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Extended Scenes From ‘Breaking Dawn Part 1′

AHHHH! Here are the extended scenes from Part 1.

I think the Edward/Jacob scene was really important. It shows Edward’s feelings about the imprinting and why Jacob wasn’t out there at first when the wolves attacked. I thought what took Jacob so long? The imprinting?

[source: LutzBonePatStew via RPLife]

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  • kansasfreak

    Jacob getting his ass kicked!Amazing!!!

  • Amber Eyes

    My man Jacob! Snap that broken arm back into place and get outside to fight off the pack, love it! Thanks so much for this, it was a great addition to the morning. :)

  • ryder

    I just finished watching my extended version DVD and I cannot figure out why these few minutes of important, but minimal scenes were deleted. Other than the timing of Rose saying even human babies break bones before the dog bowl whops her in the back of the head, and then Carlisle shows the X-rays that say a rib is broken, which Bill Condon could’ve easily changed that line to Rose to something else equally as snide; every other scene fit in perfectly. Especially the part where Edward slams Jacob into the wall after reading his mind, and totally shocks Jasper and Alice. That was perfectly executed by an understandably angry “Edward”, and totally explained what took Jacob so long in getting outside to join in the fight. I really adored the scene with Jacob and Alice, a very important element to the book. . . I’m just baffled by this movie making process. I can understand some of the scenes from Twilight being cut after watching them, they just didn’t fit. But, this movie flowed as smoothly as water over a fall with the extended scenes in tact. I guess once again it all boils down to making more money.

  • JayPat

    I completely agree about the Edward and Jacob scene! That scene conveyed so much!

    The other scenes were important, but if they had to cut those scenes because of timing, or the length of the film, I was fine. The dog bowl scene as much as I enjoyed it in the book, it may not have relayed that way in the movie. They were both immature, but Jacobs actions were violent. Even though she’s a vampire and didn’t feel anything, it looked violent.

  • mirandathevampgirl

    I ordered my extended edition but it doesn’t come until some time next week. :( However i did cheat and took a peak at them yesterday and let me tell you as much as i enjoyed them, i honestly think most of these scenes should have been in the movie. The only scene that i think is meant to be a delted scene was the alternate opening of the Volturi b/c it was never in the book and it doesn’t make sense.
    Although not to sound dissatisfied but i have a funny feeling that there were other scenes involved that i thought would be here too, like (Edward getting ready to go down to the aisle, edward Carlisle talking. Bella and edwards wedding dance. or something with Tanya being jealous) do you recall any of that? I think so, i’m almost positive that there were scenes like that somewhere. Or am i just investigating

  • Mia

    I loved the scene where Edward shoves Jacob against the wall, it conveys so much. And felt so satisfying after watching Edward be so passive when it comes to Jacob, its like ‘about time man!’. I wish this was in the movie, it was totally justified, even if Jacob can’t help who he imprints on – this is Edward’s daughter! The guy was after his wife a few minutes ago and now is claiming his daughter? Ah, go Edward you kick his ass! This needed to be in there. But I suppose I am grateful we did actually get to see this and it not end up in Summits blackhole of deleted scenes.

  • Marianne

    I so agree with you. I like the extended version of the movie better than the film released to the theaters. That scene with Edward and Jacob before the fight was important and it was stupid to be edited out. Edward finally once and for all put jacob in his place and was protecting his daughter.
    8 measly minutes and they cut them out. They were like missing puzzle pieces that completed the movie. Silly move and poor editing choice. In my opinion.

  • ryder

    I do remember reading about those parts you’re referring to, but I cannot remember if I read those scenes in the book only or in the BD 1 movie companion. I do know a lot of people are going to buy the extended version because they’re expecting more honeymoon scenes and well . . . just more of everything so at least now they know what to expect, which is a good thing. I do remember when the original trailer of BD 1 was released there was a scene of Demitri tossing some woman across the hallway of the Volterra castle and catching her midair, then pinning her against the wall and biting her neck and that scene was not in the extended version. So, I know that’s one scene that’s floating around out there.

  • JayPat

    That is a great point! I wish this scene was left in there. It was what 30 secs at the most?

  • mirandathevampgirl

    Ok I know this is very off topic it may or may not have
    something to do with this, but I just want to get it off my chest. You don’t
    have to agree with me, it’s just something that I only feel like I can express
    it the way I want to hear, and maybe you feel the same. But anyway here it goes………….For
    the past year after everything that has happened from the good times and the
    bad, from the ups and downs, highs and lows, misconceptions and
    misunderstandings. There is only one person in mind that I think about, when
    times like this happens and when in doubt just keep calm carry on, and don’t
    look back. That one person is Kristen Stewart, the same one who has played our
    beloved Bella Swan for the past five years. With everything that has happened
    you know and having a bunch of ignorant people saying the most unbelievable,
    nasty things, it just makes you think that do they really know this person at
    all. No. I mean why have myself and a great number of us here on this site
    continue to support her no matter what people say about her, why do we do that.
    It is because people with an open mind and an unprejudiced mentality like
    myself and some of us in here see a person, a beautiful person. A person who is
    capable of having such a beautiful life and career and deserves to have a
    chance to being more than what the media perceives her to be. If anything I prefer
    her and all the other Twilight actors to any phoney snobs on most reality tv
    shows, because at least they know that they are not perfect, or don’t pretend
    to be perfect. And not being perfect and not looking at yourself as a
    fame/glamor princess only makes you more human. Like I said I’m not expecting anyone to agree with me or even care but that’s just how I feel and I’m only being
    very honest. That is it.

  • AnnCullen

    I watched the extended scenes and I’m very disappointed. It was told by Summit that there would be an extended honeymoon scene that was not put into the movie because it was too steamy. Where is it now? And I also recall the talk between Edward and Carlisle… They make us buy the DVDs with false promises then I can’t even enjoy these new scenes because I only can think about that they promised more :(

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    Bill explained it in an interview with Collider, why he cut them. But I wish they had been left in to. Here’s the link to the interview.

  • ryder

    As usual, I agree with you. I think quite a few people agree with you about the awesomeness of Kristen, the disgusting world of reality TV wannabe celebrities, and the basic fakeness of Hollywood. Truthfully, the genuine humbleness of the basic Twi-cast is what’s made this saga such a huge success.

  • 5ctBauble

    Oh i loved the part in the book where Alice goes and sits by Jacob to block her visions. And it definitely makes sense why Jake was a little slow to join the battle now. They should have kept Edward beating his a** in there

  • nomnomnom_rob

    Edward was lying when he told her she wouldn’t want cheeseburgers anymore. Rob made it very clear during the Twilight audio commentary that they eat cheeseburgers. :)

  • Salander

    Anyone knows if, or when the extended edition will come out in Europe? Can’t find it anywhere :( So frustrating!

  • Mary Pat

    I do think that the Edward/Jacob scene conveyed so much of the conflicts…Edward worried about Bella at that point, Jacob had always tried to come between them and Edward never would hurt Jacob because that would make Bella sad. But now after all that Bella had been through delivering the baby Jacob imprints on her. Edward gave into his rage and attacked Jacob. Jacob did not fight back. This was an incredible scene that chronicled the relationship between Jacob and Edward. I so enjoyed seeing the angry Edward – that was so rare.

  • Hedy

    I don’t understand why they couldn’t have added a second DVD to show the extended scenes when the first Breaking Dawn came out. I wouldn’t have bought the extended version knowing the only scenes that were added. I guess it was their way to make extra money. My favorite scene was when Edward made Bella breakfast.

  • Pau

    Jacob heals fast but it’s not instantly, that’s why it seems so long. And the scene with him and Alice was important, too bad it didn’t made the movie. It was still weird between the two, being warewolf and vampire

  • Silence’s Voice

    My favourite scenes were Edward cooking for Bella (I just LOVED that scene in the book, it’s so cute that he learns how to cook JUST for her -like the Cullens do in the first movie!! ;P), and the one with Jacob and Alice, which contrasted with the attitude they had with each other in New Moon. Lovely!!
    The only one I’m glad they ommited was the first one, with the Voulturi. It was good, but not to START the movie. It would have been too dark and off the point of BD1.

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