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Kristen Stewart Interview with Popsugar

Popsugar interviewed Kristen Stewart at the Breaking Dawn Part 1 junket today. Kristen talked about growing up with Bella, her injured hand from SWATH and why Rob pissed her off. LOL!

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  • I<3Headboards

    that is so funny – I love it 

  • Toftt

    can you put them up on youtube please
    please reply today or tomorrow
    please reply today

  • klayrahx7

    HAHA! thats so funny! i didnt know she had to learn an english accent for snow white! :o

  • Ms_P

    is it possible to download this interview? It’s not on utube and i’d really like to have it in my ‘interviews collection’ (if i may call it that way:) )..

  • Eli_cabeza

    Isn’t this shirt the same that Robert is wearing in his interview?

  • D. Martin

    It’s close but Rob’s shirt has more green.   It is interesting, though, that their clothes are a lot alike.  

  • shalista

    I noticed that too Its so sweet It’d be too wierd if they wore the exact same thing, but to be close is nice

  • Rosely

    This is my favorite interview so far, loved that she asked about Rob helping her with the accent.

  • kerbear585

    cute! i didn’t know she was going to have a british accent for SW :)

  • spunknkstew_love (Melly)

    Aw, poor Kristen and bad, bad Robert (;
    I’m totally loving the partner look of them here.


    rob is americanized! LOL

  • Erin

    LOL poor kristen

  • Dee<3


  • MeadowLupine

    Didn’t Edward and Bella pretty much wear the same thing from time to time, too? So funny. My bf and I used to share clothes too, so know how that can be.

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