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Here’s the Final Breaking Dawn Part 2 Poster!

breaking dawn part 2 final official poster

Here it is! the last ever poster for The Twilight Saga!

Gorgeous, epic, exciting. Really shows off the scale of this movie compared to the previous posters. What do you think?

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  • asja

    I actually really like it…but then again, after Eclipse poster I have lowered my standards soooo much :) No, seriously…I Love it…finally some dynamic, action..and not just three of them (or two of them) just standing there looking pretty. I love how Bella is in the middle now, not in a love triangle way but in a “let’s protect our family” way. Love that we have other vampires here as well..The only thing I don’t really like (and that goes for the both Breaking Dawn movies) is Edward’s hair…He looks like Johnny Bravo in this one :/

  • savvy1995

    amazing :) can’t wait for the movie. No, seriously, i can not wait for it!

  • TwihardestTwihard

    this poster is amazing!!! seriously I want this on my wall like now!!!! NOW!!

  • Calwen

    OMG, they cannot be serious! Edward, Jacob and Bella look like mutants. Their heads are not conected properly to their bodies! I hope they will fine-tune it. Otherwise, a good idea to make action poster

  • Red

    Cool but only Jacob looks like he’s actually running, Edward..or Rob looks like he was running in place…a little awakward but it’s all good.

  • Sam

    Am I the only one who during the reveals thought the snow was actually water? Oops! I love it :) Just sad it’s the last one :(

  • Twistar

    Is Bella out for a casual jog or? Lol

    Not to mention why there’s just threen random vamps on there. Why not include all the allies running in the background?

    The only positive is Garrett. But even they’ve managed to make him such a mess here :(

  • Mary Masen

    I’m already thinking about the best possible place to hang this poster on my bedroom walls.
    The tagline “The Epic Finale That Will Live Forever” does so much justice to the movie!
    44 Days left – I’ll start re-reading the whole saga today!

  • saramara

    faces with no motion or move attached badly to moving bodies…sorry but this is the worst poster…even worse than the last one in which bella was like dumbo…

  • Unique Jenique

    Wow, people complain too much. Can’t we just be grateful? I mean, we already got the full poster with all the Cullens on it. I wouldn’t want that one again. I am glad some other vampires get the spotlight just the little. I love this poster. It is different and it is gorgeous. Everyone looks great. :)

  • asja

    well, it actually looks like water where the letterers are…and going further to bella, edward and jake it becomes snow, right?

  • Linnea Åsberg

    The idea is really good, but the execution is terrible. The bodies look completely alienated from the heads, Taylor’s feet are really wierd, the background is awkwardly uneven (maybe that was the idea), the positioning of the actors is off, and it looks like the everyone is floating. I’m sorry but it’s really hard to beat the classic Bella/ edward Twilight poster, which started it all.

  • Mary Pat

    Hmmmm. They seem like they are not really running ~ just an afternoon jog. Its OK but I think that they could have done so much more with it. BD1 poster was so hideous that this is good in comparison. Just doesn’t look Epic.

  • ★FreezeBurn♥RobMyCooter★BTB®

    Pretty f**kin’ awesome! Me likes ☺

  • Sarah

    WHERE THE HELL IS RENESMEE?! maybe..Bella lost control of her blood lust and she ate Renesmee. That’s why she’s not in the posters?

  • Meme

    I was waiting for something “epic” to come out. And here it is nothing special. I don’t like it. :(

  • Salander

    Nah, not my taste. Would like it better if they stood still.

  • D. Martin

    Me too! Not sure why people are complaining…I think it looks great.

  • Kelly

    Shouldn’t Jacob be in wolf form? Don’t get me wrong, I know they wanted him on the poster as part of the holy trinity or whatever people call them, but in this scene they are depicting, he’s totally a wolf! I expected “epic” as in everybody involved somehow in the background, hair flying back to let us know they are running towards you, different facial expressions, and maybe a disembodied granite limb or two strewn about, lol.

  • Ashley

    Looks so epic! But, sad that it’s the last one … for ever ;(

  • Shirreen Fatima

    DISAPPOINTED :| weirddd poster :(

  • Lux

    I will not say that I don’t like it because I like it in some way. The fact of have some action in it is an extra, although in some parts didn’t work.. And when we compared with BD1 poster, this surpasses it.

    But I think Renesmee is an important part in that battle, in this final. And don’t get me wrong, I’m glad to see new faces, I guess they will be the ones with more appearance in the movie, but after these five chapters, the Cullens deserve their place in this last one. If they had the intention to incorporate more characters besides the “trinity”, the Cullens should have been there too.

    But anyway, it was a fun game. And it’s a fact, we’re closer to the end!

  • ★FreezeBurn♥RobMyCooter★BTB®

    Creative differences? lol

  • Lux

    I agree. The Twilight poster’s simplicity was precisely what made ​​it special. Because of a “natural” way, I mean without much embellishments, was enough to show the essence of the movie, and the protagonists’ nature. Really unbeatable!

  • mirandathevampgirl

    Wow!!!! This is just what i needed after getting out of my boring 2 hour class. I think i mean it may not be perfect bu ti think it really screams out “epic” finale at it’s finest. Like every conclusion with every amazing franchise we should no doubt go out with a bang

  • Calwen

    The idea is excellent but execution was poor. Cannot you see how unnaturally they connected heads with bodies??? It ruins the overall expression of the poster for me.

  • LupieLaurel

    Where are the rest of the Cullens? Jacob should be in wolf form with Nessie on his back! Not what I expected.

  • Taylor_is_a_sexy_BEAST

    Nope you’re not alone, I thought the same thing when they revealed them and I thought they were using the eclipse pic when the bad guys come out the river.

  • Taylor_is_a_sexy_BEAST

    HAaha this made me laugh.

  • Silence’s Voice

    True! Curious… =D

  • cmb897_TeamTwilightCast

    Hell yeah! lol! You charge those Volturi Bastards! xP
    It’s definitely different then the precious posters. Kinda strange though.

  • Kelly

    “Sir, can we use any more photoshop?”

    “No, I think we reached the maximum level.”

    Hidious, learn to photoshop you idiotic summit bastards. Got no proper education at all, even my dog can do better than that. And that says a lot since she eats her own shit for breakfast.

  • TwiKat

    Wow…I expected so much more! So anti climatic…kind of the the ending of the book…and that that breaking dawn and twilightcare my top fav of the bunch!!!

  • nicole

    meh, i don’t like. why is the snow changing into water? and why is jacob not a wolf when everyone else is? this doesn’t scream epic at all.

  • sam

    mmm.. what is wrong with their heads?

  • Kristen Nicole Phillips

    Why aren’t the Cullens behind them? Why do they look to be jogging? Why the heck are their heads not fully attached? What’s wrong with their feet? Why is it the one scene not from the book? WHY ISN’T RENESSMEE IN ANY OF THE POSTERS!!!! SHE’S THE MAIN CHARACTER!!!!!! Please make a better one cause this one looks like it was fan made by a bored kid with 10 minutes on his hands.

  • Anissa Decandia

    woah! theyre looking for us!! ahhhh! :)

  • Kristen Nicole Phillips

    Honestly it isn’t horrible but they’ve could’ve tried harder and done better…for the fans

  • Mrs. Serena Cullen:)

    What the hell is this??!?!? Wheres Renesmee? Why do there bodies look horrible?!?!??!? And i do get the concept but really?!?! Someone should have saved this postet from the epic fail that it is! Ewwww…. i cant even see emmett or rosalie!!!!!!! Thanks for ruining my poster whoever made this:/

  • Mrs. Serena Cullen:)

    Am i the only one who noticed that bellas head should not be in that direction? I mean the voultori are trying to kill your daughter will it kill u to show some emotion?!?!? And really whats with the feet and heads and where r the pack and the cullens and NESSIE!!!! Grrrrrrrr…… i hate summit and bill and whoever the idiot was that made this and never learned how to cut things together!!!

  • Yadhira Gonzales

    where is RENESMEEEEEEE???!?!?!?!?!?!?!?can they atleast have ONEEE poster with nessieee in itttt!!!!im soo sad this is the last movie n is suppose to b epic n all and they’re not even showing Edward Bella & Renesmee as a family :(

  • jule

    i agree…i miss the twilight poster…raw and authentic. new moon was good too….but after that they were nothing special

  • jule

    i cant stop looking at it….they look terrible…and its kinda stupid staging the fight scene as your poster when jake was always in wolf form during that time to protect nessie lol…not very well thought through at all lol….and omfg…edwards hair!!!! its the simple things they constantly mess up that seperate the true fans from the….others lol

  • vanquish13

    I guess people have opinions…but I’m one of the grateful ones. It’s good to see a different poster from the other movies. And I agree it’s good to see the other vamps….I’m thinking some of the placements don’t look that well pulled of..because we’re thinking of Twilight from a human perspective…now it will all be from a vampire perspective…I guess we just need to embrace the difference.

  • BornInKiev

    They kidding,right? Don’t hate me but I really think this poster is fugly! They have great ideas,money, so why do they create something so atrocious? Should’ve made something simpler,like with Twilight.Now that is a brilliant work of art

  • xhex

    Wow.. if the poster is so bad, what should we expect from the movie? BD part 1 was a BIG disappointment, sorry but I’m not holding my hopes up for this one: these movie, except the first one, ruined the entire magic surrounding the story…IMO the only positive things about this franchise are the first book and the first movie…

  • ryder

    I guess I’m too visual. I can’t get past Bella in her English schooling pants and paddock boots like she’s going for a ride in the countryside. I’m sorry, but riding pants just look stupid unless you’re getting on a horse. And that horse better be carrying and English saddle. I can’t even look at head and foot positions to complain about them like everybody else. OH, I miss Twilight posters. Remember when they were poor and had to actually pose for the pictures instead of using a bunch of expensive CGI crapola. Oh, those were the good old days. Real people on a real set.

  • EleazarTheVampire

    im sorry, but this poster is pathetic. it is not good at all. :-(

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