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Fan Photos with Robert Pattinson outside Jimmy Kimmel Live Show!

11 Comments November 3, 2011 by Filed Under: Robert Pattinson, Twilight Fans

Here’s an AWESOME fan photo of our friend VanessaInPink with Robert Pattinson outside Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight!  I am sooooo happy for you!!!  What a great photo and you are beautiful chickie!

More photos of Rob added from @RobKris13!

@VanessaInPink <3  & @RobKris13


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  • SureSure4RobSTEN!

    Jebus. Rob, your level of hotness is just getting ridiculous. 

  • Ash McPerk

    Rob is seriously looking mighty hot with that facial hair.  He should definitely keep it like that.

  • Ash McPerk

    Isn’t it though?  I didn’t think it was possible for him to get any sexier… but he has.

  • faye

    i always like k-stew to be with taylor, but to be honest??? i had to admit that robsten is real. i mean, i’ve photos of rob and ashley promoting BD1 but you cannot see his face lighten up, yes he smiles if they needed it but theres no spark. but look at him now, i can see his eyes sparkling, oh i know why, coz he and kstew will be together.. yay!!!

  • ryder

    You got that right! She flew in yesterday and they will be together for the next two weeks!! I just hope they get some rest in between all their responsibilities and “snuggle” time.

  • cm

    Oh yes! As long as it’s not too long and bushy. There’s a thin line between mountain man and sexy pirate. . . I coerced my boyfriend into growing a short trimmed beard 7 years ago. It made his blue eyes even brighter. He kept it after he saw how much I “appreciated” the way it felt against my skin!!! Just a little thought for you girls with clean faced guys.

  • cm

    I just read where a psycho guy broke through the fans last night outside Kimmel’s show and tried to attack Rob. A “quick thinking body guard”, who I’m assuming was Big Dean, tackled the guy and threw him to the ground. Scary! There’s a lot of crazies out there who take this stuff a little too seriously. For my part, it’s just fun reading everybody’s thoughts and being part of a worldwide club. Go Twi-hards, Twi-moms, Twi-fans! Team Edward! AND as much as it pains me to say it . . . Team Jacob!  

  • VanessaInPinks

    OMG THATS ME!!!!!!! it was an awesome experience! Rob looked super tired but was a trooper. i took all together 3 pics with him :D i know what a greedy brat. lol But he was super nice about it! My. life. is. complete.

  • Tootsie186

    personally these guys are told when they can do this and what they should even do with their appearances, but I think the best for me was b4 Rob got SO famous….he was so beautiful in harry potter and him and kristen did GREat! if you have seen speak, I would of never thought she then what she is now…..THATS amazing really =) she is very pretty but u got to remember how much pain women go thru to be beautiful, esp some of us!! she has a natural beauty I well appreciate

  • Tootsie186

    I love Jacob but lets say this im  Team Edward, but when it comes down to it, yes, Jacob is hot but Ed has all the romance

  • MSQT

    he has a sweetness bout him and an a quiteness devil make hair in TWILIGHT films, everyone of um, hes brilliant

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