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Full Length ‘Breaking Dawn Part 1′ Poster has the Breaking Dawn Part 1 full length poster available for pre-order!

NICE!!   I love it!

What do you guys think?

ADDENDUM: We have just learned from Summit that this is NOT an official one-sheet. It is actually licensee art from NECA.

[Source: via Pattinsonlife]

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  • Tavismelvin2009

    why is everyone complaining, this poster is amazing, i would love to see one with just Edward and Bella because come on in the end its their story, and we have no love triangle anymore

  • kerbear585

    there is no triangle this time…why is jake so up front?!

  • cmb897_TeamRobsten=P

    Thank you!!!

  • Bellaswan

    carlisle have a bad hair cut

  • tpec1991 SaveaHORSE/RideaVAMP!

    whoaa!! hahahaha!! I guess you are right!!

  • Anonymous

    I agree! there is NO triangle! it should all about E&B not the three of them I mean come on already!!and yes Taylor should have his own poster or with leah and seth! and yeah I think there should be a poster of (or a t-shirt) of the whole Cullen family from Carlisle all the way down to Reneesme…and that’s right HP did have quite a few  of posters and t-shirts and some “solo” t-shirts as well as posters when I went to see HP they had these HUGE banners of the different charaters and also some group promos as well

  • Anonymous

    happy(belated) birthday :D and well said babe!

  • Anonymous

    how about changing(your screen name) it to Mirandathevampgirl LMAO! I’m kidding! seriously though I love wolves they are so beautiful and majestic :)

  • Anonymous

    ha ha ha ha yeah and Edward too xD

  • Anonymous

    don’t we all ;)

  • Yu Han Koopmans

    Like it a lot! but Jacob is standing so lonely!


    This is the best Summit can do?   Yawn.  If this is the effort that they are willing to put into the poster than I don’t expect much from the movie.  Again…Yawn.

  • Brendatoler68

    Talk about ghastly! I hate it

  • bluebird

    Edward kissed Jacob last MTV Movie Awards! You should remove Bella from that poster! Only Edward and Jacob embrace!!! hahahaha!…..

  • Benfieldyanika

    I like this poster because it show Jacob coming together with the Cullens like in the book.

  • Rudolfo M Alapag Jr

    outstanding  poster of the cast of TWILIGHT. can’t get any better than this.

  • Lauren1987b

    cant actually WAIT for breaking dawn!!!! edward all the way :)

  • Dancedivania

    i love it jacobs mine!!!!!

  • Sarmozo

     New Moon is not Jacobs story! He is less than Edward… the movie is wrong.

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