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Full Interview of Kristen Stewart on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Here’s the full interview of Kristen Stewart on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night!

Oh, I loved her on the Tonight Show! She was funny and beautiful!

Thank you Rachel at NBC!

Comedian Dave Attel interview with Jay after the break where he flirts with Kristen. O.o

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  • Tgs

    I’m very proud of my little Kristen. She  is more sexy, funny and confident. This is the most incredible interview I’ve seen

  • Anonymous

    Wow. This is amazing. I have never seen Kristen like this, you can really see how much she is trying to open up and at least seem less uncomfortable. This is AWESOME! Im so proud of her, and I hope people come up to her and tell her how amazing she was during this interview!

  • Monika

    I watched this interview last night.. It was very cute and funny. Did anybody else catch the part when Jay introduces her and then weirdly checks her out.. I think he mumbles “wow” ? I thought that was funny, and sorta creepy in a weird-old-man way.

  • Hamilton23

    I love love love how she is so humble and so appreciative of her fans every time the audience screams and claps she’s like “yeah!!!” especially when she mentions SWATH. Kristen forever.

  • Anonymous

    OMFG agreed have you seen the extra material?

    He literally pervs on her through most of hi’s sooo wrong, but she handled it well :P

  • leelee

    i watched last night and my hubby thinks im crazy but he looked up as she was walking on and he said wow lol she was funny i think if rob and her would just come out and say they are dating rather then hinting she would be even more comfy in interveiws and they wouldnt have to try so hard to hide pda and worry about how to answer when asked about each other


    omg, what a creep! and she handled it so well! if I got asked about my sex life Id walk off or something :’)

  • stewyISqueen♥ (Mmm yummy!)

    I love Stewy this was my favorite interview with her! ♥

  • ihatejane

    Wow!! She was amazing! so happy and funny. This interview made me so much more excided for BD if that is even possible! :D

  • Aa_liyah29

    she has gotten so confident best interview she’s had yet :)

  • Anonymous

    Those were very funny!!,  Kristen did a good job, she wasn’t that hard to watch


    I am loving the confidence and the wit! :D

  • spunknkstew_love (Melly)

    Kristen’s just incredibly sweet and cute, talented and funny!<3

  • Anonymous

    Watching them now on TV feels so weird. I went to the handprint ceremony and was one of the lucky 100 to be close to them. I literally almost cried once i got my autograph and picture with both Rob and Kristen. They’re both so sweet! I am one very happy girl at the moment!!

  • ChrisF

    This has to be the best interview I have ever seen Kristen Stewart do!  She and Jay had a great repore, it was light and comical, Kristen seemed very relaxed and open.  She’s finally coming into her own and out of her shell.  Good for you Kristen!  Nice job Jay.

  • Billie

    Dude Kristen did great especially compared to the Dave Attell guy. But damn who books this stuff it is so funny, Taylor got Martha Steward and Kristen got the porn guy, really!

  • ganesh

    can anyone give me the youtube link of this full interview???

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