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Fan Photo With ‘Breaking Dawn’ Cast Members!

Check out this fan photo with the Breaking Dawn vampires in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in December 2010!

This is my wife who met the following stars from the Twilight movie Breaking Dawn which is in production in Baton Rouge studios. They are we believe as follows from:
Noel Fisher – plays Vladimir (the blond in the front going left round the table)
Lisa Howard – plays Siobhan
Patrick Brrennan – plays Liam
Sandra – my wife
Omar Metwally – plays Amun
Christian Camargo – plays Eleazar
Myanna Buring – plays Tanya
Judith Shekoni – plays Zafrina
Guri Weinberg – plays Stefan

We met them at breakfast and they were all fantastically friendly and accomodating, Guri Weinberg was extremely helpful and chatty. I’ve got to say that Judith Shekoni is gorgeous!! They all also signed Sandra’s copy of the book Breaking Dawn which she just happened to have with her (She’s not a stalker really!!)

How cool is that photo!!!  Awesome she got to meet them.  I don’t think that’s Judi Shekoni (aka Zafrina) though. I think that’s Tracey Heggins who plays Senna.  Noel looks like Vladimir for real!!!   I can’t wait to see their photo shoot for Breaking Dawn!

[Source: SimonSaint via VampireClub]

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  • guest

    Was this photo taken at Copeland’s resturant?

  • Anonymous

    This is photo is so awesome! I think I wouldn’t recognize them. Well, except of Guri because of his remarkable eyes. I would detect these eyes everywhere! *waggles eyebrows* I can’t wait to see the cast in the movie! :)

  • Steven

    I spy full vampire make up! For some at least! YAYY!!!

  • I<3waterfalls

    theirs alot of cast this time its so confusing i dont know who play who lol

  • Sandra Barrett

    Hi, this is Sandra (in pic). No this was taken in the restaurant at the Hilton Capital Center in Baton Rouge.

  • Sandra Barrett

    Hi this is Sandra (in pic). You are right about his eyes, they are gorgeous. He was so lovely and was surprised when I knew he was playing Stefan! He talked to us for a little while. I tweeted him to thank him and he replied.

  • Larice

    To be honest I don’t care at all about these vamps. I only care about Edward and Bella.

  • Anonymous

    Those who work together, play and eat together-I love it!! Cannot wait to see the vamps in the movie!
    Ugh, the wait is killing me : (

  • Dotberry50

    Woo Hoo! This is my friend Sandra…Hi Sandra! What an awesome photo!!

  • Sandra Barrett

    Hey Dot ……………… famous at last!


    it was confusing in the books which vamps were which but now….Lmaoo.

  • Anonymous

    nice to meet you Sandra! and welcome and that is a nice photo thank you for posting it! <3

  • Anonymous

    oh tell me about it! I get my EW magazine today in the mail! so I get to see the BD(love) sence of Edward and Bella in it!

  • Anonymous

    off topic for a minute I don’t know if you got my reply yesterday(due to DISQUS being diffcult) this is about Kristen(Stewart) doing the the movie K-11 and you made a comment of I hope this movie never gets made can you please explain to me why you think it should not be made I’m just courious why(again) you think it should not be made

  • Anonymous

    I am still learning the covens names LOL xD some twi-hard I am! but seriously I will learn their names xD

  • Anonymous

    you and me both LOL but give it time we will learn their names and know who is playing who xD

  • RileysGirl_”CanISignYourCast?”


    so PUMPED to see her making B jealous and E embarrassed in BD :D

  • koolkatt

    That is Tracey Heggins (Senna) …that is my BFF..they need to correct that! That is not Judi

  • koolkatt

    I must add that I am so proud of her too…excited for her to get this role in my fav film and fav saga!

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