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Official Breaking Dawn Trailer

The official Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 trailer is finally here! It has to be the best trailer I have laid eyes on for the Twilight Saga. Team Bill Condon!!

Also — Team Angryward!! Rawr!
Check out over 175 screencaps after the break!!

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  • Hrratley

    Don’t think he is yelling at her (Bella).  I think he is talking to Jacob there or maybe the rest of the Cullen family.  Edward is wearing the same brown shirt when Jacob comes to confront Edward…”you did this to her” sceen.

  • alexandraaaa<3

    also, in the first trailer (not this one), you see a shot with edward and blood on his face attacking jacob for imprinting on renessmee. they’re wearing the same plaid shirts / blue tops .

  • Cori

    I wish they would say who’s playing Renata, Chelsea and Corin and who is that blond vampire carrying the invitation to Aro now? That changed as well because before it was a human girl with brown hair delivering it to Aro. 

  • melcitron

    did you notice that:
    Edward wears a wedding ring when everyone aplauses the new couple?
    -the shot of Rio is different from the 1st trailer (day/night)
    -the kiss in Rio street is also diffrent

  • melcitron

    dis you notice that
    Edward wears his wedding ring in the scene where everyone plauses the new couple?
    -the rio shot is diffrent from 1st trailer (day/night)
    -the Rio street kiss is also different

  • Anonymous

    OMG! It looks awesome so far.

  • Em

    don´t worry you´re not the only one who goes alone to these…trust me there will be several ppl in there w.o ant twifan friends or family…


  • Delynb

    Yeah. I’m sure you are right.  But who cares if  I have to go alone.  I am going to see Bella and Edward get married.  yeah!!!!!!!  

  • Anonymous

    Seen this trailer so many times yet I get more excited about the film with every watch!!!!! Really looking forward to the wedding scenes  and of course the birth! My favourite part of the book is the story told form Jacob’s perspective so will be interesting to see what happens there. Not sure about the wolves v cullens fighting scene, can only assume it adds something….have trust in BC that he’s got it right :) so anyway I can’t wait…literally counting down the days………

  • Liz

    Has anyone notice that Stephenie Meyer is in the wedding with one of the producer?

  • Mary Masen

    Aww!!! HUGZ
    50 DAYS LEFT!!! 

  • annoymous

    Edward had never ever yelled at Bella before breaking dawn. if the blood on Edwards shirt is bella’s then the clip of the birth and the fight between the wear wolves and vampires is played in the wrong order. if its bellas blood and she is in the background changing into a vampire why is edward stood out side. in the book there is no fight until the end and it says that edward never left bella side.

  • Anonymous

    although i dont want him to yell at bella in one way i want him to in another. i want to see her reaction. it would show how much he is totally stressed and really worried about her dieing.

  • Vhello

    if you go on you tube and search for comic com 2011 twilight breaking dawn clips three are two sneek peak sceens. one is part of the honeymoon the bit when he asks her if she wanted to go swimming when they just arrived and the othere one is jacob and edward and carlisle and the rest of the  cullens talking and arguing.

  • christinasouza

    Awsome i am counting down the days after i read all the books i knew the movies are only gonna get better and better cannot wait too see it

  • mary.m155

    OMG i know!!!!!!!!!!

  • ninjagirl

    i hate how the school won’t let students watch this!

  • Zoe_rox

    I love you taylor lautner!! Team Jacob all the way! <3 ily xoxo

  • Eirafaithvitug

    I am so excited to watch this…

  • :)MEEP:)

    Wow. Jacob owns a shirt.

  • Icering94

    is she become vampire???

  • Jacque

    I cant believe how excited I am to see this movie. Looks fantastic. I have read the Breaking dawn book countless times. I’m excited to see how much of the movie is like the book.

  • Jacque

    I’m certainly no teenager!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  But  am completely like you , addicted.  Breaking dawn can’t come soon enough for me :)

  • Kadie-leigh

    I Love this Trailor i love the films as well but i should think this one is the best out of them ALL !!!!!!!!!LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I Love Rob Pattinson <3 xxxx

    I keep doing this i am watching it everyday until the big day lol xxxxx

  • sonia

    amazing!!! I am so excited for this movie!!!!!

  • Nickki_1976

    Have read the books and they are brill cant wait for the film to come out

  • Kjay

    i am soooooooo excited!!!! poor jake is so upset throughout this movie :(

  • StarFriend4eva

    DUDE. he yelled at her D:

  • StarFriend4eva

    you’re insanely observant

  • Jikaforte

    ow ThIs mOvie Is Great and i am a no fan of this romantic Imortal mOvie of the Year”

  • anoymous

    Wow! Thats an ace trailer! Even though i know its a film i feel sorry for Charlie finding out that his only daughter MIGHT die! im bit confused though, who is the women dragged of by the head of vampires??? (forgotten their names! sorry!)

  • anoymous

    Video is so cool! Cant wait to watch the acctual film!

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