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HBO First Look At ‘Water For Elephant’

HBO has a first look at Water For Elephants with behind the scenes footage and interviews with Robert Pattinson and cast.

“He’s just fantastic.”  Yes, yes he is.  This just looks awesome! 

Water For Elephants releases in theaters on April 22nd! I cannot wait to see this movie!

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  • Tallblondetwimom

    I saw this last night. WATCH IT!! It is fabulous!!! Cannot wait for this film!!! and…..first!

  • I<3Headboards

    i watch this last night i was on the edge of my seat and it wasnt even the movie lol – cant wait for this =)

  • IndiesR

    OMG!! This is amazing! Cant wait to see this!!!

  • Astrid7659

    After watching this, it felt like I was reading the book all over again, looks and sounds just wonderful, this is one movie I am most excited about, will be there first in line come April 22nd. Did I mention how sexy Robert looks?

  • mirandaThewolfgirl2010

    Sheesh after watching this i don’t know which movie i am more excited for Water for elephants or Breaking Dawn

  • mirandaThewolfgirl2010

    i am getting the feeling that after i see this movie i would probably never feel the same or at least i will walk out with a whole new perspective on life and look out the world differently and see how truly beautiful it is despite all the terror and corruption going on. And as many of us including myself has stated repeatedly this movie is going to bring so much wonderful potential toRobert Pattinson’s career and i won’t be able to look at him the same way anymore but in a good way because i want him to continue growing and having a successful career for the rest of his life but he also deserves to enjoy life as well outside of films and let it sink in because u only live once and if u do not live everyday of your life and learn to love and appreciate for what’s around u then ull have an eternity to regret. Life is beautiful because it’s life and don’t take it for granted. That’s th eexperiance I want to have after seeing this wonderful film. And that’s al i want to say.

  • kin Texas

    omg,this looks amazing i just cant wait to see this!!!!,watching all the characters and the story come to life ,and right at the end when robs character is being smothered,lol by the women,loli had forgotten about that part in the book,when they get him drunk,lmao!!!cant wait!!!

  • Anonymous

    I just started reading this book and am already a quarter of the way done with it. LOVE IT! cant wait for the movie

  • lovemesomepatz

    wow that literally gave me chills in some parts…. I cant wait for this movie!!!!!

  • lovemesomepatz

    enjoy the book….. its amazing!

  • Anonymous

    i simply can not wiat for this movie
    just amazing

  • tpec1991 SaveaHORSE/RideaVAMP!

    I have run out of OMGs referring to this movie, I just can’t simply wait… all this new scenes?? breathtaking!! This will surely be one of my favorite movies of all time and not because of rob, but because of its story, message and feeling… and of course if you add rob to the equation its just PERFECT!!

  • EdwardsNana

    What an incredable video on the making of “Water for Elephants” so much love and passion went into making this film so that all of us could enjoy a flash back to some of our American history in the 1930′s and the circus life. I loved it when they said “Robert has such great purity and humility” they wanted to capture that and I think they did. Rob and Reese have such a love for animals, you could see the way they worked so hard on the set. The book is wonderful and I know the movie will be equally as good. The anticipation is killing me. Like I said before, this better get some Oscar recognition.

  • SureSure4RobSTEN!

    WFE was one of my most favorite reads. I don’t think the movie will be an exception! Can’t wait for this, it looks beautiful.

  • MirandaThewolfgirl2010

    My sentiments exactly. The reason why I am looking forward to this film is not just because Robert PAttinson’s in it, but because it is a realistic like film, with realistic characters in realistic situations with realistic problems and realistic accomplishments. These ar the kind of movies that Hollywood needs and quite frankly these type of films ar a rare, dying breed because all Hollywood cares about now are stupid, pointless comedies that are not even funny. Wacky horror movies or thrillers that don’t even make u feel scard enough to pee in ur pants and r treated more like comedies. Action films with too much special effects and less character plus story development. And don’t get me started with all the 3D bullshit (sorry Nana) that’s released in practically evry movie today especially animated ones but quite honestly 3D looks ugly. And then u get movies like WFE that does not need all the modern extra material because everything was created from scratch and I think it’s a more honest way to create a movie because u know that they have worked so hard and really care about making the best darn movie possible. Like I have mentioned a numbr of times I expect myslf to walk out with a good feeling and a new attitude on life just like I did with Th King’s Speech last weekend and it has inspired me to take on a different interest in films and not just go there to be entertained but to learn a lesson. I still think that “Remember me” could have been that rare jem of a movie in Hollywood that it needed but it was a lost cause bc people are so retarted and simple minded, excuse my language Nana but that’s how I feel. But as they say when one door closes another one opens, and WFE will be that other door for oppurtunity and may all our hopes be justified. Peace out.

  • (RS)*VampyVixen* ; [

    WOW!!! 2 WEEKS!!! *squeals*

  • EdwardsNana

    You speak from your heart Miranda Thewolfgirl2010. I agree that it is a better experience to come out from a movie, feeling like you have learned something. I thought “Remember Me” was so overlooked, but as you can see, it made a lot of money on DVD. So people gave it a second chance. I too prefer a movie that you have a happy ending……..but sometimes life doens’t give us that. I think “Water for Elephants” is epic, it will satisfy the viewer’s especially we who remember the Circus trains and the excitement when they came to town. America was a very different place, families were different, the way we treated animals and each other was different. People worked so hard for very little. Rob is intrigued with this 1930′s time in our country. He shows such in sight into the scripts he chooses…..he is always anventurous. Just one more thing to add to his many talents and virtues. Can’t wait for this movie. Hope it gets its due reward from the critic’s and Academy. But the fan’s never need their snobbery approval. We all know the depth of Rob’s performances. The “Twilight” saga will remain very special to me. It is the reason I became so interested in Robert & Kristen’s careers and have so enjoyed watching them grow. Perhaps people will back off a little when it comes to their private lives once the “saga” has ended. I don’t want to see that day, but for them, I hope it helps them to move on.

  • LuvtheMoon

    WOW…!! How incredible this movie is gonna be..!! It’s what I love about movies, taking you to a different time whether it’s the future or the past..with a great story of love with all the difficulties..Reese and Rob are gonna be unforgettable in this film…

  • MirandaThewolfgirl2010

    Thank you. I am sitting right here crying happy tears, listening to your words of wisdom. I wish I can come through the computer screen and give you big old hug right now. We have come through such a long way and it’s not even over it in fact it will never be over. I am so proud of our dear, darling Robert u don’t even know. I feel like a proud little sister looking up to a big brother evn though I have never seen him in person. And honestly if I ever do see him in real life I would love to be his frind just because i have alot of respect for Kristen Stewart who i think is a wonderfully, talented person herself and a class act. I don’t think there is any other girl out there more perfect for Robert than Kristen, I mean you can see how happy they are together no signs of awkwardness anywhere. Ok back to the point I am also glad that I have taken upon myself to have the courage to watch “Remember Me” and respect for what it is, I for one don’t regret it and I can relive that experiance over and over again. But then again as far as realistic films go there is nothing wrong with still being a hard core Twilighter at the end of the day, because it’s a safe obsession and it’s one of the very few things in this scary, corruptive modern world that givs us a sign of hope and awalking guide book to what the true meaning of love is. It all works out well. It is safe to balance out fantasy and reality in the same world and still be yourself and set your priorities straight.

  • MirandaThewolfgirl2010

    Oh and as for critique approval who cares we never needed them before, we don’t need them now and will never need them!! We have come such a long way without their conservative opinions bringing us down and giving a bad name to what’s dear to us. I have been like that my whole life but now i got to learn how to take a stand and be the stronger person whoo has a right to love what is dear to my heart and what is important to me.

  • EdwardsNana

    Hi Miranda Thewolfgirl2010, well, my dear, if you were here I would hug you back. I know how you love “Twilight” and the fact that our very own Edward and Bella are possibly together in real life with Robert & Kristen, makes the love story itself, even more amazing. But I truly believe that Robert & Kristen are really good friends. They protect their private lives from invasion. If they are meant to be together, it will happen, but they are both very young, and exposed constantly to intense love scene’s with other actors. I think that would be very hard to experience, if you are in love with someone and watch them in an intense scene with someone else, as young as they are. At that age can you really lay naked with another actor and not feel anything and just say “its my job”. If they can make it though all of this Hollywood stuff and still remain close friends as they seem to be now, well, I think they can conquer anything. Robert and Kristen are amazing individuals and actors. But once again, they are so young. There is so much pressure on them to be together…….if they went public and started dating someone else…….I really would worry about their safety. The fan’s can get a little scary. So I only hope, if they are not meant to be together, they will preserve their friendship…………and then who knows, they may re-discover one another after the dust from “twilight” settles. I have loved the “twilight saga” it really changed my “senior” life, I hate to see it coming to an end………but I also will continue to follow Robert & Kristens career’s wishing them nothing but success………… their private and public lives.

  • EdwardsNana

    MirandaThewolfgirl2010……………..You go girl!~!!!!

  • TeamEC1918

    It’s gonna be AMAZING!!!!!!!

  • Estefany Vásquez

    Awesome.. I want to watch that movie..

  • HHIMC<ParagonSchnizophonic

    i really like your avi :)

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