interviewers fault. They should have had Josh Horowitz or Ben Lyons interviewing….in fact anyone better than this woman. It’s kinda embarrassing when Kristen wants to answer questions….but the interviewer is unprepared..and unwilling to ask more.

  • vanquish13


  • vanquish13

    Blame the interviewer. Seriously…they should have had a fan interviewing Kristen. Like popsugars I’m a Fan winner Heather..from the start of this year.

  • vanquish13

    Me too!

  • abbeysbooks

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