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Kristen Stewart Can Play Dead Better than Anyone, Bill Condon Says

17 Comments November 15, 2011 by Filed Under: Bill Condon, Kristen Stewart

Breaking Dawn director Bill Condon was interviewed last night at the Breaking Dawn Part 1 premiere,  and he  had some interesting things to say about Kristen During the birth scene.

She “never got up all day off the gurney”, he said  ”she has an amazing number of gifts, but I’ve never seen someone play a dead person as well either.” “She can hold her breath for two minutes,” Condon said.

Here are some more brief videos from the same reporter on the Black Carpet with Taylor Lautner, Robert Pattinson, Melissa Rosenberg and others.

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  • ★♥FreezeBurn♥RobMyHeart♥★BTB®

    I wonder how she learned to hold her breath for 2 minutes?? Hmmm….

    I have such a dirty mind. EVERYONE! Just ignore me.

    *evil grin*

  • Thetwilightquilterscoven

    I’ll pretend to not know what you are talking about, too.

  • ★♥FreezeBurn♥RobMyHeart♥★BTB®

    It’s probably for the best. lol

  • HHIMC<HellYes! It'sROBSTEN!

    Michael Welch is looking good

  • HHIMC<HellYes! It'sROBSTEN!

    I have a leaked gif, that looks like Kristen taking her last breath (either she’s lying on a bed or the gurney? Cannot know)….it’s a second long, literally.
    I REALLY wonder if that relates to what Bill may be talking about? I need to see the movie asap.
    I am interested in seeing the burning/transformation scene, and comparing it to that gif, now…anyways.
    Of course, the leaked honeymoon gifs will also be in my mind when i watch the movie. Seeing what Scummit cut for the pg-13 rating will be interesting. :P

  • D. Martin

    Does she look dead?   I don’t remember seeing anything like that when all those images got leaked last spring.

  • Anonymous

    You are corrupting my innocent mind! lol.

  • ★♥FreezeBurn♥RobMyHeart♥★BTB®

    I’m sorry…I have that effect on people. Please don’t take it personally. lol

  • TeamIdDoRPatz


  • LegHitchThis

    Of course! She’s Kristen. :) I cant wait to watch this. Midnight Friday, come quick please.

  • Anonymous

    Lol. No, no offense taken! Continue please. It did make me smile. :)

  • ★♥FreezeBurn♥RobMyHeart♥★BTB®

    Oh! You shouldn’t have said that. lol

    I’m glad it made you smile. ☺

  • twimom1974

    Do you guys think that they will put the deleted scenes on the DVD?  I know that’s some time away but… 

  • Meaghan

    When they asked Rob, “Other than Edward, if you could play anyone else in this saga, who would it be?” Did he say, “Either Jacob OR Bella” ??? Or am I hearing this wrong?! LOL

  • HHIMC<HellYes! It'sROBSTEN!

    Not really, D. Martin. That’s why i am wondering if it is a honeymoon *happy moment* gif, if u know what i mean!! ;) ;)
    It looks like she’s gasping or something, but it’s like only a second long, and she looks beautiful, not emaciated so…. i really need to see the movie NOW!

  • Swanmawati

    Bener bgD !
    I am agree !

  • Jennamurray

    She looks so concepated or like she is on drugs the whole time haha

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