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HL: Kellan Lutz Reveals ‘Breaking Dawn’ Wedding Scene Was Miserable For Kristen Stewart

Hollywood Life caught up with Kellan Lutz (Emmett Cullen) at the Solstice Sunglass Boutique Summer Soiree on June 21st!  Kellan talked about the miserable weather conditions on filming the wedding scenes in Breaking Dawn Part 1!

We knew the wedding scene was shot in cold rainy weather but we had no clue just how awful the conditions were — especially for Kristen, Ashley and Nikki!

Kristen Stewart‘s wedding day wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows it seems. spoke with Twilight star Kellan Lutzat the Solstice Sunglass Boutique Summer Soiree on June 21 in NYC and he revealed that there was more than just a little bit of mud and rain on the highly anticipated day! We’ve always heard that rain on your wedding day is good luck, but it’s definitely not fun!“Very cold. Very wet,” Kellan tells us of the weddingday. “Very miserable for the females who didn’t have heaters by them. But it was beautiful. It was beautiful; the set designer did an amazing job. The fans will really enjoy seeing it.”

Kellan’s co-star Peter Facinelli echoed Kellan’s comments when he spoke to MTV about the shoot in Squamish, BC Canada: “With this wedding, it rained the whole time we shot the two scenes. But you’ll never see it on film, they block out the rain. They put tarps up and you’ll never see it. But for us, it was very wet and muddy and cold.”

But even though the Twilight saga has almost come to an end, Kellan says it’s bittersweet.

“No, I’m not really sad. This last movie was 7 months of pretty tough work,” Kellan says. “And we are all very blessed to be a part of it, but I don’t think it’s really going to sink in that it’s over till the last premiere, then we’ll still have a couple years for it to really sink in.”

We have to say that Kellan is one of the most down-to-earth actors in Hollywood and we are so happy we got a chance to meet him!

I can’t wait to see the wedding.  *sigh*  This will really show their true acting skills if it was that miserable! LOL!  

It will definitely sink in at the last premiere.  I can’t even think about it.  *sobs*

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  • Breaking Dawn

    well at least it will look beautiful

  • Twiguest

    I refuse to think about the last premiere, or worse, the last DVD release.. :( no! I won’t think about it!! I need somethin to distrct me from this sad thought!
    Let me see.. Edward in a tux.. Feathers.. Broken headboards… .. .. What was I talking about?

  • wabi

    this is something I totally can’t understand. If the weather conditions were this harsh, why in hell did they decide to shoot the wedding scene outside?! Sure, they don’t have to stick to the book, but since the weather was that miserable, why didn’t they follow the book and did the ceremony inside like it was supposed to be? It would be a lot easier for the actors and there would be no need to edit the film later… I’m sorry but it doesn’t make sense to me.

  • Jaypat

    Great point!!

    I’m thinking the movie Cullen house opposed to the book Cullen house wasnt possible with all the people. ??

    But you’re right, it would have saved alot of misery if they had it inside.

  • wabi

    Maybe. But the house was supposed to be big. In the previous movies we didn’t see the entire house, they could have added a big room, like a games room or something, it wouldn’t raise questions i think, big enough to accommodate that many people. I don’t know, it just seems weird to me.

  • Anonymous

    Poor ladies sounds just as miserable as some of the beach seens in the first movie “Twilight”

  • Anonymous

    I know , I mean it says in the book that Bella comes down the stairs and goes down the isle to Edward were the rest of the ceremony takes place.

  • Anonymous

    I think they should have done it inside but I think there was just too many people to make it work and still look good without looking overcrowded….I guess this means rosealie isn’t playing the piano as Bella walks down the aisle….maybe they will have Bella still telling Charlie not to let her fall down the stairs as she I walking down them to go outside

  • BreesMom

    You have to take what Hollywood says with a grain of salt.  They may or may not have spoke to Kellan.  Yep, it rained.  Yep, it was a very long day…but these people are professionals–this was the culmination of their series…I haven’t heard them complain….I doubt they really want fans thinking about weather conditions when they see the beautiful wedding 

  • Anonymous

    You know, it doesn’t make sense to us why they couldn’t build a sound stage indoors like the mountain top in Eclipse, but it must have made sense to them to do it outside in the freezing cold temps.
    Hopefully they will explain it sometime and maybe we will get lucky and Robsten will do commantary with BC and explain it?!?!?!
    It’s movie magic that we will never understand I guess.
    Anyway, just the glimpse we got, it looks amazing.

  • Cindylorene

    Well, they had already screwed up in the first movie by not finding a house that matched the one in the book. It is beautiful. I can’t think that they could have made it any more beautiful. I was pleasantly surprised. But when you are taping in late winter in Canada, what did they expect???? Heck I live in Oklahoma and even early spring here can be miserable..and we don’t get the rain here like they do there. But I remember reading that Kristen was wowed by the wedding decorations. I can’t remember her exact words, but that was the gist of them.

  • CindyLorene

    Oh, one more thing..I have already been in mourning as there are no more books. As much as I enjoy the movies…and enjoy picking at them because they don’t always follow the books, The books are where I fell in love with Edward and Bella. The books are what keeps me coming back..I have read them so many times. If you have not read the books, tsk tsk. you don’t know what you are missing. If you have only read the books once or twice, you don’t know how much you forgot or skimmed over. Twilight was the one book I didn’t read as often as I didn’t have access to the book. Also, I would read Midnight Sun as far as I could, and finish the story in Twilight. AS many times as I have read, I had forgotten that Jacob had come right out and told her that the Cullens were vampires and had lived there before. In the movie, it only hinted or suggested it…Here I go again rambling about this. I am obsessed…lol

  • Anonymous

    I cannot wait to see the wedding! And no I would prefer NOT to think about this being over! Thanks!

  • stewyISqueen♥ (Mmm yummy!)

    Good point!  Isn’t the reception partly outside though anyway? If it was they would have been outside either way.

  • stewyISqueen♥ (Mmm yummy!)

    Aww the poor girls :(   the things you have to do for work. 

    As for the ending of Twilight *sobs* I’m not gonna think about it!

  • Anonymous

    They wanted to give the actors something to talk about LOL, It’s so lame I’m tired of hearing about it, this is the 4th movie & according to all the actors it’s been a horriable shooting experience, all I can say it at least they get to wear clothes, the Tribe didn’t get that much!!

  • Anonymous

    If I was being paid a couple million, I would stand in the cold too!! They all survived!! I’m sure they just counted the dollars in their head

  • Robsessed_Twerd

    again, good points. y shouldn’t it b like da book?. the trailer looks hot, so i W8. it comes out 12 days after meh bday!!!

  • Anonymous

    Shooting doesn’t always go as planned but time means money, if the weather is HORRIBLE they make do because a day over could mean a HUGE bump up of budget and scheduling its a very delicate process.
    Like with 

  • Oliviaengland


  • Erin

    I’ve never seen the movies nor have I read the books so i can’t really say much, but if you say the wedding was inside in the book then I do agree with you!!!!

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