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“Forever is Only the Beginning” Official ‘Breaking Dawn Part I’ Tagline

Breaking Dawn Poster Logo Forever is only the beginning

Summit Entertainment’s official Breaking Dawn The Movie website released the new tagline for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part I! 

 ”Forever is only the Beginning”

The first three Twilight  Saga movies had similar tag-lines–

Twilight-”When you can live forever, what do you live for?”

New Moon-”What do you live for when the one thing you live for leaves you?”

Eclipse-”It all begins with a choice.”

I like it!  I think it ties in the wedding, the Bella’s change, and the ending of the book.  What do you think of the new tag- line?

[Source: BreakingDawn-the Movie]

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  • -TeAm SeXy SmIrK-

    I like it! n i love that pic Rob in khakis yum…Rob without Khakis yummier srry my mind wanders off sometimes lol

  • BreesMom

    Check out the new web site, too!  It’s the official site!  The official photos look beautiful there!

    They’ll be adding lots of cool stuff there in the near future…like the teaser trailer…then the first actual trailer…cast info…release dates…

    Bookmark this site.

  • BMW328

    much better than “It all begins with a choice”. It all begins?! It was the third freaking movie, AND the movie did NOT reflect Bella even thinking about choosing Jacob. There were NO choices in that movie, haha.

  • “MY LOVE”-Rob/Edward~TeamV/W

    I like it too! And will this be the tagline of BD 2 too? 

    But my most favorite is New Moon tagline.

  • ItsRobert_Effing_Pattinson

    I like it. It fits the movie well. It is a bit anti-climatic. But, so was the end of the book. Soooo…it’s all good. LOL

  • Admmgz

    Haha…the choice wasn’t about Jacob- it was her choice to become immortal or not…duh!

  • Bella+edward=strangebaby

    It sounds great! It’s the second best of course, because twilight was the best one. I mean it actually made sense without giving the plot away.
    Just sayin’

  • Britt

    I like it too! But once again.. anyone could have made this haha. 

  • ibiteheadboards

    Love it <3 my favourite so far … Twilight will always be my favourite :)

    Official Poster:check
    Official Tagline:check
    Official sneek peek snippet of trailer:check
    Now, OFFICIAL TRAILER: waiting
    … I will be back to finish that the 22nd of Novemeber ;D

  • Britt

    Beautiful picture. Beautiful people. 

  • BreesMom

    Oh!  I love seeing that handsome GQ face around here!  I think it fit the movie…and the picture it’s with.  

    I do think there will be a climax at the end of this movie…and the next….if only experienced by the fans!  LOL

  • HmR <3 flying ninja Rob

    I don’t know.. all I know is I can’t stop staring at that photo….

    No really.. I do like it. A lot. And a lot better than the Eclipse one. That one didn’t really do it for me.

  • HmR <3 flying ninja Rob

    Wow.. great to see you again! Been a while.. huh? No biggie.. been a while for me as well. :-)

  • BreesMom

    Yep.  I think the choice about Jacob was made long before that.  He was always her friend…Edward was her love, her soul mate…the man she wabted to spend her life with00no matter what.

  • BMW328

    haha correct! BUT her choice to be a vamp vs human is tied with Jacob and the movie didn’t show her choosing to be a vamp either she didn’t seem to even think about it haha they just gave her a little speech in the end…

  • Mary Masen

    I actually it reflects everything!!! I love it!!!!!
     I wonder if they’re going to use the same tagline for Part 2 or if they’re gonna think up with another one..

  • Salander

    I absolutely love it :)

  • emily130081

    I think it fits the movie perfectly (:

  • Admmgz

    Bella made her choice by being engaged to Edward- it was how she wanted her life to be

  • Curtiecue

    im getting so excited for this movie!!!!

  • RG_EdwardVsFinnick

    LMAO !!

    super cheesy, a bit WTF, anti-climatic: wow there’s BD in three words XD

  • RileysGirl_EdwardVsFinnick


    tomorrow. we get the trailer.

    this is me atm:

  • stewyISqueen♥ (Mmm yummy!)

    Damn that’s one catchy tagline. LOL

  • Anonymous

    It’s perfect!!

  • Admmgz

    Thanks- I’m glad we’re on the same page :)


    hahahahahaha me too!!

  • Anonymous

    Awesome photo…although the tagline is slightly cheesy…I bet it was Melissa Rosenberg  all the way…her scripts are just ….annoyingly…frustratingly…horrible.  
    Love the photo..said that already…but Kristen here is glowing and what’s really weird is that they have the exact same skin tone…maybe it’s the lighting. lol.

  • ItsRobert_Effing_Pattinson

    Wait…..PLEASE tell me THAT *points to pic* is not the “official” movie image they are going with?!?! I was REALLY hoping they would release some red-eyed bella and a bit of Renesmee to tease us with….I mean, that would get me in the theater more than a pic of them all googly-eyed at each other…. 

    Though this is for the first half of the movie….but still. I was expecting something a bit more interesting……. 

    Wow, that image has me really not caring to see the movie….it looks boring. And all the exciting stuff happened in the 2nd half of the book. Soooo…yeah, first half is gonna suck. Sorry! LOL

  • ItsRobert_Effing_Pattinson

    Agreed on all counts!!!! I have to say, the biggest WTF moment for me was the end. When they all just walked away…. I mean, seriously?!?! She builds that sh*t up for 3 books, and nobody fights anybody?!?! 

    ….I bet you thought I was gonna say “when Jacob imprints on the baby, like some creeper pedophile”…But, nope. It is the violence I crave over social norms. ROTF

  • Anonymous

    “Forever is only the beginnning.”. . . i like it. its. . . catchy. it sticks with you. and it does pretty much sum up everything in the book. . . but i also think that this refers to us twi-hards.

    forever is this whole twilight thing. because. be serious. TWILIGHT is gonna stick with us. whether people like it or not. and IT IS only the beginning. its the beginning for most of the actors have us twi-hards have never even noticed before. . .-sighs- oh boy. it really is almost over isnt it?

  • BreesMom

    That;s what I like about you, Effing!  Your avoidance of nomalcy!


  • BreesMom

    No, that’s just one of the official pics that’s been released.  I don’t think it’s going to be on the poster–although I really don’t know.

    I expect the first half to be romantic–the wedding and honeymoon; and somewhat scary–the pregnancy and birth.  Plenty of horror and blood in the Caesarean scene.  Any action will most likely come from Jacob and the wolves.

  • angelsun

    i like it!:)

  • angelsun

    but i think twilight tagline is better..

  • RileysGirl_EdwardVsFinnick

    honestly, looking back on it, the whole book was full of some weird sh*t. doesn’t mean i love it any less though :D

    i don’t know if you’ve read the hunger games, but the last book in that series, Mockingjay, when i read that i was like …. O.o  seriously WTF. that’s what BD is going to be like hahahahahah

    just so long as we get some hot robsten sex hopefully no one will care LOL

  • MyAfterCar

    I like it! Short and effective.

    I didn’t know that was the NM tagline. Wow, not so great!

  • Anonymous

    OMFG!!! sorry to interrrupt but AGREEED I read hunger games LOVED IT and the lat book was THE biggest let down, all the things that were meant to have been pivotal became so understated like Katniss’ choice and President Rose..uh it seemed like all that effort had been for nothing ¬¬

    lol I m just super excited for some robsten action the sexual on screen tension is getting too much :P

  • Aleksiou 123

    just marvelous

  • Amelia

    damn it.. there is no new picture :(
    I mean, it happened before, with the previous movies (there are more news/movie pictures on the internet than on the actual website) but anyways, I hoped for something new… a tiny, tiny new thing.

    Oh, I hate this will be morning here by the time they launch the trailer..

  • RileysGirl_EdwardVsFinnick

    nono don’t apologize! I love talking to HG fans XD

    i loved the first 2 books and when i read mockingjay i was literally like W.T.F. it was like everything she set up in the first 2 books, everything that was meaningful and important, was just turned on its head. i’ll never forgive her for what she did to peeta, or that she killed off ALL THE BEST CHARACTERS! ugh.

  • RileysGirl_EdwardVsFinnick

    nono don’t apologize! I love talking to HG fans XD

    i loved the first 2 books and when i read mockingjay i was literally like W.T.F. it was like everything she set up in the first 2 books, everything that was meaningful and important, was just turned on its head. i’ll never forgive her for what she did to peeta, or that she killed off ALL THE BEST CHARACTERS! ugh.

  • TwilightFan37

    Jacob Black Is supposed to have long hair again, according to the book…


  • kim



    I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It sorta wraps up the whole saga not just BD. Ohh and it wasn’t a hard choice between Edward and Jacob. Who ever likes Jacob is just plain weird!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love Robert Pattz so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chancehalee

    Um no honey… There IS a choice, stupid! It’s for Bella to marry Edward and the choice of Victoria and the newborns! So haha now.

  • BMW328

    no, that is NOT the way the movie was marketed is all i’m sayin’. Choice of Victoria and the newborns? What?

  • Lynseydgill

    I was just curious… You said that the first part was going to suck..
    But now that you’ve (assumingly) seen pt1, are your feelings still the same?

    –sorry to butt in to the convo.. I was just curious on how you felt about it. You all seem very intelligent on the Twilight Saga, and I myself, am a huge fan.

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