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Fifth Piece of Final Breaking Dawn Part 2 Poster!

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Here it is! The final piece of the puzzle before we see the completed poster at noon ET. Finally, some action!

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  • Calwen

    hmmm, I am not sure if I like this… but I have to wait until I can see it whole

  • Lux

    Yes, we have to wait a little more to decide, but the fact that they put “action” in the poster, already make a nice different!!!

  • asja

    So, how long till the whole poster? i’m in a different time zone…across the ocean…I get all confused trying to calculate it…it’s 16h here.

  • Ali

    oh nice…

  • Egyptian Coven

    Benjamin + Tia = Egyptian Coven <3
    I need t get this poster = <3

  • Frida

    I put the existing pieces together :P

  • Lux

    Good Job! Though I have to say that I have fear that the poster doesn’t include the Cullens and Renesmee. Now that would be a big disappointment. I really hope not!!!! **fingers crossed**

  • Frida

    Maybe we will see the cullens like we see the Egyptians but probably not Renesmee cause she would never be in the fight since Jacob is running away with her when that starts

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