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Entire Cast, Bill Condon, Stephenie Meyer, Melissa Rosenberg, Wyck Godfrey Interviews on the set of ‘Breaking Dawn’

Here are the entire interviews of the cast, director Bill Condon, author/producer Stephenie Meyer, producer Wyck Godfrey and screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg on the set of Breaking Dawn!

Oh, I love these! Stephenie talked about the wedding dress, pregnant Bella, and Edward hearing Renesmee’s thoughts in Bella. I cannot wait to see that part!

[Source: Screenslam via pattinsonlife]

Videos galore after the break!

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  • Izzy136


  • I<3Headboards

    good interviews – i cant wait for these press interview and TV interviews

  • klayrahx7

    aww i really like Stephenie Meyer’s interview! :]
    edward reading Renesmee’s thoughts!! ahh so excited! 

  • TeamMcSparkly<3

    Stephanie looks great! 

  • cm

    And so it begins! Do you think these actors would like to take tape recorders to their interviews and hit “play” to answer the same questions over and over and over again. Anyways, I noticed Kristen has really loosened up over the years. Elizabeth was adorable answering all the questions in first person instead of referring to Esme in every answer. Jackson is undeniably well-spoken at all times. And, Julia and Boo Boo are both beautiful people. I look forward to their expanded roles in the  next 2 movies. However, I just finished watching Eclipse again, and I am curious as to how they’re going to explain Bella calling Rosalie for help after she finds out she’s pregnant. They cut the entire flashback part with Rose holding baby Henry and her intense desire to be a mother. Won’t it seem weird, Bella calls Rosalie, the one who doesn’t like her. without that former scene??

  • michelekelly

    My BooBoo!  So adorable.

  • Brandi P

    Wow CM I never thought about that! That is certainly a good point you made about Rosalies desire to have a baby being shown in detail. Do you think they may do like a quick flashback in Bellas mind while she is contemplating calling Rosalie while Edward is out of the room. I really hope some of the small details that are so important are shown. This movie is going to be great!! So close!!!!!

  • Red

    I kept rewinding to the beginning where Nikki says “Bella get’s pregnant….Oh boy.” Idk why it make me crack up…it’s cute and nerdy…and Jackson’s voice<3

  • Anonymous

    I also liked the interview with Stephanie, I loved hearing her explain about how Edward felt about Renesseme, after hearing her thoughts, knowing how much she already loved Bella.

  • Patricia_brown

    However Rose does tell Bella in the movie Eclipse that what she really misses is that she won’t have her grandchildren-won’t be moving forward.

  • Yari10995

    Money can make everyone look great!, nah just kidding, I think she looks great too, like more confident, I don’t know, there’s something about her that inspires me security when I see her.

  • RileysGirl_TheGirlOnFire

    Some of their faces in the screenshots are hilarious, especially Liz and Nikki hahah!

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