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ET Exclusive Look at The Cullens Coaching Vampire Bella Plus a Sneak Peek at Green Day’s Music Video!

Entertainment Tonight kicked off their Twilight week with an exclusive new scene and a sneak peek at Green Day’s new music video for The Forgotten which is featured on the Breaking Dawn Part 2 Soundtrack!

Coaching vampire Bella to be human! LOL! The clip was shown at Comic Con last summer. LOVE IT! “…for a cartoon character.” :)

Oh my! I started getting weepy when Charlie hugged Bella in the sneak peek of the music video! MTV will debut the music video tomorrow! Cannot wait!!!


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  • EdwardsNana

    So So Excited!! Just can’t wait to go to LA. Every new clip of this beautiful ending to my all time favorite love story, well, it just keeps getting better and better. Thanks for the memories. The end of an era.

  • jessie304

    could we get any hq screencaps from this video ???????????? please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jay-Peeta-Pat


  • Mary Masen

    That’s a beautiful clip. I almost cried when Charlie hugged Bella. I’m getting more and more emotional as the premiere approaches.

    Oh, and everyone on east coast, stay safe. :)

  • newborneyes

    aww I have always love bella/charlie moments!

  • Guest

    Me too can´t believed is over but it has been so great I can only be gratefull for living this twilight era are you going to the red carpet premiere?

  • newborneyes

    me too we have been lucky to live this twilight era
    are you going to the premiere?

  • newborneyes

    that moment made me cry too

  • EdwardsNana

    Hey newborneyes, tried to reply today, don’t think it went through.
    It’s good to see you again. Hope all is well.
    Yes, I am going to LA again. I marked it off my “bucket list” last year, don’t know what my excuse is this year.
    They interviewed me last year on TV, I think it was because I was the oldest one there. This year they will probably have the medic’s standing by. ; )

  • newborneyes

    your excuse for this year is going for me, as I´m not able to go you are going and pass me all the great expierence as if I´ll be there too

  • EdwardsNana

    Hi newborneyes!!!!! How are you!!!!
    Im in LA right now. Hoping to see Rob and the cast and maybe to see BD2. There are 2500 campers this year. Largest ever!!!!! Sad to see this wonderful saga come to an end. It has been one of the joys of my life. Hugs!!!

  • newborneyes

    OMG you are there!!!! good for you I really envy you and hope you enjoy it very much I think you already saw someone from the cast If you get the chance take a picture with Rob and dedicate it to me lol tonight is the great night!!!! I´ll be right beside you in my heart

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