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JD Pardo Talks About His Role As Nahuel in ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2′ with Access Hollywood

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Access Hollywood interviewed JD Pardo about his role as Nahuel in Breaking Dawn Part 2!

He’s so handsome! We were the first to break the news about JD Pardo as Nahuel!

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  • Hotpinklnk

    It’s funny how every cast member they interview says they can’t give too much away, but Summit has already given SO MUCH away and is continuing to! They release new stills like once a week it seems, the whole first seven minutes of the beginning of the movie (I mean come on) and a good chunk from the Merchant of Venice scene. We also already have a PRETTY GOOD IDEA of what the “surprise ending” is going to be, because of the stills… I’m not complaining, I get SO excited when there’s a new scene/trailer/stills I haven’t seen before, but in retrospect I feel like they might be giving too much away… A part of me wishes that they stop revealing anything else from now on, just so that we could all be genuinely surprised and get the full experience when we’re in the theater to see BD2 for the first time.

  • Mary Pat

    Summit did this with New Moon also. There were so many trailers, clips, stills that were released beforehand that after seeing the movie I felt that I hadn’t seen anything new. Right now I am on a moratorium from all Twilight movies. I enjoy watching the movies at home whenever I feel the need but now I feel as if I am on overload and in order to thoroughly enjoy the Marathon I want to cleanse myself from all Twilight visuals. I purchased the Film archive and memory book but won’t unwrap it until after BD2 is released and I have been sated.

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