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Fan Photos with Kristen Stewart at the Sydney premiere of ‘Snow White and The Huntsman’! Gorgeous!

Our lovely reader and friend, Jenna aka McVampy, went to the Snow White and The Huntsman premiere in Sydney, Australia!   She took some gorgeous photos of her with Kristen and Chris Hemsworth.  Here’s her story!

At Bondi Junction Westfield Event Cinemas I waited there all day and met some awesome people! Finally, at about 6.30 Kristen (and Chris and Rupert) turned up. Rupert didn’t walk the white carpet.

While we were waiting around before Kristen had gotten there her security guard (not HBG) said that he would be walking the carpet with Kristen and she will have her own sharpie so don’t worry about getting our own out. And I got talking to him and stuff for a little bit.

The whole white carpet was over 4 levels of the shopping centre from level 3 (ground level) all the way up to level 6 where the cinemas were.

I was on level 6 and watched what was going on on the ground level through the live feed on the big screens. She did press and signed stuff for fans then put her converse on and made her way up the escalators and along the white carpet up to level 6.

I got a prime spot at the end of one of the strips of white carpet.. she walked about a 25 metre walk straight towards me and my sign that said “KRISTEN! I FLEW FROM MELBOURNE TO SEE YOU!”

I started crying and hyperventilating lol.
The security guard that talked to us before saw me and whispered to a female that was also escorting Kristen (along with another female and HBG) and the female looked at me and nodded her head. Then when Kristen was done signing that persons stuff the lady and the guard lead her towards me.

I don’t remember exactly but I remember saying that I had met her in New York outside Lettermen exactly 2 years ago and I had made a sign just like this. She seemed so sincere and was like ‘oh’ and seemed real genuine. She leant down and signed my sign!

Then I asked for a photo and the lady that was with them took me camera and took a photo of us. I was crying and my hands were all sweaty. I got the camera back and we took another photo. Then I gave her a card I had written for her.

She signed a photo I had of her.

Then I think I told her that I love her so much and can’t wait to see the movie. And said some other stuff then I said ‘can I please have a hug?’ .. she was really kind of … moving slowly and sincere and I thought she was about to tell me a kind no (because I had just seen HBG slap a sleezy guys hand away when he tried to put his hand on her ass) so I assumed they would all say no but she then leaned in and hugged me and I was crying and hugged her back and said thank you about a million times.

Then she moved on to the people next to me and I just stood there staring at her crying.

Her skin and eyes are to die for. She is such a beautiful person.

I love it!   You look so beautiful too Jenna!  So happy for you!   AHHH!  *hugs*

Thank you for sharing these with us!

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  • McVampy / KangaStew

    yay! such an amazing day!

    love you jaypat xoxoxoxxooxox

  • TwiKat

    Lucky lucky lucky!!!! I try to meet her in NY but the damn paparazi mess it up every time! You’d think w the high powered mega lenses thry have they can take pics from afar but no, they have to get in her face and scare her off. They kept changing what door whe was coming out of. In the end, there were five of us left n even with her body guards and the building guards and nypd there, the paps still hid behind cars and jumped out of nowhere when she was going to sign for us! It’s happened thrice for me now! And these guys have the balls ro follow her! Absolutely heartbreaking!!!! Congrats again! It’s an amazing opportunity! And story!

    Is November here yet?!?!? lol!

  • Jay-Peeta-Pat

    Love you!!!!!  *hugs*   So freaking happy for you!  

    And girl, your eyes and skin are to die for too!

  • TIDRP – LovesRobX50


  • TIDRP – LovesRobX50

    You are so pretty =)

  • Amber Eyes

    Of course Kristen behaved that way. She’s wonderful! I still can’t believe some posts on some of the gossip sites about her being named the highest paid actress. People are unbelievably nasty. There are a lot of haters out there, and I found myself embroiled in an argument with a total moron as I was defending her. I had simply stated that she is someone who shows up for work on time, loves what she does for a living, isn’t getting DUI’s after crashing her car over and over, isn’t a druggie, doesn’t expose her nether regions to the paparazzi, doesn’t act like a slut, and doesn’t come across like the world should kiss her ass because she’s an actress. Something wrong with any of that? I didn’t think so, but OMG some idiot went off on a tangent that included bringing race (?) into it! She also went on to “defend” Hollywood”s bimbo’s by saying if Kristen wanted to walk down the street (I’m not kidding here guys) “with her labia spread open”, she should be able to. WTF?!

    Perhaps I should stick to commenting here, where we are all fans of the franchise and Kristen. It’s a safe haven so to speak.

    I think this young lady is great, and I adore her “love me as I am” attitude. She has a good work ethic, and hasn’t let fame get to her head. I don’t ever see a sex tape coming out, or trips to rehab. My daughter loves her, and I see her as a positive role model for young women. “Be comfortable in your own skin” seems to be her message. With the likes of Kim K, LiLo, and Snookie stinking up Hollywood, she’s a breath of fresh air. :)

  • kerbear585

    lucky girl! i would die if i met her. i don’t think i would be able to contain myself. prob cry, lol

  • DearJacob_I_Win_SincrlyEdwrd

    I agree with Jaypat, you’re eyes and skin are beautiful! And congrats on meeting Kstew how incredible!

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    Amen to that! Kristen get alot of negative comments and I don’t get it. I think shes great. I comment only of fans sites. Someone people go trolling, just write negative things to get the fans going.

  • Luckysparks23

    Amber I have stopped caring what these low lifes have to say. We know Kristen isn’t made out of gold and not everyone has to like her but coming in to website and just spewing their vemon makes you feel pity for this idiot for being envious of this girl.

    Yes children for envy is worse than hate.

  • K2☼ Ami♥Csmo♦BD2♀♠MB↕TRvr♣Maps

    Oh…how…cool, mcvampy!!! Thanks for sharing your awesome story! I just lived vicariously through you! Yay!!!! ;)

  • 5ctBauble

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!! LOVE it Jenna!!!!!! Awesome photos and love that she spent a few minutes with you!!! So happy for you!!

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    I just saw on another fan site, Kristen leaving LAX and the paps were like wild animals fighting to get to a piece of meat. The were aweful,  pushing and shoving and trying to get a reaction out of her. One even knocked the hat off of one of her security guards,that was trying to keep them back. Paps are the worse. No wonder Alec Baldwin pushed back!

  • cmb897_TeamRobsten=P

    Oh this is such a great story! I’m glad Jenna (aka McVampy) was so lucky! It’s always nice hearing about  (appropriate) Kristen encounters, because she’s so sweet to fans. =D

  • Lill

    Lucky lucky girl!!!!!!!

  • Krisea1112

    Ur so lucky!!!I’m so happy for you and thank u for sharing us ur sweet encounter to kristen.I hope someday I can meet her too.

  • McVampy / KangaStew

    so so happy :) tried to contain myself on my RL fb… but RAHHHHHHHHHHHHH BEST EXPERIENCE!!!! you should’ve flown down!

  • McVampy / KangaStew

    oh thanks haha :)

  • McVampy / KangaStew

    thanks :)

  • McVampy / KangaStew

    nuh uhhhhh but thank you anyway haha
    and thanks for the post. so cool. last tme my mugshot was on here was exactly two years ago.

  • D. Martin

    Hi McVampy!   What a wonderful memory for you!   And I gotta agree with Jay-pat you do have beautiful skin and eyes.   Flawless.   What’s your secret and can I have it?

  • D. Martin

    That close-up of Kristen shows just how beautiful her skin is.   Which is why she can go without makeup!   And McVampy’s skin is gorgeous too!   I read that Kristen’s mom is from Australia so it must be in the genes or something.   I’d sure like to know what they’re using.

  • RileysGirl_TheGirlOnFire

    MCVAMPY! I know it’s been ages lol but I’M SO HAPPY FOR YOU! It sounds like an AMAZING experience, I met Josh Hutcherson in Melbourne earlier this year so I know what that whole hyperventilating feels like ahaha, but I would just KILL to meet Kristen, and I’m glad someone who loves her as much as you do got the chance to show her how much she means to her fans! :’) Also you are so gorgeous omg :3

  • 5ctBauble

    lmao!! I know! Its so hard to restrain myself in RL too!!!

  • Shirlene Tong

    I would like to say the only thing that I dont like about Kristen is her foul mouth , it is so un nessary. I make my self like her because Rob loves her ! I want him to be happy !

  • vanquish13


  • Jayyshaw

    I am the most jealous person right!!!! So lucky!!!
    I hate the sheer abuse she gets aswell.. I don’t think I know one person that actually has nice things to say about her.. It’s terrible.. Haters gonna hate I suppose
    I love Kristenn!!!

  • McVampy / KangaStew

    RG !!!!! ITS BEEN TOO LONG!!!!
    oh thats awesome!  its crazy hey!!
    hope you are well! and thanks :) haah xxx

  • McVampy / KangaStew

    we rub eucalyptus leaves on our skin when we hang with the koalas. haha i joke i joke.

  • Victoriaaahh

    I was there too…but it all means nothing now. Shes shown her true colours. I only care about Chris from this night. I take back telling her shes beautiful, shes NOT. Wasnt worthy of all this attention.

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